Telenor IMO Packages

Telenor IMO Packages

Do you want to call in foreign countries to your colleagues, neighbours or your friends? If you wish to, these Telenor IMO Packages are specially for you. We provide you with these IMO packages according to different validities and requirements in Telenor social packages.

Telenor Daily IMO Packages

Telenor Daily IMO Packages

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You get 1.5 GB in Telenor Daily IMO Offer. You don’t be able to use Telenor Facebook and Telenor WhatsApp in it’s IMO offers. This offer is helpful for which users? This daily IMO offer is beneficial if you want to call in foreign countries from midnight to afternoon. 

Suppose you are freelancing and want to talk to your foreign clients. In that case, this offer is more beneficial for you because most foreign click who live in the USA talk after midnight because there is a timing difference between Pakistan and America. So, if you are doing freelancing or any online work. You better know about this. 

I only tell the freelancers to explain the benefits of Daily Telenor IMO Packages. For Example, If your meeting is scheduled with the client for a specific date. Then subscribe to this offer on that date and enjoy this package for only PKR 18. Dial *150# to subscribe to Telenor Daily IMO Packages.

Telenor Weekly IMO Packages

Telenor Weekly IMO Packages

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It’s a weekly Telenor IMO package with no time restriction for a week. It’s the best-ever Telenor Weekly IMO offer. I feel you are smiling after seeing this offer’s resources and price. 

I realise you are happy because you get 30 GB Telenor Internet for IMO in only PKR 50. We don’t call this package only best. We tell this best, cheapest and most valuable Telenor IMO package. 

See any Telecom network. No one provided 30 GB in only PKR 50 for a week. It’s only Telenor who gives you. So, if you are a Telenor user and want an IMHO package, unthinkingly subscribe to this. It’s enough for any calling requirements. It’s recommended from my side. 

Telenor Monthly IMO Packages

Telenor Monthly IMO Packages

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Now, if you are looking for the cheapest Monthly Telenor IMO package. Congratulations! You got it because the Monthly Telenor IMO package I provide in a table is the lowest-priced offer. How? Let’s see it!

It only provides 2 GB of Data for a month for PKR 50. So, I see many limited offers which provide you monthly resources in RS 50. Now you must think whether 2 GB of data is enough for using IMO. 

It’s enough if you are using regular. If you can talk to your foreign friend, family or clients for 2 to 3 hours a day, then believe me, it’s good for you. Your resources won’t end if you are using them like this. 

Think about it: if you call a whole day on IMO and attend a meeting. Then, I don’t prefer this offer for you because it’s not for heavy IMO users. Dial *19# for the subscription of Monthly Telenor IMO packages. 

Importance Of Telenor IMO Packages

It is essential for subscribing to IMO packages. Why? Let’s explain with facts, details and reasons. You need Telenor IMO packages to call your clients or family in foreign countries. 

Now, if you don’t subscribe to IMO packages and call manually through your SIM to foreign, you will charge almost PKR more than RS 5 per minute. And if you call through IMO, you talk unlimited according to your resources. You have to pay only the price of the Telenor IMO package. 

So, now see for yourself which one is better. IMO packages are better and take importance for you. So, the main reason and benefit for the subscription to the IMO package is it. 

Terms And Condition Of Telenor IMO Packages

  • Don’t overuse this package. Otherwise, you will charge per MB.
  • Subscribe to Telenor IMO Packages anywhere you want.
  • You get all the resources of this offer after Dialing the subscription code.
  • You can subscribe to these offers through My Telenor App or its official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, As I already ask you, the offer is only available between 12 am to 12 pm. 

Telenor’s weekly IMO offer is better according to the resources and price.

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