Zong SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages

You know, Zong cares about its users. Therefore Zong provides us with all types of Packages like Internet, Calls and SMS. Today, I have given you all Zong SMS Packages based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Let’s move to our first section Daily Zong SMS packages.

Zong Daily SMS Packages

In Zong Daily SMS Packages, you can get SMS for a day. 

Zong Daily SMS Packages

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Zong Daily SMS Packages Which Are Most Valuable For You

Zong  Best Daily SMS Packages

The Zong Zulu SMS package is the first best daily Zong SMS package. You can get 500 all-network SMS and 1 MB of internet in this package. Internet equals nothing in this package, but we should focus on SMS. 

500 SMS is enough for a day in PKR 4 only. The Zulu SMS Package subscription code is *704#. So this is the first recommended package for you on my side. 

The second package, which is quite good for you, is the Zong sixer plus daily package. You can get 500 SMS and unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes in this offer. The price of this offer is PKR 8. If you want to subscribe sixer plus daily offer, Dial *666# this code. 

So, above are two Zong daily sms packages that are best for you at an affordable price. I have given you recommended packages from my side at an affordable price. 

If your budget is good and you want more SMS and resources, then Zong Shandaar daily offer is for you. The price of this package is PKR 17 per day. 

This offer contains 800 SMS and unlimited Zong-to-Zong calling minutes for a day. So if you want to subscribe to this package, see the subscription code above in the table.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong also introduced their weekly Zong SMS Packages. All weekly sms packages are given below. 

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

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Weekly Zong SMS Packages Which Are Best For You

Zong Best Weekly SMS Packages

If your budget is low and you want SMS only and some MBs of the internet for using low internet-consuming social media platforms. Then the Zong Weekly SMS bundle is for you. 

It is the lowest price Weekly zong sms package, only PKR 32. In this bundle, you can get 1300 SMS weekly, including 200 MBs of data. The subscription code of this bundle is *702#.  

If you need unlimited SMS, the Zong Haftawar recharge offer is for you. The price of this offer is PKR 270.

When you subscribe to this package, you can get Unlimited all-network SMS, Unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes, 80 Other network calling minutes and 900 MBs of internet. The subscription code of this haftawar offer weekly is *70#. 

So, the Zong haftawar package is a recommended package from my side for you because it contains Unlimited resources. 

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

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Zong Monthly SMS Packages Which Is Best For You

Zong Best Monthly SMS Packages

If you want Unlimited Zong SMS, then Zong Super Card Package is for you. It is the well-known package that Zong introduces. 

In this offer, you can get unlimited All network SMS and Zong to Zong calling minutes, 10 Gb Data and 250 Other network calling minutes. 

The price of this card is PKR 699, including tax. If you want to subscribe to this offer, Dial *50#. 

There is another good offer for the Punjab people. Zong Mahana Punjab Offer is for Punjab users. In this offer, you can get 3000 all network SMS, 3000 Zong to Zong calling minutes, 400 other network calling minutes and 4 GB Data. 

If your internet usage is not heavy, then 3000 SMS is enough for a month. So, if you’re in Punjab, this is the best option. The price of this offer is 575, including tax. 

The subscription code of this package is  *676#. 

If your budget is low and your usage is 20-30 SMS per day. Then I have brought for you another best Weekly SMS Package. 

Zong Monthly SMS and WhatsApp bundle is best for you. You can get 500 all-network SMS and 30 MBs of Data in this bundle. The subscription code of this Zong SMS Package is *705#. 

Terms And Conditions Of Zong SMS Packages

  • SMS packages by Zong will be auto subcsribed if you have recharge in your sim.
  • 14% percent tax applies on the recharges.
  • The call setup charges of 19.5% will be deducted on every recharge.


I will give you all Zong SMS packages in the form of the tables above. You can choose your favourite SMS packages by seeing the package with details. For example, if you want a Zong SMS package for a day, you need to see the daily sms packages section and their table.

And same if you need weekly or monthly, you should go to their section with the help of a table of content and explore their packages. You should also check the best and most valuable package names I give you in every section.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to subscribe to this package. The first way is to subscribe with a subscription code already in the table. The second way is to subscribe through SMS. Just send the SMS “SUB” TO 704 and subscribe to this message.

Simple, open your message app. Write “UNSUB” in your text and send it to 704. 

Send an SMS to 700 and write UNSUB in the text.

Dial *7772# and check your number.

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