Telenor International Call Packages

Telenor International Call Packages

Telenor allows you to call Pakistan from every country internationally after the activation of Telenor International call packages. You can also reach from Pakistan to any International or foreign country. 

So, the prices are applied according to calling minutes. And every country’s calling rate per minute per second or minute changes. Let’s explore the calling rates and International call offers provided by Telenor till now.

Telenor International Voice Bundle

Telenor International Voice Bundles

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Telenor provides its international voice bundle for multiple countries. Malaysia. The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Romania are included in the International voice bundle. These countries will be able to call through both landlines and mobiles. 

Other countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, Cyprus, France, Greece, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Poland, and Slovakia are valid landlines only. So, first, you need to see your requirements and then look at the resources. 

You get the daily, weekly & monthly Telenor International call packages in this voice bundle. Let’s explore these International voice bundles by Telenor.

Telenor Daily International Voice Bundle

Telenor INternational Voice Bundles Daily

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In the first Telenor voice bundle, you get 10 minutes for International calling at PKR 16 daily. Suppose you need more than 10 minutes for a call in a day. Now, what can you do? 

You can subscribe to the Telenor Daily International Voice Bundle in a day. That’s how you double the offered resources. However, for better resources, look at the weekly voice bundle. 

Telenor Weekly International Voice Bundle

Telenor Weekly International Voice Bundles

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Telenor Weekly international voice bundle provides you with 70 calling minutes per week. Telenor also allows you to subscribe to the offer doubles in a day. But, if you talk for 10 minutes to foreign people, then its offer is also fair. You don’t need to subscribe to it multiple times. 

However, for long-term calling, subscribe to this offer. You have two options. First, subscribe to multiple, and second, look at the monthly voice bundle because it contains enough calling minutes to complete your needs.

Telenor Monthly International Voice Bundle

Telenor Monthly International Voice Bundles

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As you see in the above para, this monthly Telenor International voice bundle provides you with the best resources. So, you get 300 calling minutes for PKR 350. 

For International calling, it’s a fair resource for you. I recommend you subscribe to this offer if you have a budget. Dial *345*9# for a subscription.

Telenor UK, USA And Canada International Call Packages

Telenor UK, USA, Canada Call Packages

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Telenor became a brand quickly, and the reason for this is that it provided all countries with the best and most valuable offers to their customers. That’s why here, in the above table, I provide you with the Telenor Call Package for the UK, USA, and Canada for International calling.

Now, this offer doesn’t contain any validity. Because Telenor charges you per minute payment for it, understand this; for example, when your recharge ends, your offer ends. For instance, you need to call for half an hour.  

Telenor charges you 4.99=5 PKR for every 15 minutes of calling. So, it would help if you recharged your sim at least 50 PKR for a half hour of calling.

But Telenor and all other telecom networks allow you to recharge a minimum of 80 PKR. To see the terms and conditions of Telenor Packages, activate it by dialling 999 before you use any International number.

Telenor Afghanistan Call Package

Telenor Afghanistan Call Packages

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As you know, there are a lot of people from Afghanistan who live in Pakistan. That’s why Telenor launched a separate call offer for them. You will be charged PKR 14 for every 20 seconds of calling. For activation, recharge and then dial 111 before the number. 

Suppose you think it’s too much of a charge to call Afghanistan and from it to another country. Then, go with other options for calling, like WhatsApp or IMO. 

Telenor Saudi Arabia Call Packages

Telenor Saudi Arabia Call Packages

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We have 2 Telenor Saudi Arabia offers. Both offers are good, but the second offer has low prices and the same resources. That’s why I recommend you to go with it only If you are from Saudi Arabia or want to call in this country. 

In the first Telenor International Call Package for Saudi Arabia, you get 20 seconds of calling at 4.85. In the second, you get 3.8/20-second calling rates. So, for subscribing to this second offer, Dial 111 before the number of KSA.

Telenor UAE Call Package

Telenor UAE Call Packages

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In the last Telenor International Call Package, Telenor introduces us to the offer for those who want to call in the UAE. You have charged 6.2 PKR every 20 seconds for International calling. The prices are high. 

But don’t worry; many more options exist for calling internationally in UAE and from UAE to Pakistan. You have a lot of social platforms like WhatsApp, IMO, and Botim app for calling. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, go with this offer. First, recharge your sim and then dial 111 before entering UAE numbers.

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor International Call Packages

  • These offers are separate for every country. Check your country name before subscription.
  • You will be allowed to subscribe twice a day.
  • Don’t use International calling offers over minutes. Otherwise, you will be charged more per minute or second separately in your recharge.


For international calling, Telenor provides us with many options like their International call packages, IMO packages, and many more. But, if you don’t want to use data and want to talk to your friends on call, then go with these Telenor voice bundles, weekly and monthly offers. You get all the details of it above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of ways to subscribe to it. You can also subscribe to it through its website or by dialling different codes according to other offers.

You will be able to call it through Telenor UAE Packages.

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