Jazz International Roaming Packages

Jazz International Roaming Packages

You want to visit abroad, but internet packages and new sims are costly. If you are a Jazz user and wish to use it abroad, these Jazz international roaming offers are for you.

Like other Jazz Packages, I provide these Jazz data roaming offers in daily, weekly, and monthly validities. Let’s look at these valuable offers.

Jazz International Roaming

Before we look at international Romain offers by Jazz, we must know in which countries Jazz provides its data roaming offers. You need to learn this and go to a country where Jazz doesn’t offer services, or else you face a massive loss. 

Let’s see those countries. Jazz provides roaming services in Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Nepal, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK and Ukraine.

USA, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iraq, and Ireland are also included in it.

Jazz Data Roaming Packages

Jazz Data Roaming Packages

Jazz has introduced its 6 data roaming bundles. You can subscribe to these bundles in the countries provided to me. Currently, there are some differences between postpaid and prepaid users when they are going to subscribe to these offers. 

Postpaid users can subscribe to this offer by calling 777. However, prepaid Jazz users can subscribe by dialling *7626#. You can also see the status of these Jazz roaming bundles through this code *2222#. Let’s go daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz international roaming bundles.

Jazz Daily Data Roaming Packages

Jazz Daily Data Roaming Packages

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So, as you see in the table, you get 100 MBs of data in PKR 358 for a day. I know it’s more expensive than simple Jazz Internet Packages. But, comparing this to any international package, you see it’s a very fair price.

If 100 MBs of Data is not enough for you in a day, then Jazz allows you to subscribe to it multiple times daily. And we also need this offer numerous times. As we know, more than 100 MBs of Data is needed abroad or in Pakistan. 

So, above, I have clarified the resources of Jazz’s daily data roaming bundle. Let’s come to the subscription point. The way is simple and similar to the other Jazz offerings. 

You need to enter the subscription code. But remember, activate it if you are from the countries I mentioned at the start of this blog. Otherwise, you lose your money.

Jazz Weekly Data Roaming Packages

Jazz Weekly Data Roaming Packages

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Jazz provides two weekly Jazz International roaming packages. Both are valuable according to different types of users’ requirements. If you agree to use half GB in one week, subscribe to a simple weekly data romain bundle offering 500 MBs of Data in RS 1792. 

If you thought 500 MBs was less than a second. But with better resources, you also need a better budget. In this, you get 1 GB of data in PKR 2987. The subscription codes of both offers are slightly different. Look at this in a table.

Jazz Monthly Data Roaming Packages

Jazz Monthly Data Roaming Packages

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In Jazz’s one-month international roaming offer, you get 3 GB of data at RS 6572. 3 GB data is enough for those Jazz users who have not used too much data. However, if you use less data, you must avail of multiple subscription options at double prices.

Jazz 3 Months Data Roaming Offers

Jazz 3 Months Data Roaming Packages

In Jazz’s 3-month data roaming offer, you get the same 5 GB data as its monthly offer. But the price of it is double. You get it for RS 10,157. Consider this for a subscription if you want a more extended validation offer and fewer resource requirements.

Jazz Saudi Arabia International Roaming Package

Jazz Saudi Arabia Data Roaming Packages

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Jazz provides 5 GB of Data for Saudi people only in this offer. If you are from Saudi Arabia, forget the above Jazz International Data roaming offers and go with this because it’s recommended from our side. 

The reason for preferring this offer is its price. Because you get 5 GB for just PKR 2000 plus tax, if you explore the above offers and see this price and resources, you understand why I prefer this one. 

For activation, you have two subscription codes. The first is *ROAM#, and the second is *7626#.

Terms And Conditions Of Jazz Data Roaming Bundles

  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • If you have activated these offers regularly. Jazz provides you with 5000 PKR credit for a subscription.
  • All offers are available for limited countries, which I delivered at the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *2222# and check the status.

The best way is to do it with subscription code.

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