Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Call Packages

In this Era, nothing is difficult. You can talk to people thousands of miles away on your mobile. And in this time, Jazz has become one of Pakistan’s largest telecom brands.  

The reason for Jazz’s success within a short time is its services. Millions of people in Pakistan use these Jazz services. With time, Jazz updated its services and brought new services for its users. 

Most Jazz users like their amazing Jazz call packages, Jazz SMS Packages, internet packages and other in-one Jazz Offers. Below, we will discuss all  Jazz Call Packages. And I will give you all the best jazz daily, weekly and monthly  call packages, including free offers. 

I provide you jazz call packages in three categories based on daily, weekly and monthly.  So, Why are you waiting? Let’s explore Packages.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz Daily Call Packages

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Jazz Daily Call Packages Which Are Best For You

Jazz Daily Best And valuable Call Packages

The first package best for you in the daily Jazz call package is the Jazz daily day bundle. In this bundle, you can get 300 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 20 MBs data and 300 SMS for a day only in PKR 20. Jazz daily day bundle subscription code is  *340#. 

It is a good daily Jazz call package because it contains almost all resources excluding other network calling minutes. 300 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes are enough for a day. 

As you know, Jazz also provides separate provinces packages in their internet call and SMS packages. Therefore, I have given you all the provinces’ Jazz daily packages. 

These provinces’ packages are better than other Jazz daily call packages. For Example, If you live in Punjab, you should subscribe to the Jazz Punjab bundle. 

Jazz Punjab Bundle contains unlimited Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 500 MBs data and 1000 SMS daily in PKR 12.Daily Punjab bundle subscription code is *6000#. 

Same if you live in other cities or regions like KPK, Karachi etc. Instead of subscribing to other Jazz call packages, you should need to subscribe to these provinces’ packages.

Because these provinces’ packages are better, it’s better because it contains more resources than other Jazz daily call packages.

Do you know?

Jazz provides 1000 calling minutes for one day only in PKR 10RS, Just for KPK people. Hope KPK people are excited after listening to this news. 

Now you are thinking, how you subscribed to this Jazz call package. Don’t worry, let me tell you the details. You only need to open your Jazz to the Playstore. If you’re from another city, don’t worry, I will bring a more attractive package for you below. 

So, above, I have provided you with all the best Jazz calling Package validity for one day. I have also provided you with our four provinces’ different packages. Most provinces’ package details are identical, but the subscription Code differs. Therefore, I have separated these packages in the table. 

 Enjoy these packages and subscribe to these packages if these packages fulfil your need. Now I move to our next category of packages, named weekly packages.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

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Jazz weekly call packages offer a week-long subscription to enjoy uninterrupted conversations with loved ones. Jazz provides the best weekly packages at a fair price.

Jazz also knows the requirements of its customers and provides their requirements according to this. Most Jazz call packages are popular due to their fair prices. Jazz Hybrid offer is included in this. The price of this package is PKR 130, which is a small amount. 

This package contains 1000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 500 MBs of internet and 1000 SMS. Jazz also updated its weekly bundles. The other popular weekly bundle of Jazz is weekly super duper offer

It is popular because it contains 3 Gbs of internet, 1500 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes and 50 Other network minutes, including 1500 SMS only in PKR 224. You can easily subscribe to these packages through the Jazz World App. Or, if you want the subscription code for these packages, scroll down. I provide it in the weekly call packages table. 

Suppose you want to check your remaining balance and status code. Dial *111# for the remaining balance and *700*2#.  

Weekly Jazz Call Packages Which Are Best For You

The best and Fair price package in weekly Jazz call packages is Lajawaab Weekly Offer in PKR 75.

When you subscribe to this package, you can get 2500 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 2500 Mbs of internet and 50 other network minutes, including 600 SMS. The subscription code of Lajawab weekly offer is *565#.

So, 2500 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes is enough for a week. And you can also enjoy 2.5 GB of Data for lite internet usage like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. I have recommended this package because you can enjoy all resources in this package. 

Now, I have also brought a Sargodha Offer for Sargodha users only. This offer is at a very fair price if it fulfils your requirements. And in Sargodha, 1000 minutes are enough for one week. The subscription code of Jazz weekly Sargodha offer is *747#. 

And if you want Both internet and Calling facility. So, you need to subscribe to a weekly super max offer, which includes 12 GBs of the internet having 5000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes and 80 Other Network minutes. 

The price of this weekly super plus offer is PKR 282. Subscription code of this offer is *505#. 

The Other in one package of Jazz is Weekly Super Max, which includes 30 GBs of the internet for one week and heavy usage.

And it also includes 6000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, including 80 other network minutes. This package is the best one if you need weekly Jazz Call Packages. The subscription code of Weekly Super max offer is *506#. 

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

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If you’re a Jazz user, you also know their hybrid bundles. Jazz hybrid bundles are present in daily, weekly and monthly forms. But the Jazz monthly hybrid bundle is amazing. 

In the Monthly jazz call packages hybrid bundle, you can enjoy 10000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes in PKR 390. This offer offers 1000 MBs of internet and 50 other network minutes, including 1000 SMS. So this one is a good package for you. To subscribe to this package, please click on subscription details. 

And you also know about Jazz Super Duper plus offers. Like hybrid offers, this offer is also available daily, weekly and monthly. This jazz super duper plus offers 3000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 100 other network minutes including 2000 MBs and 3000 SMS.

The other popular Jazz call Packages are Jazz Monthly Super Duper and Jazz Super Duper Plus. Both offers are amazing for your monthly usage, so first, I will give you these two offers below in a separate table. After that, I will go with the flow and provide you with more Jazz monthly call packages in another table below. 

Best And Valuable Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz Monthly Max is the most exciting and valuable package in the above offers. It’s valuable because it’s in one suitable package for one month. In this package, you will enjoy 25 GB of internet. And 10,000 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes. The price of this offer is PKR 955, including tax. The subscription of Jazz weekly max offer is *708#.  

It means you will enjoy both things. 10k calling minutes is too much for one month; if your usage is simple, you can talk unlimited to your friend by subscribing to this offer. The other exciting package is Premium Monthly Package. All the details of this package are mentioned above in the table. Hope you will enjoy these packages.

Terms And Conditions Of Jazz Call Packages

  • Some Jazz Call packages are for a limited time. Mostly, those Jazz introduced it’s premium offers for a limited time
  • When you activate Jazz call packages, you have to pay 0.15 PKR because it’s a call setup charges
  • If you are lived in federal areas Fata, Gilgit baltistan. Then you have to pay 2.14% percent extra tax as compare to others peoples who lives in Punjab and other provinces. You pay 5.11% tax.
  • Jazz apply 19.5 % Feds on that backward areas.
  • If you live in Punjab, Sindh then you have to pay only 5% tax


In Jazz Call Packages, I provide you with all the call packages which have been introduced by Jazz till now. I hope you have taken benefits from these packages and subscribed to those packages which are beneficial for you. If you have any queries about these packages, leave a comment we will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *707 *4# and unsubscribe the package

Dial *430*2# and check the status or resources of this package

Dial this code *505*2# and check status.

Dial *706*2# and check status of monthly super duper package

Dial this code *430*2# and check status of this hybrid bundle

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