Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages

In Telenor call packages, I have provided you with daily, weekly, monthly and other call packages.

I know every person wants to talk with their friends or family who live in another area, city or country. Therefore, I have found the best Telenor call packages for you. Their SMS packages are also best for usage.

Telenor Hourly Call Packages

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In this Telenor call package, you can get unlimited on-net calling minutes with 250 MBs data only in PKR 6 for 2 hours.

So, if your requirements are that you want the internet for some hours, this is a recommended package for you. Dial *345*20# for a subscription.

Telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor Daily Call Packages

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Telenor Daily Call Packages Which Are Valuable For You

Telenor Daily Best Call Packages

There are two packages in Telenor daily call packages. Both Telenor call packages are made according to users’ needs. Let me tell you about these packages in detail. 

The First Package is Full day Telenor package which contains unlimited Telenor to Telenor calling minutes and 50 MBs data for all usage, including 100 MBs data separate for WhatsApp in PKR 13. But this package does not provide other network calling minutes.

While on the other side, the second package contains 20 all other network minutes only for a whole day for PKR 0.80. 

The subscription code of the first package is *5*250#, and the second package Super load offer Telenor is *5*100#. 

My recommendation is if you want only on-net calling minutes and don’t need any other network calling minutes. 

Then the first Full day Telenor package is the best choice for you because it contains unlimited Telenor to Telenor calling minutes, including some MBs of Data. 

And, If you need Other network calling minutes, you need to go with the second package. The price and resources are both fair in this package. So, subscribe to these packages according to your requirements.

You can use this 3-day super package for a week. But you can’t use this package from 7 Pm-10 Pm in a day. 

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

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Telenor Weekly Call Packages Which Are Best For You

Telenor Best Weekly Call Packages

My first recommended weekly Telenor call package is for those users who want on-net calling minutes for a limited time in a day. 

Haftwar off-peak provides you Unlimited on-net calling minutes from 12 am-7 pm a day for PKR 50 for a week. Haftwar off-peak offer subscription code is *978#.

Do you need both on-net and other network calling minutes? Don’t worry. Let me provide you with another valuable offer. 

Telenor weekly internet all-in-one offer is the package which provides you both calling minutes with some Data. 

In this Telenor weekly call package, you can enjoy 100 on-net calling minutes, 500 other network calling minutes, and 1.5 GB of Data for PKR 130 weekly. The subscription code of this offer is *345*75#. 

The last valuable package in the above table is the Weekly easy card extreme. Every user likes this offer, but not everyone can afford this offer. 

So, if you have a budget, this is the best package. In this weekly easy card, you can use 7500 on-net minutes and 200 other network calling minutes. You can also enjoy 40 GB of Data; in this 40 GB, you can use 20 GB from 1 AM – 11 AM and 7500 of all network SMS in this offer. 

This offer is available for PKR 300. And the subscription code of this offer is *345*67#.

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

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Most Valuable Monthly Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Best Monthly Call Packages

In these monthly Telenor Call packages, the most valuable package for you in price and resources are monthly easy cards 1000. 

After subscribing to Telenor monthly easy card 1000, you can get 10,000 on-net calling minutes and 600 other network calling minutes, including 18 GB of Data for all usage. You can also get an additional 18 Gb of Data for a limited time from 1 AM-11 AM in this offer. 

Dial this *708# to subscribe to this weekly easy card.

Telenor Monthly SIM Lagao Offer

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Telenor Monthly First Free Call Offer

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In this Monthly first call offer, you can enjoy the first call daily for a month. The price of this offer is PKR 10, and you can get unlimited on-net calling minutes. If you want to activate this offer, Dial *326#.

Terms And Condition Of Telenor Call Packages

  • Telenor Call packages don’t have any call setup charges.
  • Dial *123# to check free resources by Telenor.
  • Telenor changes its call packages at any time.
  • You don’t be able to re-subscribe the package with in validity time.
  • Telenor Call packages are given in a table, including with tax.


As you know, In Telenor Call Packages, I have provided all packages in table form. So these packages are enough for choosing the best package which meets the user’s requirements.

With these call packages, I have also mentioned the name of some best Telenor call packages, so these names are more helpful for you to choose the right package. Still, do you have any more questions? Feel free to leave a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The call setup charges are less than a half rupee PKR. Telenor almost cuts 13 paise for every call setup. 

This Package is automatically unsubscribed when the validity of this offer is completed. 

All Telenor prepaid users are eligible to subscribe to this offer. 

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