Jazz Social Packages

Jazz Social Packages

Are you a Jazz social packages lover? Do you want to use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and IMO? If you like these apps and want to use them, then Jazz provides these Social packages for you. 

Let me tell you which apps are included in the Jazz Social packages. WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and IMO are included in these packages. 

You can’t use Google and other social media platforms not included in the Social Pack. You can also subscribe to internet package to use any online platform.

Jazz Hourly Social Packages

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Jazz Hourly Social Packages

It is the first social package introduced by Jazz. In this hourly package, you can enjoy unlimited Facebook for two hours in PKR 8. 

The user who wants unlimited Facebook for some time in a day can subscribe to this package. You will be able to subscribe to this offer anytime in a day.

And you can also activate this offer again and again in a day. Jazz Facebook package subscription code is  *3000#. 

Jazz Daily Social Packages

Jazz Daily Social Packages

Jazz Youtube and Social Pack Package

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In this daily Jazz social package, you can enjoy Youtube, Facebook, and WhatsApp unlimited in a day.  Dial *114*5# for subscription. 

Jazz Daily Super Plus Package

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Jazz daily super plus package is another good social package for you. In this social package, you can get almost all resources, 500 MBs of data, on-net calling minutes, and SMS, including five off-net calling minutes.

Let me give you another package, a super plus social package for PKR 45. You can get ten other network minutes, 1000 on-net calling minutes, and 1000 SMS to all networks. In this bundle, if you use over resources, PKR 1.3 RS will be charged per MB. So, be careful and use the resources included in the package. For subscription to this social package Dial *661#.

Jazz Other Daily Package

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Do you notice one thing between Jazz daily super plus and other daily packages? The thing which I ask about is to tell you that the subscription code of this package which I named, is the same. 

But remember, only the activation code is the same; the resources of both packages are different. So, is there a solid reason behind these which i tell you ?   

The reason is if you like these packages and want to subscribe to them. Kindly see the resources, names, and prices before subscription.

The subscription code of this both offers is *455*2#.

Jazz Weekly Social Packages

Jazz Weekly Social Packages

Jazz Social Pack Weekly

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In this weekly Jazz social package, you can get 8 GB of Data for all social packs.

Which social media platforms are included in Jazz’s weekly social package? In this package, WhatsApp and Facebook are retained for seven days. 

Let me tell you about another weekly social package in which on-net and off-net calling minutes and SMS are also included. This social offer is named Weekly Social Pack Plus, which offers you 8 GB of Data with 500 on-net and 25 other network calling minutes. In this offer, 500 SMS are also included. 

This plus offer price is also high compared to simple weekly social offers. The reason is that it contains more resources than simple. Remember, this is a limited-time offer by Jazz, so take advantage of this if it’s completed your requirements and according to your budget. 

You need a recharge of PKR 250 to subscribe to this offer. The subscription code is *668#. If you want to double the resources of this, you need to subscribe to it multiple times because this offer allows you to subscribe various times. 

Every 2g, 3g, and 4g, areas people can be eligible to subscribe to this offer. Now, if you have a recharge on your sim after subscribing to this package, and you have used extra MBs above-given resources. 

Then the service charges of PKR 2.5 will be charged per MB. So use fewer resources. Don’t recharge your sim after the package subscription if you want to prevent these extra charges. I hope you will understand. 

Jazz Weekly Youtube Package

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Jazz Monthly Social Packages

Jazz Monthly Social Packages

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Do you want to use all social apps for a whole month? This Monthly Jazz social package provides you with 10 GB of Data for all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, IM0, Twitter, etc. 

The other monthly social package is not available in the table. This monthly social package price is PKR 215, including tax. And it offers you 300 Jazz to Jazz calling minutes, 50 other network calling minutes, 1000 SMS, and 10 GB of social data. Dial *661# for activation.

Jazz Social Package Multan

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This Jazz social package is for Multan People. Only Multan people are eligible to subscribe to this package. In this offer, you can enjoy 4 GB of Data for only WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Mahana Bachat Offer Jazz

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Mahana Bachat’s offer is for those who want to use unlimited WhatsApp and need other resources. 

Jazz Social Package Which Are Valuable For You

Jazz Best Social Packages Name

It depends on your requirements if I talk about or recommend some of the best valuable Jazz social packages before my recommendation.

How does it depend on your requirements? Let me describe you. Every package contains its resources, validity, and price. So, subscribe to these packages according to your budget and needs.

If you want a daily social package and need Facebook and need unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp, then Jazz youtube and social package offer is for you. 

Do you need a daily social package with calling minutes? The Jazz daily super plus package is good for you. The price of this package is high, but it provides you with 500 on-net calling minutes, SMS, and MBs, including five other network-reaching minutes. 

If you need a Jazz Weekly social package, then Jazz social pack weekly is for you. In this offer, you can enjoy 8 GB of Data for all social packs in PKR 120. The activation code of this offer is *570#. 

Are you a user who needs a monthly social package? Jazz’s monthly social package is for you. This offer provides you with 10 GB of Data for all social packs for a month. 

Listen! Do you live in Multan? If you are in Multan, then Jazz social package Multan is for you. The price of this offer is only PKR 40, excluding tax. After activation of this offer, you can enjoy WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Terms And Condition Of Jazz Social Packages

  • You can subscribe to social packages by Jazz at any time of the day.
  • Jazz provides this social network’s speed according to your area: 2 g, 3g or 4g.
  • You will be charged 2 PKR per MB for overusing Jazz Social offers.
  • To check the remaining resources of this Jazz social offer, PKR 0.06 will be deducted from your recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no call setup charges for this package. 

Dial *558*2# for this code to check the status of this package.

Dial *661*4# for unsubscription.

You can get information on every Jazz bundle by dialing this code *661*3#. 

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