Ufone Data SIM Packages

Ufone Data SIM Packages

Do you have a Data sim and want Ufone Data Sim Packages? There are a lot of benefits of Ufone Data SIM Packages. The main benefit of these Data sims is that you can register this SIM after completion of 5 sims. 

Do you need help understanding? I tell you that if you have 5 sims registered on your CNIC. Now, you will be able to register another SIM once you close your one SIM. But you can register Data SIM easily because they have no limit to registration. Let’s explore the Ufone Internet Packages for data sim.

Ufone Daily Data SIM Packages

Ufone Daily Data SIM Packages

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Ufone Best Daily Data SIM Packages Names

The first Daily Ufone Data Sim Package is for users who need a limited-time package. Understand this as an hourly package. To use this package, you need to wake early in the morning or sleep late at night because this package starts at 1 a.m. and expires at 9 a.m. 

The main dont of this package is their time restriction. But, the pros are that you can get 500 MBs + 40 MBs Data in PKR 5 only for all Data usage. You will be able to use this offer in Data SIM. It is the cheapest Daily Ufone Data Sim Package. 

Let’s come to that Data sim package, which provides you with Data for a day with no time restriction. The name of that offer is Ufone Daily light data sim offer. The resources of this Data sim offer are similar to the first offer, but it provides you 40 MBs extra and 500 MBs separately for usage. You can use it without any time limit in PKR 10. 

The last offer is for those who want 2GB of data from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. in PKR 12. Ufone Mega provides you with all these resources . Dial *550#  is the subscription code of the Daily Ufone Mega Data Sim package.

Ufone 3 Day Data SIM Packages

Ufone 3 Days Data Sim Packages

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Ufone 3 Days Data Sim Offer provide you with 600 MBs of Data for 3 days. This package is not for heavy Data users. If you want to use normal data such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., then go with this package. Otherwise, explore more packages. 

Ufone Weekly Data SIM Packages

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Ufone Weekly Data SIM Packages Which Is Best For Subscription

If we talk about one of the best weekly Ufone Data Sim Packages, then subscribe to the Weekly super data offer, which gives you 1200 MBs of Data in PKR 100 for a week. Super Data SIM offer subscription code is *220#. 

If you need more GB of data, then go with Ufone’s second weekly data offer. It is also known as the Sab sa Bari offer, which provides you with 40 GB of Data. Subscribe to this offer through the official Easypaisa app. 

I don’t give you the subscription code for this offer. If you subscribe to this offer through a code, then you should pay extra tax. It is better to subscribe to this offer through Ufone’s official website or the Easypaisa app.

Ufone Monthly Data SIM Packages

Ufone Monthly Data SIM Packages

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Best For Budget Ufone Monthly Data SMS Package

Ufone Max Data Sim Package is the best for subscription. Yes, it provides you 12 GB of Data in PKR 1000 for a month. The resources included in this offer are enough for a month. 

The next package is for those Ufone Data SIM Package users who need less GB of data in low-priced. The Monthly Heacy Data offer is a package which offers you 5 GB of Data for PKR 500 per month. *803# is the activation code of the heavy-data SIM package. 

Terms And Condition Of Ufone Data SIM Packages

  • If you subscribe to the limited-time package, you are allowed to subscribe to the Ufone Data Sim Package multiple times. 
  • Dial *706# to check all information on Ufone Bundles.
  • All the Ufone Data SIM offers are for prepaid Ufone users.
  • Use Data anywhere after subscription. Anywhere means use it backwards or in a normal area. It’s up to you.
  • The charges I mentioned above are with taxes. 


I provide you with all the Ufone data sim packages above. Suppose you are using the Ufone Blaze Device. Then, it’s valuable for you. Because Ufone provides huge data resources in these offers, and it’s good for multiple users’ usage.

Frequently Asked Question

Every Telecom network uses its data sim the same as Ufone. The sim in which you use data only is known as Data SIM. You aren’t e able to call or send SMS in Data Sim. 

I think Ufone Weekly Data Sim packages are more beneficial for you at a low price. 

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