Telenor 3 Days Internet Packages

Telenor 3 Days Internet Packages

Telenor 3 days internet packages are for those people who want a box for three days.  Below I have given you all the best Telenor 3 days Internet packages and Call packages with details and recommendations.

Telenor 3 days packages

Telenor 3 Day Super Package

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This Telenor super package provides 1 lac calling minutes which is too much for three days. You can use these calling minutes for three days, excluding the time of 7 pm-10 pm a day. 

This package price is 34, and the activation code is *345*299#.

Telenor 3 Day Din Bahar Package

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If you’re a user who wants a significant amount of calling minutes for a limited time in a day for three days, then this offer is a good choice. This offer price is also fair. 

In this offer, you can access or use the calling minutes between 6 am- 6 pm. If you want to activate this offer, see the activation code above in the table.

Telenor 3 Day Super Plus Package

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This package provides you unlimited on-net calling minutes. This offer is for all Telenor 3g and 4g users. The subscription code of this 3-Day package is *030#. 

Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer

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This Telenor 3-Day call package voice offer provides on-net calling minutes with some Mbs of data. So, if this offer completes your requirements, then subscribe to it. I hope you have already seen all the details of this package above. 

Telenor All In One 3 Day Offer

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As you see, every telecom network provides some popular offer in every validity. Telenor, 3 Days all in one offer is one of them.

This offer provides you with all resources for three days. After activating this 3-day offer, you can enjoy 150 MBs of Data, 150-on net calling minutes, and 150 SMS, including 15 of-net calling minutes. For activation, Dial this code *345*210#.

Telenor 3 Days Internet Package Plus 

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This plus package is for those with a reasonable budget and who want all resources in a good amount. 

In this plus package, you can get 300 on-net calling minutes, 25 off-net calling minutes, and 300 MBs and SMS. 3 Day Plus package activation code is *345*91#.

Telenor 3 Day Hybrid Package

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Telenor 3-day hybrid package provides you with the same resources as Telenor 3 day offer. So these packages’ prices are also the same, but the subscription code differs. Now, it’s your choice to subscribe to this offer or not.

Telenor 3 Day Sahulat Bundle

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Most Valuable Telenor 3 Days Internet Packages

Telenor Most Valuable 3 Days Internet Packages

Telenor provides a lot of 3-day call packages containing a wide range of resources. Of these packages, the most valuable package for you is the 3-Day Sahulat bundle Telenor. 

In this Telenor call package, you can get 250 Telenor to Telenor calling minutes and 24 of-net calling minutes, including 250 SMS and 50 Mbs data in PKR 52. So, this offer contains all resources and a good amount of calling minutes. 

Therefore, I recommend this offer to you. Sahulat 3 Day bundle subscription code is *5*3#. 

The following valuable package for you is the 3-Day Telenor Super package. This package does not provide you with any other network calling minutes. 

So keep this point in mind when you subscribe to this package. The subscription code of this offer is *345*299#. The super package provides 100000 on-net calling minutes for three days in PKR 34.


Telenor 3 Days internet Packages are given above with the name of some best out of all packages. Now, this is up to you which package can fulfill your requirements and what you choose. I

f you have any problem related to Telenor packages or other services, see the frequently asked question below or reach us out through email, which is mentioned in the footer of this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to subscribe to the Telenor 3 days internet package, you need a recharge of RS 50 in your sim. The actual price of this package is PKR 50.

Dial *999# and check your remaining MBs. You can also check the remaining MBs through Telenor Official APP.

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