Jazz Infinity Browser Package

Jazz Infinity Browser

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The subscription code of this Jazz infinity browser is *709#. Suppose you want data using some common internet-consuming platform Like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. This package is suitable for you. 

This package lets you enjoy 2 GB of Data for a month. So, 2Gb data for heavy internet usage is insufficient for a month.

Therefore, this package is for you if your internet usage is light enough or you use low-consuming internet platforms. Otherwise, look for another package. 

Benefits And Terms Of Jazz Infinity Browser

  • The actual price of the Jazz Infinity browser is PKR 217, but you need 250 recharge in your sim when you subscribe to this package. 
  • This offer benefits you because you can get 2 GB of Data for a month in 217 PKR only. So, according to their validity, the price of this package is very fair compared to other network offers. 
  • This package is not a social package in which you are restricted to using selected social apps. In this offer, you can eligible to use anything. 
  • If you can use the above resources more than given, then you will pay 2.2 PKR for each MB. So, use every package carefully. 
  • You will be able to access this package in every area. 
  • There is no time restriction for subscription to this bundle. 

If you want some more internet and 2 GB of data is not enough for you, then I give you another Jazz Infinity Browser Package introduced by Jazz. 

Jazz Second Monthly Infinity Browser Packages

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Second Jazz Monthly Infinity Browser Package

This offer only for those peoples  who have yet to satisfy the first infinity browser offer. Some people will not go with the above offer due to their resources for a month. 

2 GB of Data is nothing for a month. Therefore, I have brought another package with 3 GB of Data. And their price is also high. So the second Jazz Infinity browser offers 3000 MBs of internet for 260 rupees. 

 You can use these 3000 MBs for many things. Suppose you want to use WhatsApp only for a month. Then, you can go with this package because 3GB is enough for a month of using WhatsApp only. 

There is no app restriction in this package. You can access all things but use social platforms according to your resources. Refrain from using over resources. Otherwise, you will have to pay an extra charge when recharging your sim. 

When your bundle expires, Kindly dial the unsubscription code. Otherwise, sometimes, this bundle can be subscribed automatically. So be careful before the expiration of this package. 

To prevent overusing MBs, set an alarm on your mobile. If you don’t set an alarm, wait to recharge your sim until your subscription expires. When you have zero balance in your sim, the package won’t subscribe automatically, and you also receive a message like this: You must use all your resources, or your package will expire tonight. 

So, you have two choices at the cheap price above: go with the package that complements your requirements and needs


I provide 2 Jazz Infinity browser packages in the above tables. You must choose the package according to our suggestions and your requirements. Also, explore the benefits and terms of these infinity browser offers. It helps you before selecting the right offer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *709*2#, and after that, you have received the message. Open this and check your remaining resources. 

You need a recharge of 40 Rs above the actual price of this package. It means you should have a recharge of PKR 300 in your sim before activation. 

Dial *709*3# and get all the details. 

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