Zong Social Packages

Zong Social Packages

Similar to other Telecom networks, Zong also introduced its Zong Social Packages. As you know, Zong is very popular due to its internet speed. But you must understand that Zong Internet packages or other offers are more expensive than other network offers. 

But, the quality Zong provides is also better than other Telecom brands. So, let me share with you the free Zong Social offer first, and then we will move to the daily, weekly, and monthly packages. 

Zong Free Social Packages

Zong Free Social Packages

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Let me share the details of this offer. Zong does not introduce any specific resource limit for its free Facebook Messenger offer. You see that Telecom brands like Ufone, Jazz, and others also have Free Facebook or other offers and these networks also do not introduce any specific resource limits. 

So, the question arises: if there is no limit to its resources, how much can we use this offer? And how can we subscribe to the free Zong Social Packages?

There is no problematic way to subscribe to avail of it’s free Zong Social packages. Just put your Zong sim on your mobile. Install Messenger, turn on your mobile data, and start using Messenger. And you use unlimited Messenger in it. 

The second Zong social free offer is its Instagram offer. The process of subscribing to the Zong free Instagram offer is the same as the Facebook offer. And the resources and all other details are also similar to it. 

Do you know? You can also use both of these free packages at one time. Yes, just on your Zong data, and then start using Instagram and Facebook Messenger. 

You won’t be able to see Facebook videos in it’s free offer because it’s only for Messenger. The only change in Zong’s free Instagram offer is it’s validity. You avail this offer is only for three days for seeing photos and videos on Instagram. 

Zong Hourly Social Packages

Zong Hourly Social Packages

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In the Zong Hourly Social Package, you get unlimited usage of YouTube for an hour only at RS 2.50. It’s the best offer for those users who need data for an hour. If you are uploading your video and suddenly your PTCL modem is off or disconnected due to any issue. Then, an hourly social offer by Zong helps you upload your video completing. 

Yes, Dial its subscription code *1987# and activate it. Then, less than pkr three cuts in your account. And you will be able to use unlimited Youtube for an hour. 

You can easily upload your video on your channel or watch another video for more good content for your channel. Most people subscribe to Zong Social Packages and use its resources by listening to headlines or doing many other activities on YouTube. If you want to use everything in Zong packages, including all resources, subscribe to the Zong All In One Package.

Zong Daily Social Packages

Zong Daily Social Packages

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Names and Details Of Best Daily Zong Social Packages 

Zong Best Daily Social Packages

When we have a lot of choices, It isn’t easy to choose the best one. The same scene occurs while selecting the best Zong Packages. But you don’t need to worry about that. We are here to help you, do all possible things, and make it easy. 

So, Let’s get back to the topic. The best-recommended package in Zong daily social offer is its 1.5 GB offer. Why did we choose this Zong social package? I recommend it because most users want to use all social apps while finding it. 

So, the only offer that provides you with good resources in daily validity is it. You get 1500 Mbs of Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social apps while using it. You also use the websites of all these social media platforms. You can subscribe to this offer in PKR 23 by dialing *386#.

If you can’t afford the offer we discussed above, go with Zong’s first daily social pack or Daily Facebook offer. If you wish to use Facebook for the day, subscribe to it in PKR 5 only. And the resources you get are 500 MBs. 

If you say you wish to use all social apps cheaply, you get 100 MBs of data in PKR 10. The activation code of Zong’s first daily offer is *386#. When you activate this offer, you can use all social Apps. 

Zong Weekly Social Packages

Zong Weekly Social Packages

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Our weekly social package provides us with 8 GB of Data for YouTube. So, YouTube lovers must subscribe to this offer only if they want to use it. With 8GB of Data, you can easily do anything on YouTube. You upload and watch videos unlimited for your channel in PKR 138. So, Dial *570# for buying and activating this offer. 

Zong Monthly Social Packages

Zong Monthly Social Packages

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Zong Monthly Social Packages Which Are Helful For You

Zong Best Monthly Social Packages

We have 4 Monthly Zong Social Packages according to different social media platforms. So, every user has additional requirements. After subscribing to Zong social packages, they want to use various social media platforms. So, we chose the package by seeing different users’ needs and according to other social media platforms. 

First, let me recommend the package for those users who want to use WhatsApp in Zong Social Packages. The best WhatsApp offer is the Zong Monthly WhatsApp offer. You get 5 GB flat data for a month in PKR 62 after dialing *247#. 

The next Zong Monthly Social is a package for those users who want to use Facebook. Zong Monthly Facebook offer is the best option for this type of people. In this, you got 6 GB of Data for Facebook in PKR 114. The activation code of the Zong monthly Facebook offer is *250#. 

What if you want to use WhatsApp with calling minutes in a single package? Don’t worry; Zong also provides you with that type of offer. And I gave you the table above.  The name of this offer is Zong Monthly Plus WhatsApp social offer. 

You get 4 GB of Data for WhatsApp with 200 on-net calling minutes, including 40 other network reaching minutes in PKR 115. If you need more calling minutes, go with Zong Call Packages Dial *4000# to activate it. 

The last Monthly Zong Social package is for those who want to use all social Apps in one offer. You get 12 GB of Data for all social media platforms, including 250 Zong to Zong calling minutes, 50 Other network reaching minutes, and 250 SMS to all networks. 

Terms And Condition Of Zong Social Packages

  • You can access only Social media platforms and their website in Social packages. 
  • Zong can not auto-subscribe. It’s a social offer. 
  • The Zong social package prices, which are mentioned in the table, are included with tax.
  • 19% Sales tax will be applied to these packages


In the above Zong social offers, you can use all social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, and other applications like it only. Explore the social packages by Zong. Go to the section where you want daily, weekly, or monthly. Then, see the packages and our suggestions in those social offers section. At the end, dial the code and activate the social offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The offers in which all social media platforms are accessible are known as Zong Social Packages. 

Zong Monthly WhatsApp offer is the best offer WhatsApp offers in social packages. 

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