Jazz Monthly Social Offer

Jazz Monthly Social Offer

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Is this Offer More Special For Some Users?

Yes, Jazz Monthly Social Offer is more remarkable for those users who have been using social media platforms more than Google, etc. 

Google is also a social media platform, but users who love social packing recommend subscribing to this package. Users who like social media platforms should definitely use Facebook and WhatsApp.

You know both these platforms are trendy, and almost every people use these platforms very much. So, according to users’ needs, all Telecom networks introduced their social packages for using Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo, and youtube. 

Now, In this Jazz monthly offer, you can get 10 GB of Data for social apps. The question is, which social apps are included in this package? So, Jazz monthly social offers you to enjoy 10GB Data. You can use  Facebook, WhatsApp, and Imo only after subscribing to this offer. 

Are you know? Imo is also an essential social media platform for you, but a few people know about this. Primarily, people who have been to foreign countries or their relatives or family in foreign used this app. 

Because after using the IMO app, you can call in every country without any restrictions, etc. I know, now you ask, we can quickly call in foreign countries through WhatsApp. Then why do we use IMO? You used it because some features show, like WhatsApp, but their call quality is better than WhatsApp in foreign countries. 

Now you will understand why this package is only for some users. The only reason is that it provides data for social app usage only. And this monthly offer does not provide only Data; you can also get other resources. 

In other resources of this monthly offer, you have enjoyed 300 on-net calling minutes, 50 other network minutes, and 1000 SMS. As you see, this is the best social offer due to its resources. 

Benefit And Terms Of Jazz Monthly Social Offer

Terms of Jazz Monthly social offer

The first benefit of this package is you don’t need to subscribe to this package at a specific time. I mean, some bundles have a specific time for subscription.

But you can subscribe to this social package at any time. Better to subscribe till midnight. Because your resources start consuming, and your subscription ends at this time after validity. 

When you subscribe to some bundles, and when they expire, do you see that it will automatically subscribe again? It causes hesitation. When your package ends, you don’t need to subscribe auto because people do not want to subscribe to that package again. 

Therefore, this package does not cause this issue, and when it expires, you need again to dial this subscription code and activate that package. 

In benefits of the Jazz monthly social package, how can I forget the internet speed of the package? So, the speed of this package depends on your area. If you live in a 4g area, you should enjoy the best internet speed. If you’re in a 2g or 3g area, you feel low internet speed than 4g. 

Official Jazz 4g can be eligible to change this offer anytime because it’s a premium offer.

PKR half a rupee will be deducted when you dial the status code to check the status.

I give you all information about this Jazz monthly social offer above and some FAQS below, but still, if you want to verify our information through the official Jazz network, see the information code below in the table.


If we summarize all the above things, we reach the result that Jazz Monthly’s social offer is the overall best offer according to the social users’ needs. And the resources Jazz provided in it are also fair. However, you need to look at the Terms and Conditions with the benefits of this offer before subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *661*4# and unsubscribe the package when you want. 

To check the status, please dial *661*2#. 

 For more information, Dial *661*3#. 

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