Zong International Call Packages

Zong International Call Packages

If you are a Zong sim user and want Zong International call packages, then below are all the Zong Packages for you. Here, here you get all the best and most affordable International call packages by Zong.

Suppose you live in a foreign country like the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and more. And your family or relatives are in Pakistan. Then it’s best for you if you want to talk to them. However, if you have smartphones, then there are a lot more options to explore in Pakistan. But now, we are exploring international call packages introduced by Zong 4g.

Zong Prepaid International Call Package

Below are the Zong International call packages for prepaid users only. You will get almost all countries’ offers below. Let’s explore these offers.

Zong prepaid international call packages

Zong Globally International Call Packages

Zong Globally International Call Packages

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Globally pay local Zong International call packages for all countries’ Zong prepaid users who want to call in Pakistan. No matter if you are from Canada, the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE, The price of this offer for all countries’ users is the same. 

However, the taxes are different for different countries. So, you should pay PKR 1+tax before subscribing to this package. There are two ways to subscribe to this offer. First, you can use the code by dialling *1111#, and the second is to write an SMS “SUB” and send it to 1111.

Zong Saudi Arabia Call Package

As you see, the name of this offer is for Saudi people only. So, if you are from this country, choose the best offer in daily, weekly, or monthly validations, then activate it.

Zong Saudi Arabia Call Packages

Zong Daily Saudi Arabia Call Package

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In Zong Saudi Arabia Daily Call Offer, you get 15 calling minutes in a day at a price of RS 100 plus tax. You can also subscribe to this offer multiple times a day if you need more than 15 minutes a day. 

As we know, If we talk to our family once a week, then more than 15 minutes is needed to speak. So that’s why Zong allows you to subscribe to this offer for multiple subscriptions. However, if you want a package for more than a day, then explore the weekly offer below. For activation of the daily Zong Saudi Arabia international call package, send an SMS “SUB” to 6966.

Zong Weekly Saudi Arabia Call Package

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We have 2 Saudi Arabia Offers that have different resources and requirements. In the first weekly bundle of Saudi International calls, you get 40 minutes of calling time for a week, which is not enough. But if you are okay with it, then activate it because your requirements are more important than our suggestions. 

The second weekly Saudi call package provides you with 90 minutes of calling time for PKR 500. Ninety minutes is enough for normal users. However, if you think that it’s not enough, then you are eligible to subscribe to this offer multiple times.

Zong Malaysia Call Packages

Same as Zong Saudi Call packages, we provide you these offers for Malaysia users based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Let’s explore it.

Zong Malaysia International Call Packages

Zong Daily Malaysia Call Packages

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In Zong Daily Malaysia Packages, you get ten calling minutes for a day. If you are from Malaysia and want a single-day validation offer, then it’s best for you. For activation, you need to visit Zong’s official website and then go to international offers. And search for the name of this offer. You will easily find it. 

Zong Weekly Malaysia Call Packages

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In Zong Malaysia’s weekly International call offer, you get a 50 calling minutes offer at a price of PKR 100. If you want to talk for a maximum of 5 to 8 minutes a day, then according to this, it’s a fair offer for Malaysian users. For a subscription, Install the Zong App or visit the Zong official website.

Zong Monthly Malaysia Call Packages

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In Zong Malaysia’s monthly call offer, you get 250 calling minutes in a month at a price of PKR 400 plus tax. It’s the best fair-price monthly Zong International call package. Two hundred fifty calling minutes is enough for a month. So, if it meets your needs, you must activate this offer through the Zong website.

Zong China International Call Packages

Zong China International Call Packages

Zong China Weekly Call Packages

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These offers are for Chinese users who are using Zong Sim and want to talk in Pakistan. You get 525 minutes for calling in Pakistan in a week at PKR 250. I like this offer due to its resources. 

The second best thing is that it’s an affordable offer by Zong. Let’s subscribe to it by dialing *4083#. The other way of activation is to write “CNAW” and send it to 4083.

Zong China Monthly Call Packages

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In the China Monthly International call offer by Zong, you get 2250 calling minutes for a month in PKR 750. Actually, all Zong International Call packages for Zong China users are the best due to their resources and prices. 

The subscription code of this offer is the same as weekly validation. When you dial the subscription code, choose monthly instead of weekly.

