Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages

In Pakistan, Zong has a leading Internet 4g network due to their great speed of internet. Zong internet packages price is higher than other network prices. But its speed is also better than others. 
I have provided Zong internet packages below in three tables based on daily, weekly and monthly. Let’s move to our first section Zong daily internet packages.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong Daily Internet Packages

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Zong provides various daily packages, which I have given you above. Let’s talk about these Packages.  

Names of Most Valuable Daily Zong Internet Packages

Zong Daily Best Internet Packages

In most cases, it depends upon your requirements. 

If you’re a user who wants only the internet for a limited time a day. The Zong Daily GNO offer is best for you. In this package, you can get 2.5 GB of data for

1 am- 9 am

Suppose you want some MBs of the internet for a whole day. Then the Zong daily basic internet package is for you. In this package, you can get 100 MBs of internet per day. After subscribing to this package, you can use low internet-consuming platforms like WhatsApp. 

Are you a WhatsApp user only? And struggle to find the best WhatsApp internet package for a day? Don’t worry. I have brought you the best Zong daily WhatsApp internet package. 

After subscribing to this package, you can get 150 MBs of internet for a day. So if this package fulfills your requirements, then subscribe to this.

You’re a user who needs calling minutes and some internet MBs for a day between 10 pm-7 pm. The best offer is waiting for your subscription. Zong Daily’s perfect package fulfills your need if you have such a type of user.

In this package, you can get 10,000 calling minutes, 40 MBs of internet and 800 all network SMS for 10 pm-7 pm. So this is the best package for lite internet and more calling users. 

Above are the best daily Zong internet packages, which I will tell you per your requirements. If these packages still need to fulfill your requirements, see more in the above table. 

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

I have given you weekly Zong internet packages in three tables below. I give you two separate tables for Zong’s most popular packages: Super Weekly and Apna Shehr internet packages.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

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In the above table, I have provided you with ten Zong internet packages. Let’s Explore these packages more. 

Names of Most Valuable Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong Weekly Best Internet Packages

In this Weekly Zong internet packages, I have told you all the best packages that meet your requirements and benefit you. Suppose you have no money and want to use Data, calling minutes and SMS for a limited time in a day. Then it would help if you want with the Zong 4g Sim upgrade offer. 

It would help if you upgraded your zong sim to subscribe to this offer. Now, I know your question is How to upgrade your Zong Sim? Go to the Zong franchise near your house and ask him to upgrade your Zong Sim.

After subscribing to this offer, you can get 4 GB of data and 400 Zong to Zong calling minutes from 12 am to 7 pm in PKR 0.

Suppose you have heavy internet usage and want the internet for a limited time. I have brought you one offer which completes your requirements for the internet for a specific time.

The name of this offer is Zong Internet Package is Mega data offer weekly. You can enjoy 100 GB of Data from 1 am- 9 am. So this offer completes your requirements for heavy internet usage.

You can download or use unlimited videos or software or work online with the help of this offer for a specific time. 

The next offers which I have given you are for Specific people. I also provide you Zong International Roaming Packages in a separate blog.

Punjab Offers

If you’re in Punjab, I have brought you two offers. All Punjab users can subscribe to these offers. 

The first offer is Zong Haftawar’s offer to Punjab. You can enjoy 3 GB Data, 100 Zong to Zong calling minutes, 100 Other network minutes and 1000 SMS to all networks for PKR 160, including tax.

The second offer for Punjab users is Zong offer Punjab. Zong Punjab Offer contains 6 GB of Data. 150 Zong to Zong calling minutes in PKR 230, including tax. 

In both Punjab offers, the first one is better if you have normal internet usage.

Karachi Offer

If you’re in Karachi, I have brought you the best Zong Karachi Offer. In this offer, uo can get 5 GB data, 5000 Zong to Zong calling minutes, 5000 SMS to all networks and 75 Other network minutes only for PKR 250. 

This offer is only for Karachi people. So, if this offer meets your budget and completes your requirements, then subscribe to this offer.

Kashmore Offer

If you’re in a Kashmore, then Zong’s weekly Kashmore Offer is for you. In this offer, you can enjoy 12 GB of Data, 2500 Zong to Zong calling minutes, 80 Other network minutes, and 2500 SMS to all networks for PKR 250. 

