Zong Facebook Packages

Zong Facebook Packages

If you want to use Facebook in Zong Sim, Zong Facebook packages are for you. Most Telecom users like its packages due to fast internet speed, high resources, and the best Zong Internet packages.

Based on different validity, I provide you with all the best Zong Facebook offers below. Let’s explore Zong Facebook Packages. 

Zong Facebook Packages Daily

Zong Facebook Packages Daily

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Which Are The Most Valuable Zong Daily Facebook Offers

I provide you with two Zong Facebook offers in Daily validity. So, many people are confused and confused or waste their time thinking about which package is best for both. At the start, when I choose the box, It takes me 3 to 4 hours to judge or choose the right offer.

Therefore, if I face this problem, many of you also faced it. Because you need to choose one offer. But, now I quickly select the best offers in maximum packages. So, I will tell you the leading and best offers because It saves you time and solves your confusion. 

Of the above 2 Daily Facebook offers by Zong, I choose the first Zong Daily Facebook offer. It provides you with 1.5 GB of Data for Facebook in PKR 25. This Daily Zong Facebook package code is *47#. 

I don’t recommend the Zong 1 GB offer because of its price. My preferred Zong Daily Facebook package gives you 1500 MBs in only 25 RS, and this offer provides you 1 GB of Data in PKR 49. So, my recommended offer is better than in both price and resources. 

Now, how you can utilize this daily offer? Don’t worry about that. You can easily use this offer by posting on your Facebook profile, watching videos on YouTube, and seeing more content for your profile posting. You can also check Zong WhatsApp Packages if you are looking for it. 

Zong Facebook Packages Weekly

Zong Facebook Packages Weekly

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Which Are The Best Zong Weekly Facebook Packages Among Them

I found your fantastic Facebook offer in the weekly Zong Social Packages. You like this Zong Facebook package. The name of it is the Mega weekly Facebook offer, which provides you 100 GB of Data for Facebook for only RS 120. 

You have heard many times most people say that Zong offers prices are very high. But, after seeing this offer, I hope you proved them wrong. Because 100 GB in only 120 PKR is a very low-priced budgeted offer by Zong. 

The resources these Zong Weekly Facebook offers are equal to unlimited. Because do anything you can not expire this offer before its expiration. Because 100 GB of Data is too much for using Facebook only. 

Let’s look at the second weekly Facebook offer. Zong’s super weekly offer is another package introduced by Zong. But I wouldn’t say I like it as a Facebook user. Because it provides you with 4 GB Data for PKR 200, so, That’s why I prefer your Mega Weekly Facebook offer, and it’s better than this one. 

Zong Facebook Packages Monthly

Zong Facebook Packages Monthly

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Best Zong Monthly Facebook Offers Among Them

Names Of Best Zong Monthly Facebook Packages

I mentioned the two Zong Monthly packages for Facebook users. But, In monthly offers, both offers are reasonable. I don’t suggest one recommendation among them. But, I suggest you both offer according to your requirements. 

The first Zong offer is for Facebook users who have not used this App for the whole day. And, if you tell me to suggest one recommendation anyway. Then, I also go with the Zong Monthly Social mini offer. 

In the social mini offer, you got 6 GB of Data for PKR 130. This Monthly Zong Facebook offer subscription code is *250#. You got 6 GB of Data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. It means. You use Zong All In One social offers in one place. 

And, if you don’t use Facebook too much, then 6 GB of Data is enough for you. 

The monthly 12 GB social offer is for those who want to use all social Apps unlimited. You have got 12 GB of Data in PKR 250 in this offer. *6000# is the subscription code of this Monthly Facebook social offer. 

Now you understand the difference between both offers and after understanding my guide, you can also choose the perfect Monthly Facebook package for you.

Terms And Conditions Of Zong Facebook Packages

  • The resources that I provided you above are only for Facebook. So, please be careful; if you want to use Facebook, subscribe to it. Otherwise, look for another Zong Packages.
  • Usage of resources after its completion = 2.5 PKR per MBs. So, don’t use over resources. 
  • Take care of your Zong sim; if you have CNIC, make sure the sim you are using is in your name. There are now issues if you use a sim on the other characters. But it’s your identity, so using it on your name is better. 


Above, you see all Facebook packages by Zong. Choose that Facebook offer that offers you good resources at a lower price. Suppose you want Zong’s weekly Facebook package:

  1. You need to see the table of it.
  2. Visit our recommendation on weekly Facebook offers by Zong.
  3. See your budget and subscribe to the offer by subscription code or Jazz App and through Easypaisa. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, If the offer is for Facebook, you have to use it only. However, If the request is social, you should use other social Apps easily. 

Yes, If you use Facebook typically, it’s enough.

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