Jazz 3 Day Call Packages

Jazz 3 Day Call Packages

Do you need Jazz calling minutes for 3 Days? I have provided you with all Jazz 3 day call packages below with details. 

So, I hope you have liked these packages. If any package meets your requirements, then subscribe to it. Let’s explore three-day call packages.

Jazz 3 Day Gupshup Offer

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Jazz 3 Day Gupshup Offer provides you with all resources I mentioned above. You can also enjoy 100 MBs of data with calling minutes in this offer. 

100 MBs of data are not enough for 3 Days, but this is the Jazz 3 Day call package. Therefore, it contains good calling minutes and less data. If you need data, then visit Jazz 3 Day internet packages. 

So, the price of this Jazz Gupshup offer is PKR 45. For activation, Dial *356# and subscribe to the package.

Do you want Jazz 3 day call package for some hours or urgent? Don’t worry. Let me provide you with the package in which you can enjoy the data from 2 Am- 2 Pm. The name of this offer is a 3-day extreme bundle, and it provides you with 3 GB of internet for a specific time for PKR 60. 

Do you want to subscribe to this bundle? Dial this subscription code *114*14#. If you need to check the remaining resources of this offer, please dial *114* 14* 2 #. 

Jazz 3 Day Bundle 

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Jazz 3 day call package provides 100 on-net calling minutes and 1 GB of Data in PKR 35. This offer is for you if you need only on-net calling minutes, including some data. 3 Day bundle subscription code is *919#. 

Are you looking for better package like this which contains more contains calling minutes? If yes then Dial *211# and enjoy 500 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes. 

Jazz Super Plus Offer

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Jazz super plus offer provides 1000 on-net calling minutes and SMS, including ten off-net calling minutes. 

The user who needs all resources at a fair price can subscribe to this offer. Because the price of this offer is only PKR 45 and it contains all resources. 

Dial this subscription code *558# if you want to activate this offer. 

This super plus offer is available for a limited time. So, it can be changed at any time. If you use internet MBs, then your given resource. You should pay 1.2 RS Mb for over-usage. The other good thing about this package is that there are no call setup charges. 

Jazz 3 Day Call Package which is valuable for you

Jazz 3 Day Best Call Packages

Let’s discuss the most valuable Jazz 3 day call package in the above tables. The Package most practical for you is the Jazz super plus Package. 

Please see all the resources and subscription codes of this Package above. Let me tell you how this Package is valuable for you. 

The reason is that this Package contains all resources in a balanced way. Therefore I recommend you to subscribe to this Package if it meets your requirements. Otherwise, look for another package.

If your budget is low and want normal resources then you can go with Jazz 3 day bundle. This bundle provides you 100 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes and 1 GB Data in PKR 35. So this bundle is also good. For subscription of this bundle Dial Code *919#.


In Jazz 3 Day call packages, you get a Gupshup offer, a three 3-day bundle, a super plus offer, and many more. So, in the end, before subscribing to this offer, see your requirements, visit our suggestions, and activate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to check the status code of this bundle, Dial *898*2#. 

Dial *211*4# and unsubscri to the Jazz 3 Day Bundle. 

Yes, It is the offer which can available any time to change. 

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