Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages

You have proper internet users and want the best Ufone internet packages. Don’t worry; I have brought you the best internet packages. 

As you know, Ufone is one of the largest telecommunication brands in Pakistan, starting in 2001. After that year, Ufone grew very fast and made its name.

Most people like these internet packages due to their low prices. I have given you Ufone internet packages below in three tables, which are based on Daily, weekly and monthly.

So, If you want an Ufone calling or sms package then visit ALL Ufone Call Packages packages and Ufone SMS packages. Let’s move on and enjoy our latest best internet packages.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

If you have less internet usage and want to subscribe to Ufone’s daily internet packages, these are for you. I have given All the best Ufone daily internet packages below. Hope you will like these packages. 

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

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These are all the best and most exciting Ufone Internet Packages daily, which I have given you above. I have given you all types of packages above. 

Ufone Daily SMS Packages Which Are Good For You

Ufone Daily Best Internet Packages

The first best package which I like is the Ufone Daily Snapchat offer. This offer is only for Snapchat users only.

This offer contains 100 MBs of internet. And 100 MBs of the internet is enough for one day because Snapchat does not consume the internet too much.

All users who can see this are subscribed to this package because it’s free. Snapchat offer subscription code is  *7627#. 

I have also brought the daily ufone internet packages  for gamers, especially for Pubg and free fire users. You know these two games are very popular all over the world. Therefore, I brought these packages for you. 

Pubg and the free offer which I have given you above is at a very low price. So, if you’re a pubg and free fire lover, you must see the Ufone internet package details above. 

If we talk about all internet usage’s best offers, then this is only the Ufone Daily Mega internet offer. You will enjoy 2 GB of internet on this offer for one day. The subscription code of Daily mega offer is *550#. 

So, if you need the internet for one day, this offer is best for you. I have also provided the subscription code for this package above.

Do you know?

Ufone also provides a Daily heavy internet offer for only RS 18 per day. Let’s discuss the 

details of this package.

This package contains 500 MBs of internet only for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. For subscribing to this offer kindly dial *2258#. 

 If you don’t want to subscribe with a subscription code, then install the “My Ufone” App and search for the package name in the app and subscribe to the package.

Dial *706# for details . Now we move to our next category, “Ufone weekly internet packages.”

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone weekly internet packages are for those people who have hesitated to subscribe to packages daily. Ufone provides many Ufone internet packages for a week at a low price. 

Ufone always works hard to fulfil its users’ requirements. Therefore it provides all types of  Ufone internet packages. The “Ufone Super Weekly Internet” Package is one of them. 

Ufone provides 1 GB of data weekly in this package, including 24 extra MBs in just 100 PKR. This package is for fewer internet users. 1 GB of data is not enough for one week.

Therefore, the offer is only for a few internet users.Super weekly internet packages subscription code is *220#. Now explore the best Ufone internet packages weekly  below. 

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

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Weekly Most Valuable Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Best Weekly Internet Packages

Let’s talk about which Ufone internet package is valuable for you. As you know, I give you different packages like all in one, Snapchat, tiktok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pubg, Free Fire etc. 

Explore my recommended packages and choose which meets your requirements. Let’s talk about some valuable packages. 

When discussing Valuable packages, Ufone’s “Sab sa Bari Offer” and “Sab sa Bari Offer Plus” are the first and most popular ones. These two offers were introduced by Ufone almost one year ago.

And people like these offers very much. Therefore, it’s now the most popular offer introduced by Ufone. In this offer, you will enjoy  25 GBs of internet, including 5000 U to U calling minutes and 150 Other network minutes. The subscription code of Ufone Sab sa bari offer is *7777#. 

And In the Ufone Sab Se Bari Plus offer, you will enjoy 40 GBs of internet, including 5000 U to U calling and PTCL minutes and 250 Other network minutes. If you want to subscribe to Ufone Sab sa Bari plus offer visit your Easypaisa App and subscribe to this package. 

It means these two offers have all-in-one offers. You can enjoy all things on this offer. So, if you have less internet usage, then subscribe first. And if you have huge internet usage, then subscribe plus offer. If you want to subscribe to these offers, kindly see the subscription code above and subscribe to the package. 

Now, let’s talk about more offers. I have brought you an amazing internet package if you want internet for a few hours, especially after midnight. 

This package contains 20 GBs of the internet from 1 AM-9 AM.  For subscribing to the internet max offer kindly Dial *2570#. 

