Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Call Packages

I know, call packages are important for talking to your friends, family and relatives. As you know, Ufone introduced all types of Packages. Today, we discuss all Ufone Call Packages.

I will give you All the call packages which fulfill your requirements. I have given you Ufone Call Packages in Four categories based on hourly, daily, monthly and weekly in the below table. If you need want to explore more Ufone packages then must visit SMS Packages.

Let me give you all the best call packages that help fulfill your requirements.

Ufone Hourly Call Packages

If you want to call only for one hour or talk to your friends urgently, then this package is for you. I have given you one-hour call packages on a very low budget in this package.

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In today’s Era, Calls are a very important factor to talk to each other. It’s important because many people, friends or relatives can talk together. You can talk thousands of miles away to your friends or relatives on just your mobile. 

So, as you see above, I have given you two packages. The first one is a one-hour package. And second, is a two-hour package. 

In the first package, you have not only enjoyed calling minutes. You have also enjoyed 60 MBs of the internet for an hour. 60 MBs of the internet is not enough, but you can easily use WhatsApp in these MBs for an hour. 

You have enjoyed 12 U to U calling minutes for 2 hours in the second package. And it’s enough for 2 hours. It means you can easily talk to your friend or relative for 2 hours only for 7 PKR. Now we move on to our next section, Ufone daily call packages.

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone daily internet packages fulfill your daily call requirements. You can enjoy a full day of non-stop calling to all your dears in these packages. Let me give you all the best daily Ufone Call Packages

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U Power Card In RS 30

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I have given you daily Ufone call packages in two tables. Let’s discuss about one by one. In the first table, I have given you three packages.

Ufone Daily Call Packages Which Are Best For You

Suppose you need call minutes and don’t want the internet. Then, Ufone’s unlimited one-day offer is best for you. 

In this Package, you have enjoyed unlimited U-to-U calling minutes only in PKR 16. And if you need internet with calling minutes, then Ufone is the best one-day Package for you.

You have enjoyed the internet and calling minutes in this Package. The price of this Package is PKR 16. For activating this offer Dial *5700#. Please understand my opinions which I have given you according to your requirements.

 Now, we move to the next table, UPower Card details.

U Power Card Details

The prices of the U Power Card are the same as PKR 30 as I mentioned above in the table. Before subscribing to the U Power Card, you need to understand this. If you have a Ufone card, you can subscribe to this U Power Card. 

Otherwise, if you don’t have this Ufone card, you won’t be able to subscribe to these packages. If you don’t have a card, skip these packages. If you have a Ufone card, you take many benefits through U Power Card Packages.

There are four packages in the U Power Card having different resources. Subscribe to these packages if it fulfills your  requirements. So, subscribe to U Power All network minutes offer if you need all network calling minutes. 

This U Power all network minutes offer helps you to talk with any network. For Example: If you have Ufone Sim. And if your friend has a Jazz sim, you can talk easily to your friend by subscribing to All network offers. 

Let’s move to Ufone weekly call packages. 

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Ufone weekly call packages provide you with weekly packages according to your requirements. Most people like these packages because they don’t subscribe to them daily. Let me give you all the best weekly Ufone call packages

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

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Ufone Best Weekly Call Packages

Hope you have seen all the above Ufone Call packages and read all their resources. Now, most people think which is the best package for them. Let me tell you!

I have brought you a Ufone weekly talk time offer if you need unlimited U-to-U calling minutes for a week. It is the best offer for you only in RS 53.

Weekly talk time offer subscription code is *6789#. You can talk unlimited to your friends and family. Hope you have liked this package. 

If you talk about valuable packages, how have I forgotten about Ufone’s new sim offer? There are many new sims that  Ufone has introduced. And these new sim offers are very popular. This weekly offer is one of them.

In this offer, you have enjoyed all resources. You can get 1000 U to-U calling minutes, 30 Other network minutes including 5 GBs of internet and 1000 SMS. In this 5 Gbs data, 2.5 GBs is only for WhatsApp and Facebook. The subscription code of this offer is *706#. 

Now I have given you U Power Card weekly packages Below.

Ufone weekly U Power Card RS.120

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So, above are all the U Power weekly packages in 120 RS. If you need All network minutes, then subscribe to all network offers.

And if you need unlimited U to-U calling minutes for a week, subscribe to the unlimited U Power offer. But you must have your U power card to subscribe to these packages. 
If you don’t know about U Card, then click on details.

Ufone weekly U Power Card RS.260

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You can get more resources in the Ufone weekly U power card RS 260 Offers than your power 120. The reason for getting a higher amount of resources is their price difference. 

However, the names, subscription code and validity are the same as the U Power card, Rs 120. Now, look at your requirements and subscribe to packages that fulfill this. Ufone monthly call packages are given below.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

The Ufone monthly call package allows you to talk as per your requirements for a month. And it gives us all the best monthly Ufone call packages which fulfill users’ needs. So, in the below table, I have given you all the Ufone monthly Call packages which Ufone introduces. Let’s explore the packages. 

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

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Monthly Ufone call packages. The super card is a well-known and popular package. Therefore, Ufone introduced many Super card monthly packages according to different users’ requirements. 

Let’s talk about Best Balanced Super card packages at a fair price.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages Which Are Best For You

Ufone Best Monthly Call Packages

Ufone Super Card Max

Ufone super card plus is the best choice for monthly users. In this package, you can get unlimited U-to-U calling minutes, 600 all-network minutes, unlimited SMS and 24 GBs data. The subscription Code of Super card max offer is *900#. 
So, if you’re using or want to subscribe to Ufone Monthly Call Packages, this is your best choice. And if you want more all-network minutes and have a good budget, I have given you other ufone call packages below.

Ufone Family Package Monthly

This package is for those users who need more network minutes and have a good budget. Otherwise, if you don’t need all network minutes in a high amount, then the above package I have given is best for you. 

In the Ufone family package, you can get 10000 all-network minutes and 30 GB of data, including 800 U to calling minutes and 6000 SMS in PKR 1999. 

So if you need more network minutes, this is the best choice for you because 10000 all network minutes are enough for a month. If you want to subscribe this family package Dial *5555# this code. 

Ufone SIM Lagao and New Sim Double Offer

First, let me tell you about the Ufone sim lagao offer. This offer is for those people who last used their sim almost a month ago. 

You must need an old Ufone sim for this offer .Open your mobile, put Ufone sim in your mobile and avail the offer. You can get all the details after clicking on subscribe. 

Suppose we talk about a New sim offer. This offer is also only for some. It is just for new Ufone Sim users. Suppose you don’t have a new sim and want to buy it. Then, go to the Ufone franchise, buy a new sim, and avail of this offer.

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone Call Packages

  • When you are subscribing to the Ufone Call Packages, you have to pay RS 0. 13 with tax as a call setup charges.
  • If you are subscribing to the offer in which only on-net calling minutes included. Then after activation, you should able to call only Ufone or PTCL number.
  • Your Ufone Call Packages expires after 12am according to it’s expiration date.
  • The offer in which you got unlimited calling minutes, Kindly use fair use of it. Use maximum 350 minutes per day for a fair usage.


Ufone Call Packages helps you talk thousands of miles away from people on your mobile. I have provided all call packages by Ufone with low prices and reasonable prices. I have also told you the name of the best Ufone Call Packages. If you need any further information, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The unsubscription code of this packages is *8880#

By dialing these code *706# *707# you can check your remaining resources. 

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