Ufone Other Network Call Packages

Ufone Other Network Call Packages

I feel that you want to call your friend or family, but they are using other telecom sims, and you are using a Ufone sim. That’s why you want Ufone other network call package. Below, you get Daily, weekly, 15 days, and monthly off-net calling minutes offer from Ufone.

Ufone Daily Other Network Call Package

Ufone Daily Other Network Call Packages

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In the daily Ufone other network call package, you get 100 off-net minutes for calling and 300 Ufone-to-Ufone calling minutes with 100 MBs of internet and 300 SMS. Overall, It’s a beast daily package for Ufone sim users at the price of RS 43 only. 

Is that why I called this package the beast? Because it provides 100 other network calling minutes for a day. Which is very much for a day. And if you see the other resources it’s also very valuable according to the validation. Basically, you subscribe to this offer for other calling minutes, right?

But with it you also be able to enjoy 100 MBs of data in it. Through this 100 MBs Data, you will enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social platforms like it for some time till this 100 MBs is finished. It means you enjoyed all the resources in it. We also called it the complete Ufone all-in-one package.

Ufone Weekly Other Network Call Package

Ufone Weekly Other Network Call Packages

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In the Ufone weekly off-net calling minute package you get 75 off-net calling minutes with 100 MBs Data at a price of RS 100. This weekly offer is also good according to its validity and price. 

But before subscription, you also need to see your other network calling minutes requirements. If you are such a user who needs to call 10-20 minutes a day, then it’s a recommended offer from my side. However, if you think it’s not enough for you, then subscribe to this offer multiple times, and your resources will be doubled.

But, If we compare this Ufone network call package to other Ufone call packages, then the price and resources of this package are very valuable and fair.

If you want to subscribe to this other network call offer, then go to your nearest Ufone franchise or search for this offer through EasyPaisa and subscribe to it. It’s a precious offer, so you need to go to your franchise for activation.

Ufone 15 Days Other Network Call Package

Ufone 15 Days other Network Call Packages

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In the 15 days, Ufone’s other network call packages offer you 75 off-net calling minutes, 500 U-to-U calling minutes, and 300 MBs of Data with 500 SMS. If you want to talk to other people for a longer time who are using another Telecom network then the 75 off-net calling minutes in this offer are not enough for you. 

However, if you manage their resources easily, then go with this offer. You also take advantage of this offer through U-to-U calling minutes and Internet MBs with SMS.

Ufone Monthly Other Network Call Package

Ufone Monthly Other Network Call Packages

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In the monthly Ufone Other Network call package, you get a huge resource for the minimum amount of PKR 520. You get 150 other network calling minutes, 1000 On-net calling minutes with 1 GB of Data, and 1000 SMS. 

It means that you will enjoy unlimited calling minutes after activation. It does not mean that in this offer you get unlimited calling minutes. Then why do I say unlimited? Let me tell you. The calling minutes you get in this offer is 1000 U to U and 150 Other networks, right? 

If you are a user who can do a maximum of 3 to 5 calls in a day, then this offer is equal to unlimited for you. You will see that after the expiration of this offer a lot of resources in your offer are remaining. That’s why I tell you the word unlimited. 

However, in this off-net call offer and all the above offers, you won’t be able to call internationally. For calling to an international country you need to explore Ufone International Call Packages.

Anyways, let’s come to the subscription point: what can you do if you want to subscribe to this offer? You don’t do a lot of things. Just go to the retailer or open your EasyPaisa app and then ask your retailer or search for Ufone Super Card 520 and then subscribe to it through recharge or your EasyPaisa balance.

Terms And Condition Of Ufone Other Network Call Packages

  • In other network call packages, you will be able to call on any network.
  • The prices mentioned above are included with taxes.
  • You can subscribe to all the above offers multiple times if you need more calling minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *300# and activate this package.

All offers are best at their place. You need to choose the offer according to your requirements and budget.

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