Jazz Data SIM Packages

Jazz Data SIM Packages

Do you want to know about Jazz Data SIM Packages? Do you like these packages? Let me give you all the details Jazz provides for their Data SIM packages. 

Before moving to the package code and details, you must know What it is. And how it works? And What’s the benefit of these Jazz Data SIM Packages?

What is Jazz Data SIM?

Jazz Data SIM was specially introduced for internet users only. You can’t call the Jazz SIM, SMS, and other things like a Simple SIM known as Jazz Data SIM. In this SIM, you have used only Data for playing games or Social media platforms. 

Freelancers who don’t need any calling minutes or want data on a separate SIM like this Jazz Data SIM packages very much.

Jazz Data SIM Packages Weekly Code And Details

Jazz Weekly Data SIM Packages

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Valuable Weekly Packages Name of Jazz Data SIM 

The first best Jazz Data SIM package is a weekly mega data offer. In this data SIM offer, you get 10 GB of Data for a week for PKR 288. If you use this SIM device, I recommend not sharing your data with more than five people. 

Because you have 10 GB of Data in this offer, your resources will end before your subscription if you share more. So, on your device, use this offer carefully. For activation of this offer, Dial *159#

Which is the better offer than the mega data offer? Then, for a whole week with no time restriction, I only recommend the offer. But if you want a night package, then the Jazz weekly data night offer is reasonable. 

The resources of this data offer are high, and the price is only PKR 109. So, that’s the best option for those who want a night offer. 

If you’re looking for a social data offer in which you have used this data SIM in your device and used WhatsApp, Facebook, and social pack only, activate the Jazz data SIM offer weekly. You have enjoyed 5 GB of Data for all these platforms in this offer. Please dial Code *660# for activation. 

Jazz Monthly Data SIM Packages

Jazz Monthly Data SIM Packages

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Jazz Monthly Data SIM Packages Which Are Valuable For You

I give you different Monthly Jazz data SIM packages with extra resources and prices. When you choose the box, first see your budget, then select the package according to your budget. 

Now, In these Monthly Data SIM packages, some packages are low, and some have high prices. If your budget and requirements are typical, I recommend you subscribe to the Jazz Data Monthly Starter package. 

There are two reasons for choosing this package. First, its price is fair; second, it provides you with 6 GB of Data for a month. So, this is the package for regular internet users. Such users have used social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube some hours a day. 

If your budget is high and you want the package containing maximum data, go with the Jazz mega data offer. It provides you with 100 GB of Data per month, which is too much for a month.

But there is a time restriction on 50 GB Data out of 100 GB. You can use 50 GB of Data at any time and another 50 GB from 1 A.m. to 1 p.m. It is the perfect package for those whose budget is high. You have to pay RS 2085 and need a recharge of a minimum of PKR 24000 before the subscription. 

Jazz 3 Months Data SIM Packages

Jazz 3 Months Data Sim Packages

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Jazz also provides the Jazz 3-month data SIM package, which I already provided you. Let’s discuss some details of this offer. You can get 150 GB of Data for three months. Means 50 GB of Data per month. But you have no data restriction of 50 GB per month. You have to use data as much as you want.

Primarily, this is true for business people who don’t have time to subscribe to packages repeatedly and want to subscribe to a time package. So, this package is the perfect choice for them. Dial *117*15# and subscribe to this package. 

Jazz 6 Months Data SIM Packages

Jazz 6 Months Data Sim Packages

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In this Jazz 6 Months Data SIM Package, you can get 600 GB of Data. Yes, imagine you have to use 600 GB of Data. This means you have enjoyed this package too much because, after activation, you can use anything on the internet. 

You can start your freelancing career and be free for six months. It is an offer for those who want to pay together for six months. This is the best Jazz data SIM package for six months, and you can use this package on your device and share it with your friends. 

After the subscription, You also pay your friends and connect their mobiles to the internet. In this way, you have also earned money through this package. And there are many other ways to make money through data. But this is another topic. We are here to discuss only Jazz data SIM packages. 

How Jazz Data SIM Works?

This SIM is very different from a Simple SIM because it provides you with data only. The packages of this SIM is also different from Simple SM. Therefore, I offer you the separate Jazz data SIM packages. 

The reason is that most people get confused when I give both packages in a single blog. And they subscribe to the wrong package instead of the data SIM package. You can activate this SIM on your mobile and use Data only. 

Benefits Of Jazz Data SIM

You can activate this SIM on your CNIC if you already have five SIM on your ID card. Yes, this is the best benefit of this package. If you want to use Data and already have an active five SIM on your CNIC. You won’t be able to activate any prepaid SIM on your ID card. But, you will be able to subscribe to Jazz data SIM on your ID card as 6th SIM. 

It provides better Internet speed than a prepaid SIM because it’s made for data only. 

You can use this SIM anywhere. Jazz users mainly used this SIM on Data devices. The reason for using this SIM in Jazz data devices is that you can activate the package on your SIM, and multiple people can use this with the help of data SIM. It works just like a mobile hotspot. But it’s better than a hotspot because 12 people can connect to that device at a time. 


Above, we discuss all Jazz data SIM packages having different validations. I also recommend the names of some of the best Jazz data SIM packages based on daily, weekly, and monthly usage. So, I make it easy for you to choose the right package. You will benefit from these packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dial *660*4# and unsubscribe. 

Dial *117*1*4# and deactivate the package.

PKR 126 is required for subscribing to Jazz Weekly Night Data SIM Packages.

Dial *117*15*4# and unsubscribe the package. 

The unsubscription code of this package is *117*16*4# 

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