Telenor Device Packages

Telenor Internet Device packages

Telenor device packages allow you to use the internet for a whole day. It’s mainly for those Telenor users who need data every time as wifi. And especially, it’s very beneficial for multiple users. 

Telenor provided these offers with monthly or 90-day validity. The price of these offers is also high; in return, the resources you get are also high. That’s why I tell you it’s better to go with these offers if you are more than one user.

Otherwise, for single users, Telenor Internet Packages are best. Below, you get all devices, including 3g single and 4g single packages by Telenor.

Telenor Internet Device Packages Details

Telenor Internet Device Packages Details

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Telenor Internet Device And Wingle Packages Which Are Best For You

Telenor Most Valuable Internet Device Package

As you can see above, we have a lot of Telenor device packages based on one month. And we have one Telenor internet device for three months. Let me start the suggestion of this offer to you from a three-month offer. 

The Telenor 3-month device package provides 108 GB of Data for three months for PKR 4000. But Telenor allows you to use 36 GB per month, which is also enough for 4 to 5 users. However, if you have more than five users, you need to go with that offer, which provides better resources. 

Now, after looking at this Telenor 3-month device package, one question comes to mind, and it also comes to yours. The question is: is this offer valuable at this price? 

So, the answer is yes. Because 108 GB of data is good in RS 4000, it’s your choice to choose it or not after seeing your budget and needs. Let’s discuss the leading offers that most Telenor users want to know about. Our suggestion is Telenor monthly device packages. 

If we start monthly Telenor device packages, the first offer I suggest is for those with less data usage, requirements, and budget. If you are one of those users, then the Telenor monthly starter offer is for you. 

In this, you get 15 GB of Data in just PKR 750. And it’s a very fair price. The user who wants to subscribe to any month’s data offers their budget must be above 500 to 1000. Because, under this budget, you don’t get any reasonable data offers. For a subscription to the monthly starter offer, dial *345*2002#. 

I suggest the following package for users who can afford an average device package and need better resources. For such users, Telenor monthly innovative bundles are best. 

It offers you 75 GB of Data for a whole month. And 75 GB data for a limited time in a day for a month. And the time is from 1 am to 7 am. And you can subscribe to this offer at the price of PKR 2500. 

After seeing the resources of this package, I wonder how Telenor provides you those resources in such a low amount? Then, I realized I told you before that Telenor cares about its customers. That’s why giving high resources in low amounts is also possible. 

If you are considering subscribing to this offer and it’s according to your budget and needs, go with it by Dialing the code *345* 1002 #. 

My 3rd and 4th suggested Telenor device packages are for those with the best budget and who need a lot of resources. The 3rd offer is the Telenor 4g monthly valuable offer, one of the favorites. 

The monthly valuable offer provides 150 GB of flat data for just PKR 3800 for a month. There is no time limit or restriction in it. That’s why it’s my favorite package, which is fair according to resources and budget. For activation, dial *345*1004#. Remember, it’s a limited offer by Telenor. 

The 4th and last suggestion is for those who need more than 200 GB of flat data for a month. If you are one of those users, go with a 4g monthly unlimited offer. You get 275 GB of flat data in it at PKR 6000. 

I suggest you only go with this offer if you are at least five users. However, if you have over eight users, this offer is somewhere for you. For subscription, Dial *345*1004#.

Telenor Internet Device Packages Details

Telenor 3g wingle 3months device offer

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Do you live in such an area that doesn’t provide you with 4G internet speed? As we see in most areas of Pakistan, 4G internet is running well. But some backward areas in Pakistan need to run better. 

So, the users of that area want to avoid subscribing to the 4G offer and wasting its money. Because they paid for 4g and used 3g, Telenor introduced the 3g offer in which you get 30 GB of Data for three months for just PKR 1600. Dial *345*2004# for activation.

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor Device Package

  • You can recharge this offer by load or through the nearest Telenor franchise.
  • Telenor 3g device package provides you with 3g data only. So, don’t subscribe after seeing the low price of it. Also, look at your area before subscription.


Above, you get all Telenor Device package details with subscription code and resources. You need to choose the best Telenor internet device package according to your requirements. And your requirements depend on your budget and the resources you need. Before subscription, also look at the users who use your data through Telenor devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get it from your nearest Telenor franchise.

Multiple users can use a long 1500 mAh battery that runs for more than a week on a single charge, a feature of Telenor internet device packages.

After purchasing it, you need to recharge it, plug it into your PC, and use Telenor internet at the fastest speed. However, its main feature is that it supports up to 10 mobile devices or users, the same as internet devices.

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