Ufone Facebook Packages

Ufone Facebook Packages

We know many users want to use social media platforms, and they like Facebook very much. Therefore, Ufone introduced their separate Ufone Facebook packages in which you can enjoy Facebook only. 

The user who doesn’t have money to do a All Ufone internet packages and wants to use only  Facebook can subscribe to this package because these packages are special for such users.

Ufone Daily Facebook Package

Ufone Daily Facebook Packages

I have brought the Ufone daily Facebook package for users interested in a day Facebook offer.

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As I tell you, Ufone provides cheap Facebook offers. So above is the first offer for you. You can access Facebook for only PKR 14 per day. 

And you have enjoyed 1 GB of Data. If you are a proper Facebook user, you also know the importance of 2G for 1 day. Understand this: some of your MBs remain if you use Facebook unlimited for 15-20 hours. So that’s the best daily Facebook offer for you. 

You can utilize this 1 GB of Data for Facebook by growing your business. Do you also grow your business through Facebook? Some people only know Facebook for posting and watching videos. But they don’t know that they have learned a lot of money through Facebook by making their own channel and joining groups related to their skills. 

So, subscribe to this offer if you wish to explore Facebook as a business. And explore this platform for a day. Otherwise, see the next one if you look at Facebook for enjoyment posting and want a longer validity offer. 

Ufone Weekly Facebook Package

Ufone Weekly Facebook Packages

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In this weekly Ufone Facebook package, you get 2000 MBs for a week in RS 130. Suppose you are working in your office or using Facebook for time spent watching videos or news. Then this offer is a good option for you. 

After activating the Weekly Ufone Facebook Package, you can post your videos and images and create a channel on Fb. If you are working on your or your father’s shop and the business you can do is like accessories or mobile buy and selling. Then, you can get a massive income from Facebook after using this offer. 

The question that comes to your mind is, how can we do this? You need to take a picture of your product from your Android or iOS phone and then go to the Facebook marketplace. After that, upload those pictures on the marketplace and also write the complete details of your product within a post. 

After some time, you will see if you post quality products at a fair price, then you will get many orders from the FB marketplace. So, with the Ufone weekly Facebook offer, I also provided you with a way to earn and grow your business with the help of Facebook.

Monthly Ufone Facebook Package

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It is the best Ufone Monthly Social Offer in which you have enjoyed Facebook only 100 RS for a month. The resource provided by this package is 6 GB of Data. 

This Monthly Ufone Facebook package is better than the above two packages. The reason is that the recharge required for this offer needs to be higher. Ufone Weekly Facebook offer provides you 2 GB of Data for PKR 130, while this offer only provides you 6 GB per month for PKR 100. 

That’s why I tell you that this Ufone Monthly Facebook offer is more beneficial for you. You can utilize this Monthly offer for many things. I already shared the ideas on how you can utilize FB packages; I already shared them above.

Terms And Condition Of Ufone Facebook Offer

  • You can subscribe to this Ufone Facebook Package multiple times. 
  • After multiple subscriptions to any Ufone offer, Ufone doubles your resources.
  • These offers are for all Pakistan. There is no specific city target in these offers. 
  • You can not use other social media platforms except Facebook after subscription.
  • Ufone does not auto-subscribe your Facebook offers. 
  • You must subscribe to this offer on any backward or 4g areas. 


Explore all Facebook packages by Ufone above and choose the right offer. If you need clarification regarding the offer, our suggestions are in a separate paragraph below every table. I hope you take benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *706# to check all remaining resources. 

You must pay RS 2.6 per MB if you use more data than your limit.

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