Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz SMS packages provide convenient options for sending SMS to your friends or family. As you know, Jazz has become Pakistan’s number 1 telecom brand due to its amazing Jazz internet Packages and Jazz calls packages. 

It’s also famous for its best SMS packages. The SMS trend is unlike before due to social media platforms. But it’s still valuable for those who can’t afford Jazz internet Packages or don’t have smartphones. 

I divided Jazz SMS packages into three sections. Daily, Weekly and Monthly. You can enjoy different bundles that provide a certain number of SMS messages for a specified duration.

These packages include free WhatsApp usage, unlimited on-net or off-net SMS, and bonus incentives like free minutes or data. One of them is Jazz social combo offer. This offer allows you to enjoy 1800 SMS and 10 MBs of the internet for WhatsApp usage. 

Open your dial pad and Dial *334# to subscribe to this offer. The other Jazz SMS package which is available and enough for one day is the Jazz SMS Plus package. In this, you can enjoy 150 SMS per day. You can subscribe to the package by dialling *106*1#. 

Let’s explore and enjoy our Jazz SMS packages.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

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In this above table, I have provided you all Jazz daily sms packages. I have a lot of the best daily SMS packages. Let me give you all SMS packages. After seeing this package, the Jazz users who wanted their SMS services greatly thanked me. 

This package contains 1800 SMS and 10 MBs of the internet for a day only in 8 RS, including tax. The subscription code of this package is given below in the table. I hope you will be like this. And I know you want more daily packages like this. Am I right? 

Stay connected! I have more packages like this. I have given you the table below.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages Which Are Best For You

Jazz Daily Best And Valuable SMS Packages

If we talk about best Daily Jazz sms packages then, I have recommended you Jazz Daily Apna Shehar SMS package. In this package you can’t get only SMS you can also avail Jazz to Jazz calling minutes. 

When you subscribe to this Jazz sms package, you can get 1500 SMS with unlimited Jazz to Jazz calling minutes for a day only at the price of PKR 10. The subscription code of this package is *229#.  So, I hope you have liked this package. 

As you know, Jazz cares about its users and is dedicated to providing the best Packages. 

Therefore, it provides the best provinces packages. I have given you all four provinces’ packages above.

So be careful before subscribing to the package. If the package fulfils your requirements, then subscribe. 

Otherwise, we have more options like weekly and monthly, which I have given below according to their categories or sections. Now we move to weekly  Jazz SMS Packages.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

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I know how it feels to subscribe to packages daily, and you don’t like it. Therefore, I have brought you weekly internet packages fulfilling all your requirements. One of Jazz’s weekly SMS packages is the Jazz sim offer. This offer will give you 4000 SMS, 4000 Mbs of internet and 300 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes.

You must have a Jazz 4g sim to subscribe to this offer. Without a 4g sim you can not subscribe to these packages.  The subscription code of this package is *443*30#. Suppose you don’t have Jazz 4g sim. Then, please visit your nearby Jazz franchise and ask them to give you a new Jazz 4g sim.

If you’re a proper Jazz user, you must have its 4g sim because there are many benefits of Jazz 4g sim. If you already have a Jazz sim but don’t use it, put it on mobile and enjoy the Jazz sim legal offer.

The other best weekly Jazz SMS package is the weekly Jazz bundle. You will enjoy 25 MBs of internet and 1500 SMS in this bundle. For subscription, Dial this subscription code *101*1*07#. Let’s explore and enjoy our best Jazz weekly sms packages.

Till today, jazz provides all these valuable weekly SMS packages.

Best And Valuable Weekly Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz Weekly Best And Valuable SMS Packages

Let me tell you the answer. Your requirements are the first and most important thing for choosing the most valuable package. 

If you only like the package price and it does not fulfil your requirements, that is not valuable. Therefore, choose these packages if they fulfil  your requirements. 

However, I will give you my opinion and tell you the valuable package according to this.

So, the most valuable package for weekly usage is Jazz weekly SMS and WhatsApp bundle because it costs only PKR 26 and gives you 2.5 GB of  internet with 1500 SMS. 

And if you also need Calling minutes with the internet and SMS, go for a weekly all-network offer. It includes MBS, Jazz to Jazz calling, and other network minutes. So you have to see the package details in the above table.

