Telenor International Roaming Packages

Telenor International Roaming Packages

Here, I bring Telenor International roaming packages for you the same as I provide you with other telecom brands International roaming packages. After exploring or subscribing to these offers, you will be able to call anywhere in the world through Telenor sim. Let’s look at these IR offers. 

Telenor Prepaid International Roaming Packages

Below, International roaming offers by Telenor are for prepaid Telenor users. If you are in another country and using a Telenor prepaid sim, then look at these offers, choose the best one, and activate it.

Telenor Prepaid International Roaming Packages

Telenor Saudi Arabia IR Package

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If you are from Saudi Arabia and using Telenor sim, then this is the only good offer for you provided by Telenor for Saudi people. In this, you get 1000 MBs of Data, with 30 calling minutes and SMS. It means you can enjoy all resources in this offer after a subscription for PKR 799.

You will be able to use data internationally on Telenor sim, and you can also call worldwide for 30 minutes. You will be able to send SMS to any country from Saudi Arabia through this offer. So, overall, it’s a good Telenor Package for Saudi Arabian people.

Telenor Prepaid UAE, Qatar, & Oman IR Package

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It’s a Telenor International roaming offer for 3 countries. Telenor UAE, Qatar and Oman users are allowed to subscribe to this package. You get this package in PKR 1499. Telenor provides you with 1 GB of Data with 100 international calling minutes and SMS.

You get all the above resources for a month. And 1499 is a fair price for any International package. However, if you only want to call minutes, then look at the Telenor International Call Packages.

Global International Roaming Package By Telenor

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The above Telenor offers I have explored are for specific countries. Now, this offer is for all countries. But, due to the global International roaming package by Telenor, the price of it is also high. So, you should subscribe to your country’s offer instead. 

However, If you are from a country in which Telenor has not introduced its separate IR bundles, then look at this offer. 

In the Global Telenor International roaming offer, you get 1GB Data, 20 calling minutes and 20 SMS in PKR 2999=3k PKR. So, if, according to the given resources, the price of this offer is high as compared to the target country’s offer. 

USA, UK, AUS & Turkey Data Roaming Package

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If you want to use only the internet on Telenor Sim in the USA, UK, Australia or Turkey, then you need to look at this offer. Because, in this package you get only 1 GB Data in RS 1499 for a month. We also called this package a Telenor Data roaming offer.

Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Turkey Data Roaming Bundle

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Here is another Telenor data roaming offer for Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Turkey peoples. It’s the best and recommended offer from my side if you are from these countries and want to use the internet only. 

Do you recommend this Telenor IR Offer? The only reason I like this offer is its low price and good resources. If you look at the offer above, you get 1 GB of Data for 1499 PKR. 

But, In this offer you get 3 GB Data at the same price for a month. That’s why I tell you it’s the best option for you to subscribe.

Mini US, UK, AUS & Turkey Data Roaming Bundle

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Now, we come to low prices and fewer resources offered. These offers are for specific people. I know that many of you people are those who don’t afford the high price offers and your resources needs are also less. 

So, this mini Telenor International roaming bundle is for you. Suppose you are from the US, UK, AUS or Turkey. You get 100 MBs of Data for a month in PKR 399. I also know that 100 MBs of Data is not enough for a month. But, you also utilise it by using less internet, like using some social apps or WhatsApp etc.

Mini Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Turkey Data Roaming Package

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If you have less budget and fewer requirements and you are from Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey or Singapore, then you need to look at this offer. In this, you get 100 MBs of Data in RS 399 for a month, the same as the above offer, which is from different countries.

Telenor Postpaid International Roaming Packages

If you are using a postpaid sim of Telenor then below is the only offer which is for you. But, I recommend you convert your sim to prepaid to prevent the high price offers. Telenor introduced one global offer for their postpaid users, whose price is very high. Let’s look at this global package.

Telenor Postpaid International Roaming Packages

In this Global Postpaid offer by Telenor, you get 1500 MBs of internet, 30 minutes for international calling and 30 SMS for PKR 7499 RS. After seeing the price and resources of this postpaid offer, I hope you will understand why I am telling you to become a prepaid Telenor user.

The resources which you get in this offer are PKR 7499 in postpaid sim. The same resources you get in prepaid sim in less than 2k PKR. Now, it’s your choice to choose the best for you.

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor International Roaming Packages

  • The subscription code of all Telenor IR Packages is the same, which is *709#.
  • Telenor doesn’t allow you to subscribe to IR bundles multiple times.
  • Subscribe to the offer after seeing your country in the offer name. If you subscribe to the wrong offer, Telenor doesn’t refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Telenor introduced one global package for their postpaid users.

Dial *709#, and then many offers will appear on your screen. Then, you need to choose the name of the offer which you want and then subscribe to it.

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