Jazz WhatsApp Packages

Jazz WhatsApp Packages

I know you want to use WhatsApp but don’t know the Jazz WhatsApp packages. You don’t know which package is best for you at a valuable price. Therefore, we have brought all these WhatsApp packages in a single article. 

Below, I have told you all the details of Jazz WhatsApp packages based on daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also get the recommended names of some of the best offers.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

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Above are the ond of the best Daily WhatsApp offer include by Jazz. Actually, these WhatsApp offers are for those peoples who want to use WhatsApp only, promoting their business. 

Are you wonder how can we use these WhatsApp offers to promoting our business? How? You can promote your business by doing WhatsApp marketing same as SMS. Yes, some peoples in you know about WhatsApp marketing. 

The freelancers can do this more as compare to other peoples because they want clients and online earning. So, in PKR 27, you can get a client which pays you a lot of dollars and your business is also promoted. That’s why these Jazz WhatsApp Packages helps you to grow your business. 

So, if you need 1500 MBs data for WhatsApp only for a day. So, go with this package. Recharge your sim according to the amount of package and then dial the code. 

Important Terms Before Subscribing To Jazz Daily WhatsApp Package

  • Everyone is not eligible to subscribe to this offer. Only people from a few cities can subscribe to this offer. 
  • Only a Jazz user in Uch Sharif, Kabirwala, Alipur, Khan Bela, Liaqatpur, and Muzaffargarh can subscribe to this package. So, if you are from these cities, subscribe to this package; otherwise, leave this.
  • The internet speed of this offer depends on your SIM; if you are using a 4g sim, you enjoy 4g speed.
  •  When you have dialed the status code, PKR 0.06 will be charged. 

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

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Most Valuble Weekly Jazz WhatsApp Packages Name

I give you two Jazz weekly WhatsApp offers. But some people need clarification about which offer is good. Listen! These two offers have different prices, resources, and subscription codes. Now, the first thing you must notice when choosing your package is your budget. 

The next thing you may notice is your requirements. If your requirements are high and your budget could be better, subscribe to the package that meets your requirements. 

I tell you the best package according to both points I have told you above to notice. If your budget is too low, and you want to use WhatsApp a little bit a day for a week. Then go with Jazz’s weekly WhatsApp bundle. 

This package contains 25MB of Data and 1500 SMS. If you use Jazz WhatsApp Package for one hour daily, you must use this package for almost 2 to 3 days. I know Its validity is one week, but your 25 MBs run a maximum of 3 days because the amount of MBs is nothing. But you can use 1500 SMS for a week because it’s enough. 

What if you are fine with your budget and it is good? Then, go with a weekly social plus package. You can get this package in PKR 215 RS. And it’s a fair price for those people whose budget is good. 

You can get a lot of resources with this offer. You can get 8GB of Data for a social pack, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO. 8000 MBs of the internet for these Apps is enough. You can easily do marketing and other things after subscribing to this offer. 

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

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So, I have given you this Monthly Jazz WhatsApp package for a reason. The first reason is that this package is very affordable for a month. If we see monthly packages, most offer prices are above PKR 500. But this offer price is only PKR 260 RS. 

Everyone should be able to subscribe to this package easily if it fulfills user requirements. This package meets the requirements of all users because It provides you with 10 GB of Data for a social pack for a month. 

Last time, I used 2.5 GB of Data for a month. And still, it’s remaining, so here you can get 10 GB, so it’s enough to fulfill every user’s requirements. 

Terms And Conditions Jazz WhatsApp Packages

  • If you are only a WhatsApp user, then subscribe to it. Otherwise, you can’t use any other application because it’s a WhatsApp offer.
  • Multiple subscriptions on Jazz WhatsApp offers are allowed.
  • WhatsApp offers by Jazz will auto-unsubscribe.


I have given you all the details of the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package above, including some important packages’ names. I also tell you how you can choose the right package for you. So, follow my guidelines and subscribe to the WhatsApp package.

Here is the un-sub code of this package *101*4*07#. 

Some of these offers are for a limited time. 

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