And the price of this Ufone internet package is also very low. You will enjoy 20 GBs of data only in 120 RS. So, why are you waiting? If you have internet users who need the internet only for a few hours, then this package is best for you. 

If you are Pubg and free fire users and want to play only these games, the two offers I provide above are best for you. You will enjoy 5 GBS nonstop Pubg and Free Fire in these offers. 

So, if you want to play Pubg, subscribe to the Weekly Pubg offer. And if you want to play free fire, subscribe to the Weekly free fire offer. All the details and subscription codes are provided in the table above. 

As you know, Snack Video and TIkTok are two famous platforms. Most people like these two platforms. Therefore Ufone introduced Separate packages for both Social Platforms.

So if you’re a user of these two platforms, see the details above of these two packages and subscribe to the packages. 

And if you want to use only youtube, subscribe to the weekly youtube offer, and you can get 5 GBs data only for 120 RS. Ufone weekly youtube offer subscription code is  *5883#. 

Suppose you’re a proper internet user and want the internet only for a week. Then you have to subscribe to the “weekly internet max offer”. 

In this offer, you will get 20 GBs of flat data for a week at 350 RS. For activation, see the weekly internet package tables above. *5883# is the subscription code of this package. 

Let’s explore Ufone Monthly Internet Packages. 

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone Monthly internet packages are for those users who want internet for a month. People like Monthly internet packages due to their longer validity.

If you don’t want to subscribe to a package daily or weekly, then Ufone Monthly Internet Packages is for you.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

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Best Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone Most Valuable Monthly Internet Packages

Let me tell you the most valuable Ufone internet packages monthly  in the above packages if you’re a proper internet user and want complete access to social media platforms. 

Then the Monthly Super Internet Package is for you. This package contains 18 GB of data in 550 RS. But you can use 9 GBs out of 18 GBs of data between 1 am-9 am. 

You can use 9 GBs monthly and 9GBs for a given time phrase. The subscription code of this offer is *290#. 

If you have managed 9GBs for a month, subscribe to the package. Otherwise, I will tell you about another monthly package which contains more data. 

Suppose that 9 GBs for a month and 9 GBs for a limited time is not enough for you. Then, don’t worry; I have brought another monthly internet package for you named Ufone Monthly heavy internet package. 

In this package, you can get 30 GB of data. 15 Gbs monthly and 15 GBs between 1 am-9 am. So, you can enjoy 15 GBs for a month and 15 GBs for a limited time. And this is enough for a month. If you are interested to subscribe this package Dia this subscription code  *310#. 

Now, I will tell you about more packages in the details above, so if you’re a pubg and free fire user and want to play only these games. Then, subscribe to the Monthly Pubg and free fire offers.

If you have only Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter users, subscribe to these offers in the above packages. 

Do you know?

Ufone also provides Monthly  Light internet Packages for fewer internet users. In this package, you can get 2 GB of data monthly.

You can use these 2 GBs only for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. To activate this package, you need 390 recharge in your sim. After recharge, open your mobile dial pad, dial *7807#, and enjoy the package.

New Offer By Ufone

All the above packages are the best Ufone monthly internet packages. Let me tell you about the new offers in the above packages, which Ufone introduced. The above offers, newly introduced by Ufone, are given below.

  • Ufone Social Champion offer
  • Ufone Monthly Pubg package
  • Ufone Monthly Free fire package
  • Social Hero Offer

All the details of these new offers are mentioned above in the tables.

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone Internet Packages

  • All Ufone Internet Packages are for prepaid SIM users. Suppose you use a postpaid Ufone SIM. Go to your nearest Ufone franchise and convert your sim to prepaid. Because Ufone launches every month precious offers for prepaid users.
  • The prices of Ufone Internet offers are above in a table, including tax.
  • When you call on WhatsApp to your friend, your package resources will be consumed.
  • If your offer expires, you will be charged per MB in your sim.


In Ufone Internet Packages, I provide you with all the details of internet packages and offer you these details with a subscription code.

You need to choose your favorite package and, after that, recharge your sim and dial the subscription code, and your parcel will be activated. Do you have any questions related to Ufone Internet Packages? If you have, leave a comment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *780*3#; after that, you will receive a notification, or your Ufone Sim number will be shown when you dial this code.

Dial *456# and take the advance loan. 

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