Jazz IMO Packages

Jazz IMO Packages

Are your friends and family living abroad? Do you want to talk to them? With the help of Jazz IMO Packages, you can talk anywhere in the world, just on your mobile phone.

When WhatsApp comes, the importance of Imo packages will be down somewhere. But, still, users rated calling through Imo more than WhatsApp. Therefore, Jazz provides IMO Packages separately. 

In some Jazz packages, you can get IMO MBs along with WhatsApp and social pack, but in most, you can get only IMO access in its packages. Let’s see the Jazz IMO Packages. If you want to know which apps are included in social packs click here.

Daily Jazz IMO Packages

As we all know, when Jazz introduced some packages, it’s according to their customer’s needs. Now, some people want the validity of daily packages, and some weekly or monthly. Therefore, Jazz introduced all of them. First, we explore Daily IMO packages. 

Jazz Daily IMO Packages

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So, In this Jazz IMO offer, you can get 1000 MBs for IMO only. And these MBs are enough for a day. After subscribing to this package, I have talked almost 5 to 6 hours a day at different times through IMO with my relatives and friends. 

And still, the MBs of this offer are remaining. The MBs that Jazz provides you in this package are enough for you for a day. 

The recharge needed for this package is also fair. So, if you need to activate this package. Dial *11784#. 

Jazz Weekly IMO Packages

Jazz Weekly Imo Packages

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It is best for every Weekly Jazz Imo Package. Because you can enjoy 5000 MBs all social pack in this offer, you can not use only IMO. You have also used WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook with these. And you also use these social media platforms very much. 

The benefit of this package is that the person whom you want to talk to can not use WhatsApp, so you should use your package by using WhatsApp. 

If your friend doesn’t use any App in either of these, then connect him on Facebook. So you have many options for connecting to your International relatives after activating this package. 

Let me tell you another advantage of subscribing to this offer. If you’re in a backward area and you want urgent to call international. Then, if you have a subscription to this package, you should call easily. This offer can run in backward areas easily. 

Therefore, this is the best Jazz package if you need a social pack offer. 

And as I already told you, the demand for this offer is also high. Therefore, Jazz may change this offer if it wants. So avail of this offer before its end. 

Jazz Monthly IMO Packages

Jazz Monthly IMO Packages

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It is another valuable offer for those users who need Jazz IMO Packages with one-month validity. You have 7000 MBs of Data for all social packs in this offer. You have used many social media platforms, and the main IMO in this bundle. 

It is the same as the weekly Imo package you have used monthly in every federal area in which the speed of the Internet is weak. 

You will only be able to subscribe to this package once a day. And you also don’t need to subscribe to this multiple times because the resources you have in this package are enough. 

The question arises: How much recharge do you need in your sim when we subscribe to this package through a subscription code? So you should have a load of a minimum of 130 before subscription. And the actual price of this bundle is PKR 123. 

What when we want to unsubscribe to this bundle? Don’t worry. Just dial this *661*4# and deactivate this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *660*2# and check the resources that you have remaining in this bundle. 

PKR 0.6 will be deducted. 

In this case, You have to pay PKR 2.5

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