Ufone International Roaming Packages

Ufone International Roaming Packages

Do you know? Ufone International Roaming offers are one of the best for foreigners or those who want to talk to their friends or family in foreign. 

Because their prices and resources are both budgeted, let’s look at all UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Turkey, Qatar and Iran data roaming offers by Ufone.

Ufone Prepaid International Roaming Packages

Ufone prepaid data roaming packages

Below, the offers I have provided you are for Ufone Prepaid users. If you are a postpaid user, then you need to scroll and see the postpaid offers only.

However, postpaid users of Ufone are also able to become prepaid users by going to their nearest Ufone franchise. On the other hand I also provide you with simple Ufone Internet Packages on a separate blog.

Ufone Saudi Arabia And UAE Data Roaming Packages

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It is the first bucket offer, which is for two countries. As you see, the name of the country in our first heading is Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. If you are from both countries and want to use the Internet, then it’s one of the best packages for you. 

You got 1 GB of Data in just RS 490. But, if you want to subscribe to this offer by dialling the code, then it’s a little bit changing in this way. Actually, In the previous offer, you dial the code and subscribe to the package. 

But, In this offer, you first need to dial the code, which is *506# and then click on 2 and 3. After doing this, your package will be activated 100 per cent.

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UAE and Saudi Arabia Ufone users must look at this offer. Ufone provides 3 buckets for their prepaid users in this country. It is the second and most subscribed bucket because It provides you with resources of 2.5 GB of Data, which is enough for a normal user who has used some social applications and others. 

If 2500 MBs of Data is not according to your requirements, then you will need to see the last bucket. For the subscription of the second bucket, there is the same way that I mentioned for the first bucket. You need to dial *506# and then 3 and 3.

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It’s the third and last bucket for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Prepaid users. Here, you get 5 GB Data in PKR 2100 RS. Subscribe to the package by dialling *506# and then 3 and 4.

Ufone United Kingdom International Roaming Offers

Same as Ufone Saudi Arabia offers, you get 3 buckets by Ufone If you are from the United Kingdom and using Ufone sim and want to use their internet. Let’s explore these three buckets.

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So, as you see, we have 2 UK Ufone International roaming buckets containing the different resources. After subscription to the first package, you get 500 MBs of data in the RS 490. 

In the second offer you get 1500 MBs internet in PKR 1400. So, if you need 500 Mbs, then go with the first bucket, and if you need 1.5 GB of internet, then go with the second. 

However, for subscription, Dial *506# and then select 2 and again 2 for the first bucket activation. For the second bucket, choose option 3. After selecting 2 remaining, all methods are the same.

Turkey International Roaming Bundle

As you know, many Pakistani people go to Turkey for vacations or to do some work. Therefore, Ufone introduces a separate offer for Turkish people. Same as above countries offer 2 buckets for Ufone Turkish users.

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Did you see above that Turkish offers its resources and prices are the same as the UK offers? But do you concentrate on one thing which changes in both countries’ packages? The thing which changes in both offers is the subscription code.

Every Offer changes in the UK and Turkish every offer. So, be careful when you are doing activation of these offers. You need to subscribe to it carefully. Do you also want a Zong Tukey International bundle offer with it? You also get it by visiting our website.

Qatar And Iraq Data Roaming Packages

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Iraq and Qatar Ufone users will be able to subscribe above 2 offers. First, provide you with 300 MBs Data in RS 490 and second, offer 700 MBs Data in RS 980. Look at the activation code carefully in a table for subscription.

Saudi Arabia And UAE Super Hajj Packages

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We have 2 Saudi Arabia and UAE prepaid International roaming or super hajj offers. The first super data offer provides you with 300 MBs of data in PKR 360 for a month. And the activation code of it is *4880#. 

The second super data roaming offer provides you with 1.5 GB of Data in RS 2100 for a month. Both offers provide you with valuable resources according to their prices. So, choose the Ufone International Roaming package according to your needs. 

Ufone Postpaid International Roaming Packages

All the above International roaming offers by Ufone are for prepaid users. But I know that there are a lot of postpaid users who need the Ufone International roaming packages. That’s why, after a lot of research, I found some amazing Ufone postpaid data roaming packages for you.

Ufone postpaid data roaming packages

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For Ufone postpaid users, you get two offers. One is a mini KSA and UAE mini international roaming package, and the second is mega. But you get 1024 MBs of internet in RS 699. 

The mega KSA and UAE bundle contains 5GB of Data + 96 MBs of internet for a month in RS 2099. Before activation, you also need to look at the valid networks for a subscription.

Ufone Turkey Postpaid Data Roaming Bundles

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Same as above Ufone International Roaming Packages, postpaid turkey offers also contain the same resources at the same prices. But, the permissible network changes in all countries Ufone postpaid data roaming bundles. So, please look at the authorised and permissible network carefully.

Ufone United States Postpaid Data Roaming Bundles

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Let’s talk about which network is valid for US postpaid data roaming packages. Because if we discuss resources, it remains the same as the above offers. So, the valid network for the US is T Mobile.

Gift Ufone Data Roaming Bundle For Saudi Arabia and UAE

Saudi Arabia And UAE Gift Bundle from Ufone

Above mentioned offer in a table is a gift by Ufone for all their users. Ufone provides you with 1GB of Data for just RS 410 plus tax. And the good thing is that this offer is for all prepaid and postpaid users. Dial *5061*Number# for a monthly subscription.

Terms And Condition Of Ufone International Roaming Offers

  • You will be able to activate an International roaming bundle multiple times. 
  • After activation of the offer, you will be able to call anywhere in the world.
  • If you activate the offer multiple times, your resources will be doubled.
  • Postpaid users need to look at the Ufone postpaid data roaming bundles, and prepaid users need to activate prepaid.


Explore all Ufone International roaming bundles above and choose the best according to your country. All offers are very valuable and best budgeted. So, you need to look at every offer in which country you want. Before subscription to Ufone IR Bundles, please also look at the terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ufone provides the best per-second offer for UAE people in which you will be able to do outgoing calls for 0.36 PKR and incoming calls at 0.57 PKR per second.

Ufone introduced a per-second roaming offer for Iraqi people on outgoing calls only at a price of 1.20 PKR.

You can get second International roaming offers in RS 0.36 for outgoing calls. And for incoming calls, you get it at 0.57 PKR per second.

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