Ufone TikTok Packages

Ufone TikTok Packages

I brought you all the Ufone TikTok Packages separately because some TikTokers want to use TikTok only. And some of them need help to afford a complete Ufone Data Packages. Therefore, Ufone Introduced their TikTok package for you to enjoy unlimited TikTok daily. 

And Ufone TikTok Packages are available in all validities for you. Now, you can subscribe to daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly TikTok packages separately at a low price. Let’s explore these Ufone TikTok offers. 

Ufone Daily TikTok Packages

Ufone Daily TikTok Packages

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Ufone provided two Daily Ufone TikTok Packages for you. The prices of both packages are the same, but the MBs of both offers are different for TikTok. First, the Ufone Daily TikTok package contains 2 GB of TikTok. 

Second, Ufone TikTok offers 500 MBs of Data for all Internet usage. And seprate 75 MBs extra for TikTok. So, if you are TikToke, then the First package is for you because you get 2GB daily for TikTok. 

If you want to do a few browsing with TikTok, then go with the second TikTok Daily Package. You can use 500 MBs of Data for browsing or usage of other social media platforms in PKR 20. Ufone first daily TikTok package subscription code is *550#, and second is *2258#.

Ufone 3-Days TikTok Packages

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In the Ufone 3 Days TikTok package, you can get 500 MBs for all data usage, including TikTok. And you get 100 MBs more only for TikTok, so if you are interested in the 3-Day TikTok offer by Ufone, Dial *3350#.  

Ufone Weekly TikTok Packages

Ufone Weekly TikTok Packages

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It is the Ufone weekly Tiktok package. After the subscription of this package, you get 4GB of Data for TikTok only. 4 GB of Data for TikTok usage is enough for a week. You can easily utilize this offer. You can upload unlimited, watch, and like TikTok videos. 

If you use TikTok for more than 5 hours, after a week, the resources of this package will remain. Because TikTok also only consumes a few MBs. So, that’s why Ufone provides you with fair resources in this package. 

Ufone Monthly TikTok Packages

Ufone Monthly TikTok Packages

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Ufone Monthly TikTok Offer gives you 18 GB Data. But there is a time restriction on this offer. But still, this is the best Ufone Monthly TikTok package. The restriction is that 9 GB of Data is accessible from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. The remaining 9GB has no time limit. You can use this easily when you want. 

If you awake early in the morning, you can easily use the other 9GB of Data. You can utilize this package’s resources in this way. First, you need to ready your TikTok videos for publishing. And this Ufone Offer is not for TikTok only, you can also use many trending social media paltforms like IMO, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Next, wake up quickly and post your videos on TikTok, then collect more data for your videos and use TikTok Apps. Then sleep if you want. If you follow that, you can easily use data with a time limit.

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone TikTok Packages

  • When you subscribe to the TikTok Package by Ufone, you can easily make TikTok in any backward area. Most users face Internet issues in northern areas when trying to make TikToks in beautiful places. But Ufone Internet is powerful and provides a minimum of 3g speed in weak areas.
  •  If the TikTok package by Ufone expires, subscribe to it again. Ufone can not auto-subscribe this package for you. There are very few packages that are auto-subscribe.
  • Don’t use the Ufothe ne TikTok package after completing the resources. Otherwise, your recharge will be used if your package resources are finished. And the recharge will be more costly for you than the package price.


If you are a TikToker or like TikTok and want to see videos on it, then the above TikTok packages by Ufone are for you. Explore all three days, daily, weekly, and monthly offers, then subscribe to them according to your requirements.

Choose one that offers good data for watching TikTok at a lower price. I also tell you some offers like it in our suggestions. So, I must look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use this in every area. 

The status code of these packages is *706#. 

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