Telenor Social Packages

Telenor Social Packages

Telenor social packages provide you with Data, SMS, Calling Minutes, and Off-net calling minutes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Today, I have given you all the Telenor social packages with details. Let’s see the social packages introduced by Telenor. 

Telenor Daily Social Packages

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor One Day Social Package

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In this Telenor one-day social call package, you can get 100 MBs of internet in PKR 6. For subscription, Dial this code *5*325#. 

Telenor Facebook Flex Offer

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First, let me share with you the subscription details of this offer. This offer is for prepaid telenor users. You only need to put your Telenor sim in your mobile and enjoy free Facebook 1000 MBs. 

Telenor Daily SMS Social Package

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This Telenor social package is for those users who need only SMS in social offers. You can use 200 SMS in PKR 4 only after activation of this package.

Telenor Weekly Social Packages

Teleno Weekly Social Packages

Telenor 4g Weekly Super Social Packages

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In this offer, you can get 4000 MBs of Data. In this 4GB Data, you can use 2k MBs from 1 am- 11 am. If you need data for a week in a fair amount, then this is a good option for you at a valuable price. 

The price of this offer is PKR 120, and the activation code is *288#.

Weekly Ultra Social Package

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The price of this weekly Telenor social package is a little bit high, but it’s also for those who want to use unlimited Social apps for a week. In this ultra package, you can enjoy 9GB of Data. 

You can use this data via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps. After activation of this package, you don’t need to subscribe to any other package because this package is enough for you for 7 Days. 

Do you like this package and want to activate it? Dial this code *336# for activation. 

Telenor Weekly Youtube Offer

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This Telenor weekly social package is unique for Youtubers. Youtube lovers can enjoy 5 GB of Data for watching youtube videos, TikTok, and other apps after activating this offer. The subscription code of this offer is *999#. 

Telenor Monthly Social Packages

Telenor Monthly Social Packages

Telenor Monthly Tiktok, Snackvideo and Likee Package

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If you’re a Tiktoker or have liked Tiktok, Snackvideo and like, this monthly offer is the best for you at a low price. 

This Telenor social package price is only PKR 59. When you activate this package, you can enjoy TikTok and other apps like this, which I mentioned above. 

The activation code of this offer is *336#. 

Monthly Telenor Facebook And WhatsApp Social Package

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If you want to use social apps for a month, then this Telenor social package is for you. 

Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus

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The monthly social plus package is another good package for you in Telenor social packages. You can get 6 GB of Social Apps, Facebook, and WhatsApp data. 

Monthly Telenor Facebook Package

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Telenor monthly social package provides you with 8 GB of Data for social Apps.

Monthly Telenor Imo Offer

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Are you an IMO user? Do you want to talk to your neighbours or friends in foreign countries through IMO? If you answer yes, then this Monthly IMO offer is a good choice. 

You can get 1.5GB of Data for using IMO for a month. Remember, IMO, do not consume too much internet; therefore, 1.5GB of Data is good for you. 

If you need to activate this package, then Dial *466#.

Telenor Social Packages Which Are Best For You

Telenor Social Packages Which is best for you

We have many Telenor social packages, but the question is which is most valuable for you. 

The answer is if you want a social package for one month. The Telenor social package is best for you at a valuable price of PKR 100. 

Your next question is, what about those users who need a social package weekly or daily? Don’t worry; let me give you my recommended weekly and daily Telenor social packages

For weekly social package users, the best offer is the Weekly ultra social package which provides you with 9 GB of Data for a week. 

Ulta social package subscription code is *336#. You need a recharge of PKR 200 for subscription. But the actual price of this offer is PKR 185. 

My last recommended package is for those users who want Daily Telenor social packages. I brought a free offer for the users who need a free social package daily. 

Telenor Daily Facebook flex offer is a free offer introduced by Telenor. This free offer lets you enjoy 1GB of Data for Facebook. 

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor Social Packages

  • In some social offers, Telenor only allows you to re-subscribe to this offer once your current offer has expired.
  • Telenor prepaid users will be able to subscribe to this offer. If you are a postpaid user of Telenor, then see its prepaid offers.
  • Excluding some offers from Telenor, you can subscribe to other offers multiple times.
  • Some Telenor social bundles will be resubscribed automatically.


Above, I provide you with all Telenor’sof best social packages, in which I also recommend some names of the best social packages based on different validity. If you look for the names I recommend, I Hope you will find that package which fulfils your needs. If you have any more choirs about this package, don’t hesitate to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *2*2*1# and unsubscribe from this package

Telenor Monthly Social Package is the most balances and good package which provides 6 GB Data for Social Apps

Telenor Facebook Flex Offer is the free offer. You can use Facebook for free after switching it to data mood.

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