Jazz International Call Packages

Jazz International Call Packages

Are you a Jazz user and want Jazz International Call packages for calling from foreign countries to Pakistan? Here, I provide you with all International call packages after subscribing to anyone according to your requirements.

You will be able to call from a country in Pakistan. Below, you get both prepaid and postpaid International call packages. Let’s explore these Call packages by Jazz for foreign countries.

Jazz International Call Packages

Jazz Prepaid International Call Packages

First, let me tell you about the Jazz International call packages for prepaid users. I provide you with these prepaid offers for several countries tablewise. So, you need to explore the tables below and see the resources and prices of this offer according to your requirements.

Jazz Saudi Arabia Call Packages

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It is a package for Jazz Saudi Arabia users. If you are from Saudi and a Jazz prepaid user in research of some valuable package for calling your friends or family in Pakistan then this is the perfect offer for you. 

You can easily call Pakistan from Saudi Arabia with this offer at PKR 2.38 per 15 seconds. It means you have charged nearly 6 PKR per minute. It’s a little bit costly, but if you want to call through Jazz sim to your friend or family in Pakistan, then you have to bear this price. 

Now, if you want to activate this Jazz Saudi international call package, dial *452*2#. Remember, you must have a recharge on your sim before activating it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to activate it. If you don’t have a recharge in your sim, go to any nearest Jazz franchise or shop and recharge your sim.

Jazz UAE Call Packages

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In this Jazz UAE Call offer, you have to pay RS 3.57 every 15 seconds for calling in Pakistan. It means PKR 7 per minute. Yes, I think it’s very costly if you want to call through Jazz Sim from UAE in Pakistan. 

So, what do you know? Let me give you a suggestion. If you have a good budget and only Jazz sim and you don’t use a smartphone, then go with this offer because you don’t have any other option. 

However, If you have a smartphone on a smaller budget, then you need to Install the Botim application. Actually, biotin helps you to call internationally in any country through your internet.

If you have a Jazz internet package and have an Android or iOS mobile, then botim is the best option for you. Now, it’s your choice to choose the Jazz international call package or Botim for calling in Pakistan. I have just provided you with my suggestions for helping you to save your budget.

Jazz United Kingdom ( UK ) Call Offer

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Are you from the UK and want to call in Pakistan through Jazz sim to your family or other relatives and your friends? Don’t worry; Jazz allows you to call in Pakistan at a very low price as compared to its other country’s International call offers. 

You got 1.2 per 30 seconds. It means you can call in PKR less than 3 from the UK to Pakistan. So, if it meets your budget, subscribe to it by dialling *456*2#.

Jazz USA, Canada And UK Call Packages (456)

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It’s a 3 country package for prepaid Jazz users. If you are from the USA, Canada, and the UK, then you are eligible to subscribe to this offer. You got PKR 5.98/15 min which is a very fair price if we compare the other international call packages.

Jazz Postpaid International Call Packages

Jazz Postpaid International Call Packages

Below are the offers for Jazz postpaid international users only. You get all destinations or countries Jazz international call packages below if you are using a postpaid Jazz sim.

Jazz 9 International Destination Call Packages

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Rates For Landline OnlyDiscounted Prices
France = RS 2.45/-RS = 1.39/-
Greece = #=====
Germany = #=====
Ireland = #=====
Italy = #=====
Netherland = #=====
Switzerland = #=====
United Kingdom RS = 1.90/-0.89

So, above I provide you 9 Destinations Jazz international call offers. I provide you France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, Switzerland and UK International Call offers. 

The prices of all these countries’ packages are mentioned above in a table. I provide you with both actual and discounted prices in the table above.

Jazz USA, UK And Call Packages For Postpaid Users

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If you are using Jazz postpaid international sim and from the UK, USA, or Canada, then look at these offers. Because, you only be able to subscribe to these offers if you are from these countries. Let’s discuss the prices of these offers according to different countries.

If you are from the USA, then you need to pay PKR 14.99=15 RS per minute in a postpaid sim. If you are from Canada, then you will be charged PKR 17.91 per minute. 

If you want to subscribe to Jazz’s international call packages from the UK, then you get the cheapest low international call package from Jazz, which is RS 5 per minute only.

Jazz 5 International Destination Offer

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Rates For Landline OnlyDiscounted Prices
USA ( L & M ) = RS 1.90/PKR0.89 RS
Canada ( L & M ) = RS 1.90/PKR0.89 RS
Australia ( L ) = 2.49 PKR1.39 RS
Singapore = #=====
Chinal ( L&M )=====

Above are the 5 destination International call packages by Jazz. You can subscribe to it if you are from the US, China, Australia, Singapore, and Canada because only the citizens of these countries are eligible for subscription to this offer. 

So, let’s talk about the prices of these international call packages. So, for UK citizens (L & M), you charge 1.90 PKR. But at discount prices by Jazz, you need to pay 0.89 RS. The same prices are for other Canadian and Australian citizens. So, choose the offer according to your country by dialling 777.


I provide you with all Jazz international call packages of almost every country in which Jazz was introduced and provided separately for Prepaid and Postpaid users. 

You got it for UAE, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, USA, Greece, Canada, China, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, And Italy. I hope you like your offers according to your country after exploring it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, the prices are different according to the different countries. And you will be charged per second or minute.

You can call through the Botim application or from other famous social platforms like WhatsApp and IMO.

Actually, we have a limited package if you want to call another country, Pakistan. We don’t have a lot of offers in which we selected the best. So, select the package according to your country and subscribe to it if it completes your needs.

Dial *452*4# and unsubscribe this offer.

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