Now I have given you another amazing one-weekly offer below.

Weekly Mega Super Duper Offer

This Weekly Jazz SMS package is amazingly the same as its name. It is the all-in-one package introduced by Jazz Super 4g. Jazz provides this package to make its customer, which is around 45 million plus.

If you’re a daily internet user, you would like this package. Therefore, I have brought this package for you. In this package, you can get 12 Gb of internet. But, you can only use this internet from 2 Am to 2 Pm.

And in this package not only 12 GBs internet included. You will also get 5000 SMS, 5000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes and 70 Other network minutes if you want to subscribe to this offer. Open your mobile dial pad and dial *505#.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

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Monthly Jazz SMS packages allow you to enjoy a full month’s non-stop SMS. Most people like these packages due to their longer validity. Because most people prefer to subscribe less than daily or weekly, they like these packages.

Due to people’s interest, Jazz carries on to provide its users with all the best monthly Jazz SMS packages. Jazz provides us best Monthly SMS offers as compared to all other networks. It may be why Jazz has become Pakistan’s most popular telecom brand.

Jazz Monthly Best SMS Packages

Jazz Monthly Best And Valuable SMS Packages

In these Monthly SMS  Packages, Jazz provides us with its well-known offer named Monthly WhatsApp offers. In this offer, you will get 5Gbs data and 12000 SMS monthly. Monthly WhatsApp offer subscription code of this offer is *101*1*02#. 

Remember, 5GB of data is only for WhatsApp. And this is enough for one month only for WhatsApp usage, and 120000 SMS are also enough. SMS users would like this package. See and enjoy more Jazz Monthly SMS packages in the table above . 

I have given you four monthly Jazz SMS packages above. Now I will discuss these four packages which are valuable for usage.  Let me tell you something about these packages. 

Jazz monthly WhatsApp offer and Jazz Social offer are two names of the same package. Some people know this package for their different names. The subscription codes of these packages are different because Jazz also provides these packages by different names. 

But the name, spec, and price of these packages are the same. Jazz could provide one out of these first two packages. Therefore, I have given you both packages. You have to try and dial both subscription codes if you want to activate this package. 

If the first code is okay, then go for it and subscribe. If the first code is not correct then go for the second code. It’s always working. At my end, both subscription codes are working. Therefore I have provided you with both. 

The reason for providing the same packages in two different names. And two subscription codes with the same price and spec to provide the best services and care for the people who come to our site to find this package. 

Now we talk about another best Jazz monthly SMS package named Jazz monthly super duper packages. Jazz users are also known for its super duper packages, which are present in most categories weekly and monthly.

The price of this offer is somewhere high, but according to other networks, monthly packages are. The price of this package is very fair. You need a recharge of RS 636 before subscribing to this package.

In this package, you can get 7GBs of internet and 3000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, including 150 Other network minutes and 3000 SMS, which is the main thing for Jazz SMS users. For activation of Jazz monthly super duper package Dial *706#. 

Terms And Conditions Of Jazz SMS Packages

  • There are many offers in Jazz SMS packages, which are for a limited time. So, Jazz can able to change at any time.
  • The call setup charges of these packages is PKR 0.15
  • For checking balance in your SIM, You need to dial the code *111#. The price of checking it is 0.24 RS
  • The 12.5 charges tax apply on your recharge
  • 5% service charges apply on it


I provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages in Jazz SMS Packages. Before subscribing to any package, kindly see the section above in which I tell you the names of some best packages.

Why do you need to see them? It would help if you had it because when you are moving to subscribe to any package, you only know your requirements.

You need to know which package is best or has a low price. Therefore, if you see these packages, you will get many benefits. Any further questions? Just leave us a comment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to unsubscribe this offer. Dial *101*4*02# and unsubscribe the package.

Weekly Mega Super Duper Offer is a good choice in weekly SMS packages. The reason is that it contains almost all Jazz resources, including a great amount of SMS.

Jazz daily SMS Package is the lowest price package introduced by Jazz. The cost of this package is RS 8. And the exciting fact is that the price of PKR 8 is after including tax. The WhatsApp MBs also including in this offer.

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