Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp Bundle

Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp Bundle

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It is the most valuable Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp bundle in which you can get 1800 SMS daily. More than the WhatsApp MBs included in this package are needed for a day, but they complete your short needs. 

You can talk to your relatives through SMS with the help of this package. As you know, when WhatsApp comes, the importance of SMS is different from before. But, some people still prefer SMS packages because they don’t have any smartphones. 

This package is also for those people. Because, In old mobiles, WhatsApp can not run. You can do only Call and write SMS only. 

So, now, such people prefer SMS packages. The specialty of this package is that it can provide you with both SMS and WhatsApp resources. The resources of WhatsApp packages are insufficient, but you can still talk to at least one person by using these 10 MBs. 

Don’t forget that the person who chooses the SMS package doesn’t need WhatsApp MBs. If they need to, then go with other Jazz internet packages. There are a lot of best Jazz WhatsApp bundles that provide you with a great resource for WhatsApp. 

Benefits And Terms Of Jazz Daily SMS WhatsApp Bundle

Benefits and Terms Of Jazz Daily SMS And WhatsApp Bundle

You can get SMS and WhatsApp resources in less than 10 PKR in this bundle. 

Jazz provide this offer for a short time. So, it can change at any time. Take the benefit of this offer before it’s changed.

It is the goldmine offer for the person who wants SMS because 1800 SMS for a day is too much. It means it’s considered unlimited SMS for a day because you can’t use all these SMS for a single day. 

If you want to do SMS marketing, this Jazz daily SMS WhatsApp bundle helps you very much. 

Now, how can you do SMS marketing by subscribing to Jazz’s daily SMS WhatsApp bundle? You can! You do this! For Example, You have 1K above number to do SMS marketing within a day. 

So, you have 1800 SMS per day. You can send 1k SMS to your customers easily. The other benefit is that this package also helps you do your marketing only in PKR 9. And you get a business of thousands of dollars if one customer connects with you.

You will be able to use this offer in any networking area. Jazz is famous for use in areas where other Telecom networks could perform better. It provides 4g and 3g speeds in those areas. You have mostly seen people living in backward areas who use Jazz SIM. That’s the reason why they use Jazz because it provides their best in any area. 

Kindly don’t use this package when your resources are finished. If you use this after completion and have some recharge in your SIM, more than PKR 1 RS per SMS will be deducted from your recharge. So, better to avoid this. 


Jazz daily SMS and WhatsApp bundle provides you with 1800 SMS. This offer is not for those users who want to use WhatsApp. However, for using SMS, subscribe at the price of PKR 9.5 for a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

This bundle is auto-unsubscribed when your validity is completed. But still, you want to unsubscribe your package before completing validation or want to know the code. Then Dial 334*4# in case of unsubscription.

You can check this by dialing the code *334*2#. When you dial this within a few seconds, you will receive an SMS mentioning your status. 

 I have already told you all the details, benefits, and usage of this package. Still, if you want to check, then Dial *334*3#.

The price, I tell you above, is with the tax. Almost PKR 1.5 is the tax that is included in the package.

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