Zong YouTube Packages

Zong YouTube Packages

I know you want the Zong YouTube Package because of its best Internet speed. I provide you all the YouTube packages by Zong below. I even give you an hourly package for your urgent usage of YouTube. 

Zong Hourly YouTube Package

Zong Hourly YouTube Packages

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Names of Valuable Zong Hourly YouTube Offers Above Them

Both Zong YouTube Packages are good at their place. Because both have different validity, we can’t choose one over their validity. However, Let’s explore which hourly offers are best for different users. 

The users who want a Zong Hourly YouTube package for an hour subscribe to a one-hour YouTube offer by Zong. It’s mentioned as a first offer in a table. You have unlimited YouTube for an hour in just PKR 2. Dial *1987# and activate it. 

The second offer, the Zong YouTube Package, is for those who need to use it for two hours with some on-net calling minutes. Yes, the Zong nonstop offer provides you 1024 MBs with twice the joy of unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes in PKR 12. The Nonstop YouTube package subscription code is *3000#.

If you want to use only YouTube for some hours, go with the first offer, which offers you unlimited YouTube. If you tell me it’s for one hour, but you need more time. 

My answer is to subscribe it again. It costs you only PKR 2 and provides you with unlimited YouTube. However, subscribe to a nonstop offer if you want on-net calling minutes and YouTube data.

Zong Daily YouTube Package

Zong Daily YouTube Packages

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Best Zong YouTube Package Daily Among Them

The best Daily YouTube offer is the Zong YouTube social offer. After subscription, You get 1500 MBs of Data for social Apps, especially for YouTube, Facebook And WhatsApp. So, you enjoy all these in a day. 

You also spend all these resources using YouTube only. It’s up to you how you can utilise it. So, my recommended YouTube package by Zong is it. Now, Let’s look for another daily offer.

This Zong YouTube offer provides 500 MBs for all data usage, including a 500 MBs special for YouTube in RS 38 plus tax. This offer benefits you If you want to access all data, like Chrome, for a day. If you need just YouTube, using the first Zong Social Package for YouTube is better. 

Zong Weekly YouTube Package

Zong Weekly YouTube Packages

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Which Is The Best Zong Weekly YouTube Package Among Them

The only best Zong Weekly YouTube offer is the first in a table. It’s offer contains 8 GB Data flat for YouTube in PKR 150 for a week. So, this is the best ever monthly YouTube offer in such a low price by Zong.

And you also know the prices of other Zong internet Packages. Its costs are high compared to other telecom brands. But, still, it provides you with 8 GB in only 150 RS. The reason for the high price is its speed and quality. But, If you are in a backward area, don’t subscribe to Zong packages. 

Because Zong signals are weak in that type of area, if you live in a city, you must subscribe to it. You have awesome and attractive speed while enjoying YouTube and other Data. 

However, If you want a package for a limited time, there is another beast YouTube offer for you. Mega YouTube Zong Package provides 100 GB of Data from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. If you are working at night on Your channel, this is the best choice. I don’t see any other offer that only gives you 100 GB in PKR 110.

Zong Monthly YouTube Package

Zong Monthly YouTube Packages

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Names Of Zong YouTube Package Monthly Among Them

If you use YouTube for limited hours or time in a day, the first Zong Monthly YouTube offer in a table is for you. Yes, you get 5 G Data in PKR 297 for a month. This offer has no time restriction. But, use this offer for some hours a day because their resources are somewhere less according to the monthly plan. 

If you use unlimited for a month, this offer ends before expiration. Because you don’t get resources from unlimited YouTube. You have only 5 GB for YouTube. But this offer is best if you use 3 or 4 YouTube daily. 

The next YouTube offer is named the Monthly Zong 20 GB YouTube offer. You got 20 GB of Data. But it has a time restriction. Of 20 GB of Data, 10,000 MBs is only 1 am to 9 am. The remaining have no time limit. Dial *6464# for activation

The last Zong YouTube Package is for heavy YouTubers. Those persons subscribe to these offers who upload their videos on YouTube regularly in bulk. Because In it, you got 40 GB of Data. 20 GB is for all time, and the other 20 GB of Data is for specific times introduced by Zong, 1 am to 9 am. *6# is the activation code of it. 

Zong YouTube Package For Postpaid Users

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If you are a prepaid user, this offer is for someone else. But above all, Zong YouTube Packages are for what you expect. Because Of this YouTube offer, Zong postpaid users can subscribe. 

You got 12 GB of Data for YouTube for a month in your postpaid sim. This postpaid YouTube offer subscription code is *567#.

Terms And Condition Of Zong YouTube Packages

  • Zong does not auto-subscribe to these YouTube packages. 
  • 19.5% tax sales tax is applied.
  • The Zong YouTube offer, which, for a limited time, can change at any time. 
  • Dial *6464# for recharge on your sim if you have sufficient balance. 


As you explore above, Zong provides us with all YouTube offers based on valuable resources and different validites. You need to look at our YouTube videos, which provide suggestions. Suppose you need a Zong weekly YouTube package, then look for the best packages, see the terms and conditions, and subscribe to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The offers in which all social media platforms are accessible are known as Zong Social Packages. 

Zong Monthly WhatsApp offer is the best offer WhatsApp offers in social packages. 

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