Jazz Device Packages

Jazz Device Packages

If you are using the internet on a Jazz device, then these Jazz device packages are for you. As you know, Jazz provides all Jazz internet packages, calls, social, and other offers. 

Similarly, it introduced their device offers for their users. The primary purpose of these device packages by Jazz is that in a simple internet offer, you don’t have too many resources like GBs for usage. 

In Jazz devices, up to 10 users can use it simultaneously. That’s why Jazz internet device packages were introduced. Now, the user who uses devices and needs better resources than Jazz Internet offers to go with the device provided by Jazz.

Jazz Monthly Device Packages

Jazz Monthly Device Packages

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Names Of Valuable Jazz Monthly Device Packages Among Them

We have 4 Jazz monthly device packages above. After seeing your budget and requirements, you need to choose the right Jazz Internet device offer. Suppose you use a Jazz internet device. And five users use it. 

If those five users have fewer data requirements and fewer budgets, then Jazz monthly basic internet device package is for you. In this, you get 30 GB of flat Jazz data. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *117*71# at PKR 1500. 

But, if all 5 are heavy internet users like you play pubg after midnight to afternoon or use data a whole day, then introductory you need more than offers. In this case, you must go with the second offer, the Jazz regular device package. 

You get it at the price of PKR 1740. Jazz provides 60 GB of Data in this regular Jazz device package. But 30 GB of Data is from 1 am to 1 pm. That’s why I tell you above if you use more data after midnight, it’s best for you. However, it’s a recommended offer from me at this price. 

Let’s come to that point if you have more than five users. In this case, the first two offers in a table are not recommended for you. Why? The only reasons are resources and price. In this scenario, you must go with the monthly mega internet device package, which provides 110 GB of flat data in PKR 2087. 

You can easily subscribe to this Jazz device offer through the Jazz app, code *117*36#, and Easypaisa. The last recommended provision from my side is only for some users. 

Because you get 180 GB of Data in it, you should choose this offer if you have more than ten users using it. Otherwise, look more at the above monthly offers instead of this. In this way, you choose the right offer for you and also be able to save your money. 

Jazz 3 Months Device Package

Jazz 3 Months Device Packages

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In the 3-month Jazz device offer, you get 65 GB of data in PKR 5626. And this 65 GB is for less than three months. You get it per month. It means you get 195 GB of Data for three months. And at a price of less than PKR 6k, it’s a fair offer. 

After looking at this three-month device package, one question comes to my mind: What are their resources and users? The question is, how many users does a three-month Jazz internet device offer? Is that enough? 

Then, I researched and explored that it’s okay if you have five users. You can easily use data as much as you want. However, if you are more than five users, you need to use data within a limit or look at another offer.

Jazz Six Months Device Package

Jazz 6 Months Device Packages

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Jazz 6-month device packages are for those who want a more extended validity offer and have a budget according to it. You get 100 GB of Data for six months in PKR 12174. It means you get less than 20 GB per month, which is insufficient.

Therefore, don’t apply this offer if your internet usage is more than 20 GB monthly. Otherwise, your resources will be ended before expiration. We also provide you with more Jazz packages in different blogs.

Terms And Conditions Of Jazz Device Packages

  • The prices of these device packages by Jazz are included with taxes.
  • A maximum of 10-15 users are allowed on single-device connections.
  • Some bundles from the above will auto-subscribe, and some need to be subscribed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *117*16*4# and unsubscribe Jazz device offer of 6-month validity.

You should recharge PKR 6500 for subscribing to this offer. The actual price of it is PKR 5626. 

Dial *117*36*2# and check it’s status.

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