Zong Afghanistan International Call Package

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It’s an International call offered by Zong for Afghanistan people who want to call in Pakistan to talk to their friends or relatives. As you know, there are a lot of people living in Pakistan who are from Afghanistan, and their families are also from it. 

Most Afghanistan people came to Pakistan for work and to earn money through trade and from much more work. So, they want to call their families in Afghanistan. That’s why, as I told you before that, Zong cares for its customers at every level. 

So, Zong Introduced the Afghan call offer in PKR 3 per 15 seconds. Suppose you want to activate this package. Please Dial *747# code.

Zong USA And Canada International Call Packages

Zong USA And Canada Call Packages

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In the above table, I provide you with USA and Canada call packages introduced by Zong at different prices and validity. Now, you need to choose a good offer according to your needs. 

I recommend you subscribe to monthly USA and Canada call packages. The reason is that it costs you less and provides you better resources than daily or weekly. You get 600 calling minutes for PKR 500, which is a very fair price. 

However, If your needs are not too much and you don’t want to call daily in foreign countries. Then, go with another daily or weekly. But for daily International calling, monthly offers are best.

Zong Oman International Call Packages

Zong Oman International Call Packages

Only Oman users will be eligible to subscribe to the Zong Oman call offers below.

Zong Oman Daily Call Packages

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In the Daily Zong Oman Call Offer, you get five calling minutes for PKR 100. Actually, for Oman users, Zong introduces some high-call offers and low-resource offers. Because it costs Zong more than other countries offer. 

So, if you tell me you don’t have this budget, then how can you call Internationally? Then, I recommend you to reach out through IMO or WhatsApp. But, for this, you also need Zong Internet Packages. So, choose the right option carefully.

Zong Oman Weekly Call Packages

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You will get a Zong Oman weekly call package at a price of PKR 450 RS. In this, Zong provides you with 25 international calling minutes. You will be able to subscribe to this offer without any code for visiting the Zong website.

Zong Oman Monthly Call Packages

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In the monthly International call offer, you get 50 Zong Calling Minutes for PKR 875. If you don’t do too much calling at the International level, then go with it. Otherwise, choose better from it.

Zong UAE Call Packages

Zong UAE Call Packages

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It’s the last Zong International Call package for Zong prepaid sim users. If you are from the UAE, then subscribe to it. You get this UAE call package for PKR 500 plus tax. You will be able to use 100 minutes of calling time for a month. 

If you can utilise this offer, then it’s the best option for you for international calling. And for activation, Dial *7966#. 

Zong Postpaid International Call Package

Are you using a Zong postpaid sim? If you are not using them, then these offers are not for you. However, if you are using it, then look at all the below offers for you.

Zong Postpaid International Call Packages

China Monthly Postpaid Call Package

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If you are from China and using a Zong postpaid sim, then go with this package. Zong provides very fair prices for Chinese people. You get 2250 minutes for a month at only PKR 750.

The resources of this offer are very enough. But you are eligible to use 75 calling minutes per day. So, before subscribing, look at this carefully and Dial 310 for it.

USA, China And Canada Postpaid Call Offer

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Like the above-prepaid packages, Zong also provides a Postpaid offer for Canada, the USA, and China. There is a difference in prices and resources of both prepaid and postpaid. So, choose the offer according to your SIM.

Rate Per Calling Minute Of All Countries

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As you can see in the table, at the end, I will provide you with the list of Zong International call package prices for all countries per minute. So, basically, I provide you with this for a better understanding of you.

If you don’t understand all of the above call offers, then there is an option for you to see this list, choose your country, see their rates per minute, and then recharge your sim and use it. In the end, you also need to know that Entireways also provides you with all Zong SMS Packages.

Terms And Conditions Of Zong International Call Packages

  • The prices of all International Call Packages are not included in taxes. You should pay the tax with the prices of these offers.
  • In these Zong International Call offers, you will be charged per 15 or 30 seconds or minute.
  • Zong won’t auto-subscribe to this offer. You need to subscribe to it every time.


International call offers help you in many ways. Before the subscription above, you must explore all the offers and rates per minute for international calling. If you don’t like any offer, you can recharge your Zong sim after exploring the rate per minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to subscribe to this offer through a subscription code or the Zong website or applications.

Zong introduces International calling offers for the USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, And Afghanistan.

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