Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users

Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users

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Are you a heavy internet user? Are you want a internet package for a limited time? If you want all these things, then stay. This Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users offer is for you. This package is especially for those people who don’t sleep at night. I mean, who wakes up the whole night? Because the timing of this offer is 12 am – 12 pm. 

It means you can access this offer from midnight to the afternoon. But this offer provides you with many internet resources at a low price. You can subscribe to this offer for only PKR 130 and get 50 GB of Data weekly.

Benefits And Terms

The first benefit of this bundle is that you can subscribe to this bundle at any time. But it starts at midnight. 

This bundle contains 50 GB of Data for all usage.

You can use or subscribe to this offer in every area. It means if you’re in an area that supports only 2g, 3g or 4g area, you can use Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users package that places quickly. So there is another benefit because most people struggle to use the internet in such areas in which the speed of the internet is too low. 

Do you see most packages can auto subscribed if you have recharge on your sim? But this is a term or benefit of this package in that it can not be subscribed automatically. You need to subscribe to it again once its validity is completed. 

If you’re in backwards areas, then the internet speed of this package automatically goes down, according to the site. If you’re in a place where Ufone supports 3g, then you have to enjoy 3g internet after subscribing to this package. 

If you’re still not subscribed to any Ufone bundle, you must pay PKR 5 extra when you subscribe to this package. 

Other Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users

Other Jazz weekly extreme packages

Are you want fewer resources and want weekly internet for a whole day? Let me give you another offer. 

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These weekly offers provide you with 5 GB of Data for a whole week. So, users with less or normal internet usage can subscribe to this offer. 

When I see the price of other Jazz Weekly Package for Extreme Users, the question that comes to my mind is that the price is 85. But how much do I need a recharge if I subscribe to this package through a subscription code? Then I recharge PKR 100 in my sim and dial the subscription code of this package. 

This package subscribes successfully. If the question comes to my mind, maybe it also comes to mind. Therefore, you should have a recharge of PKR 100 in your sim. 

Note: This is a limited-time offer. Jazz can change this offer at any time, and when Jazz changes it, It’s also changed on our site. So this offer is still valid. If you want to benefit from this offer, subscribe to it immediately. 


For extreme Jazz offers, you get 50 GB of Data in the Jazz weekly package for a limited time. For choosing the package in weekly extreme offers. The best choice is that if you want a package for a limited time, go with the first and the second offer for no time restriction, providing you with 5 GB of Data for PKR 85.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check the remaining resources, open your mobile dial pad and Dial this code *117*1*2#. When you dial this, you receive a notification in which your remaining resources are written.

Dial *117*14*2# for checking status. When you dial this code you will received a message in which all details are mentioned.

The PKR 0.5 cut in your sim when you check the status code. 

Dial *117*14*4# this code and unsubscribe Jazz weekly extreme package.

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