Jazz Work From Home Bundle

Jazz Work From Home Bundle

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Are you a Job holder? Do you want the internet for your Job time but you can do work from your home? If your answer is yes, then the Jazz Work from Home bundle is a good choice because this Jazz internet package is available only during your Job time. 

If you’re working at home or doing a 9 to 5 job, you have enjoyed Jazz Internet very much. You can use this bundle from 8 Am- 6 Pm. Now, we Explore more details of these packages.

Jazz work-from-home bundle provides you with 12 GB of Data and unlimited on-net calling minutes. You can access this package on your job time from 8 Am – 6 Pm. 

The subscription code of this Jazz work-from-home bundle is*117*14#. This bundle is for those users who want the internet to work from home or during their job time. This bundle usage is limited to a day.

Benefits And Terms of Jazz Work From Home Bundle

Benefits and Terms of Jazz Work from Home Bundle

If you are doing work from home, then you need some help. So, You can easily talk to your boss or colleagues on the phone if you need help from them. So, there is the first benefit of subscribing to this package. 

Most people want to complete their office work perfectly and impress their boss. But, before going to the boss and presenting their work. Some people cause hesitation. 

Some people want to work from home but need to learn something. So, as you know, Jazz takes care of every customer. Therefore, It introduced Jazz work from the home bundle. 

After subscribing to this bundle, you can get benefits from youtube. How? Let’s explore. As I mentioned your problem above, you can’t be satisfied with your work or hesitate to represent your work.

Subscribe to work from home bundle; after that, open your youtube app and search for how to represent our work without hesitation. Or search how to do work from home? When you explore these questions, you have seen a lot of youtube videos. Please choose the best video and watch it and work from home. 

The other benefit of Jazz Work from the Home bundle is you can easily do your online work or complete your uni assignments with the help of this bundle. The 12 GB of data is enough for your work from home. 

So, I have told you some benefits of jazz work from the home bundle above. This package has many more benefits; when you subscribe to it, you have slowly recognized all their help. 

This package can automatically unsubscribe when its validity is completed.

If you want to subscribe to this package again, you should recharge your sim.

Second Jazz Work From Home Bundle

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This bundle is also for those users who work in their office and want internet in their office time. If we compare this bundle to the above bundle, some of their resources are less than the above package.

But their price is also low. So, you can get 10 GB of Data and unlimited on-net minutes from 8 am-6 pm. Look at this if you don’t want to subscribe to the Jazz work from home bundle.


You can get two Jazz work-from-home bundles in the two different tables above. Both have additional resources and requirements. So, in the first offer, you get 10 GB with unlimited calling minutes. In the second, you get 12 GB of Data for a limited time. Also, look at the benefits of this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The call setup charge of this bundle is PKR 0.15. 

PKR 0.7 deducts when you check your remaining resources. 

No, you need to subscribe to these packages again after one week by dialing the subscription code. 

If you exceed your resources limit and use extra MBs, then PKR 2 will be charged per additional MB

Yes, all areas and 2g. 3g. 4g users are eligible to subscribe to this offer.

If you want to check the status code of this bundle, Dial *117*14*2# this code.

Dial *117*14*4# for un-subscription. 

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