Telenor Data SIM Packages

Telenor Data Sim Packages

Telenor Data Sim packages are most important for users with data sim. Like other Telecom networks, Telenor introduced its own data sim packages. As you know, it is the best telecommunication network due to its fair and valuable prices. Therefore, Most users use its SIM and want Telenor Data SIM packages. Remember Telenor internet packages are different from it’s data sim offer.

Telenor Hourly Data Sim Packages

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Do you use Wi-Fi or the Ptcl network, and it’s stopped working? Does your Ptcl package expire? Do you need urgent Data at that time? Don’t worry. Telenor introduced an hourly data sim package for the same type of user who wants internet for a limited time for an hour because it’s custom at every expectation.

So, back to this Telenor hourly Data sim offer. It provides 500 MBs of data for an hour for only PKR 10. You use everything on the data sim after subscription to this offer. 500 MBs are enough for an hour to use any social media platform or Google. So, feel free to use this package without worries about resources. Dial *60# for activation of the hourly Telenor Data Sim Package. 

Telenor Daily Data Sim Packages

Telenor Daily Data Sim Packages

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Most Beneficial Daily Telenor Data SIM Packages

We have two Data sim packages by Telenor in daily validity. You should subscribe to Telenor Rat Din’s daily offer if you need a daily data sim offer. This package only contains 1.5 GB of internet for a day in PKR 18. 

The second offer contains only 50 MBs of Data for PKR 15 per day, so I hope you know why I am telling you to subscribe to the Rat din offer. 

Rat Din Data sim offers better resources and prices than the 4g daily data sim offer. So, Dial *150# and subscribe to this package.

Telenor Weekly Data Sim Packages

Telenor Weekly Data Sim Packages

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Telenor Weekly Data SIM Packages Which Are Best For You

The best package in the above weekly Telenor Data Sim packages is the super dhamal weekly offer. In this data sim offer, you get 5000 MBs of internet for a week. You can easily use this package in your data sim. 

The other good thing is that you can also use this offer in your standard SIM. It means this offer is for both prepaid and data sim. The price of Telenor’s weekly data sim offer is PKR 150, which is fair according to 5 GB Data with no time restriction. 

The first Telenor Dhamal Data sim offer is for people with a budget. If your budget is reasonable, go with something other than this offer. Because, after subscription, you only enjoy this a little. 

If your budget is less than 100 PKR, then subscribe to it. You get 2 GB of Data for a week. And if you use regular social media platforms in a day. Then 2 GB is enough for you. If you need on-net minutes of Telenor then go with Telenor Call Packages.

Telenor Monthly Data Sim Packages

Telenor Monthly Data SIM Packages

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Names And Details Of Best Telenor Monthly Data SIM Packages

The best budgeted Monthly Data Sim package introduced by Telenor till now is their started data sim offer. If you are a single user who wants to use data in one mobile, this offer is enough for you. 

Started package contains 15 GB of Data for only data sim users. You must need a Telenor Data sim for activation of it. Dial *345*2002# for the subscription of the started package. 

If you have multiple users and want to use data on various mobiles, go with the heavy smart data sim offer bundle. In this bundle, you get 150 GB of Data. But it’s a time restriction on this offer. You can access 75 GB of Data from 1 am to 7 am. The remaining 75 GB of Data has no time limit. 

You also need a heavy budget for this offer. Because you need 2500 recharge in your Telenor sim for a subscription, subscribe to the Telenor 4g Monthly Data Sim bundle if you want more data with no time limit.

This offer costs PKR 3800 RS, and you get 150 GB of resources for a month with no time limit. You can do unlimited live streaming with the excellent internet speed of Telenor. And also you will be able to do many more things on the internet. You can upload total videos on YouTube without any worries about resources.  Telenor also introduced it’s separate YouTube and TikTok packages. So, this is for those users who want to use specific social media platform.

What Is Telenor Data SIM?

If you want to subscribe to Telenor Data sim packages, you must know about it’s Data sim. You won’t be able to call or SMS in a data sim. You just used data on that sim. The internet speed of Telenor Data SIM is better than that of a simple prepaid SIM. 

If you already have five sims on your CNIC, you can still activate the Data sim. But you won’t be able to start a prepaid sim. So, there is another benefit of using Telenor Data Sim. In short, the sim in which you can use Data is only known as Data sim.

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor Data SIM Packages

  • You need data SIM for the package that supports data SIM only. 
  • You can use Telenor Data Sim packages in Telenor and any data device.
  • Data speed depends on your area.
  • Telenor Data sim package won’t auto-subscribe. 


Explore the offer that you need. If you need Telenor’s weekly data sim offer, then visit it. See our recommendation on it. Then, subscribe to it by dialing the subscription code. Above all, the offers you will get are introduced by Telenor with the best prices and resources.

Yes, most people use Data SIM in devices there. Telenor allows you to use it. 

Use a heavy brilliant bundle in a monthly data sim package if you have multiple users.

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