This offer is quite good for Kashmore people.

Zong Super Weekly Packages

Zong Super Weekly Offer

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Zong Super weekly packages are the most popular Zong internet packages. In the above table, I have told you 4 Zong internet Packages. First, let me tell you some more Super weekly packages. 

I have given you Zong Super weekly plus in the above table. But it comes again with different resources and low prices.

In the other super weekly plus package, you can get 3 GB of Data for a week for PKR 130. If you want to subscribe to this package, Dial this code  *6464#.

The next offer I can’t give in the above table is another super weekly internet package. You can get 2 GB of weekly data in PKR 100 in this package. If you want to subscribe to this package, Dial this code  *6464#.

Zong Super Weekly internet packages which are best for you 

If you have a normal budget, heavy internet usage, and want many resources for a week. Then the Zong Super weekly pro package is the best choice for you. 

The price of this package is PKR 399. After subscribing to this package, you can enjoy 

40 GB data, unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes, 250 Other networks minutes, unlimited SMS to all network

So this is the complete comprehensive resources package. So, this is the best for you if it fulfills your requirements. The subscription code is mentioned above in the table.

 Zong Apna Shehr Weekly Internet Offers

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Zong also provides the best Apna offers according to their target audience for specific cities. 

Apna, their offer comes with the same resources and different prices. So, if you’re from the city where ZOng provided, I have given the package above in a table. 

Find your city name in the above table and look at resources and prices. If it fulfills your requirements, then subscribe.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

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I have given you many monthly internet packages in the Monthly Zong Internet Packages. Now, I have explored which Monthly Zong internet packages are the best choice for you. Let me explain to you.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages which are best for you

Zong Monthly Best Internet Packages

The Zong monthly super Card Package is the first package that meets your requirements. If you’re a fair internet user, this package is the best choice. This super card contains all resources. 

In this monthly Zong internet Packages, you can get 10 GB of Data monthly. 10 GB of Data is enough for a fair internet user. You can also get unlimited Zong to Zong calling minutes and all network SMS for a month, including 250 Other network minutes. The Price of this package is PKR 699, including tax. 

If you want to use only social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Imo, I have given you separate packages of these social media platforms in the above table.

If you want to use WhatsApp only, then go with the Monthly WhatsApp bundle, and if you want to use Facebook, IMO, and WhatsApp in one package, then go with Monthly Social Package. 

These Social Media Platforms Package’s Price is very fair. So, if you want to use only these platforms, don’t use a super card or any other package. Go with the social packages of these platforms. 

Now, You have a heavy internet User and want more internet? Don’t worry; I have also brought you Monthly heavy Zong internet packages. In these packages, you can get more data. Let’s explore these heavy Zong internet packages and discuss which is best for you. 

If we talk about heavy internet Packages, I have brought you one best internet packages. This package meets your requirements because it contains all resources, which is too much for a month.

It means you can enjoy heavy internet, heavy calling minutes and SMS after subscribing to this Package. 

The name of this Package is Zong Monthly Pro Plus. It’s a pro package, as it’s described in this name. It contains 60 GB of Data, 1 Lac Zong to Zong calling minutes and SMS, including 600 Other network minutes for a Month only in PKR 1249, including tax. 

I hope you have liked this Package. And if you have heavy internet or other resource users, you should subscribe to this Package. 

Terms And Conditions

  • The Zong Internet Package Call Setup Charges is PKR 0.15
  • You have to pay 15% tax on every recharge.
  • If you live in Punjab, Sindh, KPK or Federal, you get better Zong internet speed. You maximum get 4 MBs speed of Data. These services are taxable in Sindh and all other provinces, excluding Punjab.
  • In Punjab, a 19.5 % tax is applicable. In Sindh, there is an 18% tax, and in KPK and Baluchistan, there is an 18.5% tax.


Hope you have seen all Zong Internet Packages above and know you want to know the main points. Listen! The main point is that you subscribe to the package carefully and choose which is valuable for you. I will also solve this problem by giving the name of the best package. You need to look into these packages and choose them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zong Charges RS 3.5 services charges when you take a loan.

Dial *6464# >1 >1 >1 >2 and unsubscribe to this package

For checking services number, please dial *7772#.

Dial *222# and check the balance of every Zong packages.

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