Zong IMO Packages

Zong IMO Packages

As we know, Zong IMO packages help us to call internationally to our friends and family. Mostly, people like or choose the IMO app instead of WhatsApp because when we call in foreign countries, IMO provides us with a better experience than any other calling App. 

We get a great Internet speed when we call through IMO. That’s why users chose IMO packages instead of Zong WhatsApp Packages in case of a call in a foreign. Let’s explore Zong IMO Packages.

Zong Daily IMO Packages

Zong Daily IMO Packages

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In daily validity, Zong provides use one daily IMO package. The price of it is also fair after looking for its resources. You get 250 MBs of Data for IMO in just PKR 20. If we compare it to Zong’s other packages, it’s a fair-priced package. 

Do you know? It’s better to subscribe to Zong IMO packages instead of the Zong Internet package if you need to call only in foreign. How? Let me tell you some main things. When we choose internet packages by Zong, it costs more than IMO packages. 

And after subscribing to the internet package, we only use IMO, right? So, it’s better to use IMO offers if we only need them. When we go with it, it saves our money and provides us more resources for using IMO compared to Internet offers. 

So, you have 2 options to subscribe to the Zong Daily IMO offer. First is to subscribe through the subscription code and Dial *466#. After dialing it, your package doesn’t subscribe immediately. 

When you dial it, you receive a list of all Zong Packages in which all packages are mentioned. You need to select one offer that is according to your needs and then subscribe to it. And follow that process, which is mentioned in the SMS. 

The other option is installing the My Zong App and searching for Daily IMO Packages. You see the package there. Then click on subscribe, which is written below the package in the app, and put your number. 

After that, Congratulations, your package will be activated. In both methods of subscription, you must have recharge in your sim. Otherwise, your Zong IMO package won’t be activated. 

Zong Weekly IMO Packages

Zong Weekly IMO Packages

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In Weekly Zong IMO Packages, you got 2GB of Data for using it in PKR 100. You can easily utilize 2GB for a week. Understand it like you have unlimited resources. You can talk to anyone in foreign with no worries about ending resources. 

The way of subscription is the same as I told you above. You can also use it to talk to your clients in UAE, the UK, the US, or many other countries. Are you also a YouTube lover? 

Do you love to watch content on YouTube? If yes, then you must visit the Zong YouTube Packages. I provide some special offers for YouTube lovers in it. I hope you will like it. 

Zong Monthly IMO Packages

Zong Monthly IMO Packages

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In Monthly Zong IMO packages, we have 2 options. One is a priced package, and the second is a high. Now, choosing it according to your budget and requirements is up to you. 

The first offer in the table is for good budget users. If you need maximum Data for using IMO, then go with it. In this Zong Monthly IMO package, you get 8 GB of Data in PKR 400 for a month. 

If we compare the price of this package to other Zong Monthly Packges, then Zong IMO packages monthly price is better. Because it’s included in Zong Social Packages. The subscription code is the same as the above IMO offers, which is *466#. 

The second Zong IMO offer price is PKR 80. And every user can afford and subscribe to it because you get 2.5 GB of Data for just RS 80 monthly. How can you leave a package like this? 

So, If you agree with the resources, I recommend you to go from it. Because It’s under everyone’s budget, you can enjoy it with Zong 4g plus speed after a subscription. 

Benefits of Zong IMO Packages

  • The main benefit of it is affordable subscription prices.
  • Great Quality Call and Video Calls with the best Zong Internet Speed.
  • You will be able to call anywhere in the world.

Terms And Condition Of Zong IMO Packages

  • Every Zong user can subscribe to this offer. Even if you are a postpaid user, you can subscribe to it. There are no restrictions on postpaid or prepaid in it. 
  • You can access all IMO features in these packages. 
  • After activation, you can easily see videos, listen to audio, and many more things in IMO.


IMO packages by Zong are very helpful for those users who want to call in foreign countries. I know that Zong International Call Packages cost more if we call internationally through it. That’s why Zong introduced many options for you in the form of IMO and WhatsApp packages. Now, it’s your choice to choose the best one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *102# and check it. 

You have charged 10 paisa when you check your package’s current status. 

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