Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages

Do you want to talk with your friends, family or neighbours through SMS? If you want, then these telenor sms packages are for you. I have provided you with all these packages in detail below. Let’s explore these packages!

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

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Telenor Daily SMS Packages Which Are Beneficial For You

Telenor Daily Best Call Packages

In Telenor’s daily sms packages, I have given you one package which is best for you. Telenor daily day bundle provides you 240 all network sms only at PKR 4.80. The subscription code of this bundle is *345*116#. 

Telenor 3 Days SMS Packages

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Best 3 Day Telenor SMS Packages Details

Best and Valuable Telenor 3 Days SMS Packages

In Telenor, 3 Days Packages, Telenor Djuice 3-day on-net offer is the best and most valuable offer for you. 

In this 3 Day offer, you can get 500 SMS for three days, including 15 MBs of data and 250 on-net calling minutes only in PKR 36. The subscription code of this 3-day offer is *730#.

If you need more Mbs internet with SMS for lite internet usage, then the Super 3 package Telenor is for you.

In this super package, you can get 100 MBs of data and 300 SMS, including 300 on-net calling minutes, for PKR 40. The subscription code of this super three offer is *5*300#. 

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

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Telenor Weekly SMS Packages Which Are Best For Subscription

Telenor Weekly Best SMS Packages

As you know, Telenor SMS Packages weekly provide you with weekly non-stop SMS. So in this section, I have recommended these packages on an SMS basis. 

It means when I recommend your package, I will prefer SMS. If you need recommendations or details on other packages, then visit their Telenor Internet Packages.

So, in the above table, the best SMS package for you is the Telenor weekly sms bundle if you need only SMS. 

In the Telenor weekly SMS bundle, you can get 2000 SMS only in RS 17. The weekly SMS bundle subscription code is *345*117#. 

In the above weekly Telenor sms packages, this bundle is only the best offer to complete your SMS needs. 

Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages

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Telenor 15 Days SMS Packages Which Are Best For You

Telenor Most Valuable 15 Days SMS Packages

I have provided you with the three 15-day packages above in the table. Then a 15 days SMS bundle is for you. The price of this bundle is PKR 35, including tax.

In this 15-day bundle, you can get 3500 all network SMS, including 200 MBs internet for the internet. 

It means you can also enjoy lite internet usage with SMS. So if you want to subscribe to this offer, Dial this code *2*2*5#.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

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Telenor Most Valuable Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

If we discuss the best monthly Telenor SMS packages. Then the first package which comes to mind is the Telenor monthly SMS bundle. In this bundle, you can enjoy both SMS and WhatsApp. 

In this bundle, you can enjoy 10,000 SMS to all networks, including 1 GB of Data for WhatsApp. The monthly SMS bundle subscription code is *345*363#. And the price of this bundle is PKR 60. 

Let me tell you about more interesting SMS packages. If you need SMS with some data for the Social pack, then this offer is for you. 

The monthly social plus Telenor offer provides 10,000 SMS to all networks, including 6 GB of Data for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The Monthly Social pack plus subscription code is *660#.

If your requirements are more than the packages I recommended above, then the package I tell you now completes your requirements. 

But, to subscribe to this package, you need a good budget. Let me tell you the name of this offer. The Telenor monthly easy card is the offer that complements your requirements. 

With this Telenor easy card, you can get 18 GB of Data for all internet usage. You can also enjoy an extra 18 GB of Data for a limited time from 1 am-11 am, including 7000 on-net calling minutes and 600 off-net calling minutes. The subscription code of easy card 1000 is *248#. You can also explore Telenor Call Packages from here.

Terms And Condition Of Telenor SMS Packages

  • Telenor will be able to change the resources of the offer at any time. But the above suggestion is updated.
  • Some offers in SMS by Telenor are for a limited time.
  • The given prices of all Telenor offers above are included with taxes.


We have given you all Telenor SMS Packages above. Now it is up to you to choose the package which completes your requirements and in your budget.

Even I give you packages with different validation containing daily, three days, weekly, 15 days, and monthly with the name of some best packages. If you have any problem or query about Telenor Packages, feel free to reach us through email or comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *111# to check remaining resources or recharge.

If you need to unsubscribe to the Telenor daily day bundle, Dial this code *2*2*1#. 

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