Ufone IMO Packages

Ufone IMO Packages

Ufone IMO Packages are for people who want to call their friends or family internationally. These packages are the same as call packages, but the difference is that you can do a call easily on IMO instead of calling manually. 

The International call packages Ufone provides are more expensive than Ufone IMO Packages. So, see the Ufone IMO packages, and after that, we explore more details. 

Ufone Daily IMO Packages

Ufone Daily IMO Packages

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Name Of Best Daily Ufone IMO Offer And Details

The most valuable Ufone Daily IMO offer is the Mega IMO Offer. Because you can get 2GB of Data for a whole day in PKR 20, dial *550# for activation. 

Now, you tell me that there are a lot of offers which provide more resources and at a price than why I recommend the Mega offer. I don’t recommend other offers because these offers are not for a complete day. 

If you need IMO package Ufone IMO Packages for some hours or in the morning to talk to your International friends, then the Ufone Daily Morning IMO offer is recommended. You can get 2 GB of Data in PKR 7 from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

So, you can use this offer for 9 hours. You can easily utilize this to talk unlimited on IMO because 2GB Data for 9 hours is considered unlimited, due to IMO not consuming too much data.

Ufone Weekly IMO Packages

Ufone Weekly IMO Packages

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Names Of Best Ufone Weekly IMO Offer

Let me recommend you to Weekly IMO offer according to different users’ needs. The first offer I must tell you is the Ufone Weekly Max Offer for IMO. You get 25 GB of Data for IMO in only PKR 90 for a week. This offer is amazing for IMO lovers. Because in both angles, it is perfect. If we see the price, it is also fair, and the data is enough. *2570# is the activation code of this offer. 

If your budget needs to be higher, go with the Ufone Weekly IMO Offer. It only provides you with 1.5GB of Data for a week in PKR 10. Now, 1.5 GB of Data is not enough for a week. But that is not true. If you use fair, IMO, then this is enough. Because I already tested this offer. 

Do you want the whole data to be offered for a week? If you need it, the Sab sa bari offer is perfect and popular. You get 40 GB of Data with 5k calling minutes from U to U and 4200 SMS weekly. 

The other all-in-one resource with IMO Offer is Upower with IMO. This Upower offer contains 16 GB of Data. You can access only 8 GB of Data without any restriction of time and the remaining 8 GB of Data for a limited time from 1 am to 9 am. So, now it is up to you which package you choose according to your needs.

Ufone Monthly IMO Packages

Ufone Monthly IMO Packages

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Ufone Monthly IMO Packages Which Are Beneficial For YOU

The best budgeted Monthly Ufone IMO Package is the Ufone Super monthly IMO offer, which contains 18 GB of Data. And in 18 GB( you can get 9GB for a limited time) in PKR 550. And this data is not only for IMO; you also use WhatsApp and all other platforms. 

If you need Monthly IMO offers with all resources, Ufone Super Cards are also available with their best resources. For high-budget users, Ufone Super Card Gold is a good choice. The reason for choosing this is their resources limit of 24 GB Data, 600 other network calling minutes and unlimited on-net calling resources with SMS. So, this is a beast card for a Ufone user. 

But, If you need only the Ufone IMO Package, I don’t recommend subscribing to the Ufone Super Card. I recommend a Monthly Super IMO Offer with low prices and good resources. 

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone IMO Packages

  • The price I give you above is with taxes. You don’t need to pay any additional tax.
  • You can use IMO anywhere and call internationally after subscribing to this offer.
  • There will be extra charges if you use any extra Ufone Internet MBs.


As you see, we provide separate Ufone IMO packages for a day, week or month. The good thing is that we also provide you with our recommendations and testing. It helps you to choose the best Ufone IMO Packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *706# is the code for checking the remaining resources. 

Dial *3# and check all further details of these IMO Offers. 

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