Ufone Blaze Packages

Do you have the Blaze device of Ufone? If you have, then Ufone Blaze packages are for you. Below, I provide you all Ufone device packages based on monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

Ufone Monthly Blaze Packages

Ufone Monthly Blaze Packages

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Names Of Best Ufone Monthly Blaze Packages

We have 3 packages in the monthly validation of Ufone Blaze packages. Now, the first Blaze device offer I suggest to you is the 2nd Ufone Monthly Blaze offer. It provides you with 200 GB of Data for PKR 2499. It’s the best Ufone Internet Package according to device.

If you have a normal budget and want a monthly Ufone device package, then go with it. But in all Ufone Blaze packages, you have resources with time restrictions. Yes, now the 200 GB you got in this offer is not for all time in a month. 

You get 100 GB for a whole month for using any time and the remaining 100 GB from 1 am to 1 pm. But it’s also a good time. If you don’t have heavy internet usage, then I guarantee you that 200 GB of data is enough for you. Dial *7074# for a subscription.

No matter whether you upload videos on your channel or use the internet for a whole day. These resources are enough. However, if you still think that it’s not enough for you and you don’t feel good with 200 GB of Data for a month. 

Then, subscribe to the 3rd Ufone monthly blaze device package, which provides you with 300 GB of Data. 150 for using any time and remaining from 1 am to 1 pm. But you also need to increase your budget before going to this package. 

The price of this Ufone wifi device package is PKR 2999. Don’t worry after reading the name of the Ufone wifi device package. It’s also known as Ufone blaze packages.

Ufone 3 Month Blaze Package

Ufone 3 Months Blaze Packages

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If you want the Ufone 3 Month device package, then I will provide this offer for you. Not all users, but some users like to subscribe to the long-term offer. That’s why Ufone provides this Ufone 3-month blaze package. 

You get 120 GB of Data resources for 3 months. Out of this data, you got 60 GB for a limited time from 1 am to 1 pm in PKR 6000. So, if you have a budget and want to invest one time in using Ufone Data, then subscribe to it after seeing your requirements.

Ufone 6 Month Blaze Packages

Ufone 6 Months Blaze Packages

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Names Of Best Ufone 6 Month Blaze Package

After seeing the Ufone packages in the above table, you also understand which 6-month Ufone Blaze package is better. Obviously, the Ufone 2nd monthly blaze device package is best in 6-month validations.

You have 900 GB of Data in it. 450 GB data for a limited time, the same as the above offers from 1 am to 1 pm. And when we look at the resources, it’s very enough. We all know it. Even if you want to use unlimited data, it’s still best for you. 

900 GB of Data means you have more than 100 GB a month. You have to pay 13,000 PKR for a subscription, and the code for activation is *7077#. 

Ufone 12 Month Blaze Package

Ufone 12 Months Blaze Packages

Names Of Best Ufone 12 Month Blaze Package

It’s the same as the 6-month Ufone Blaze package. 2nd Ufone 12-month device package is best for those users who want to subscribe to a yearly offer. There are a few users who want a 12-month offer. 

But, as I told you before, Ufone cares for its users in every condition. That’s why it provides us with a yearly long-term offer. In this Ufone Blaze offer, you get 1800 GB of Data. 900 GB Data for every time in a year and remaining from ufone specific time, which is 1 am to 1 pm.

According to the high resources of this offer, the price of it is also high. You should pay PKR 23,000 for activation of this Ufone device offer.

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone Blaze Packages

  • Some Ufone Device Offers are for a limited time.
  • The Internet speed of this Ufone device depends on your area, the same as other Ufone offers.
  • You can also subscribe to this offer on the new Ufone Blaze device.


Ufone Blaze device offers are similar to its data sim offers. However, Ufone introduced separate blaze device offers for those who are using only Ufone blaze devices.

Actually, the main difference between Data SIM and Blaze offers is that you will be able to use Data SIM offers on your mobile. But in device packages, you only be able to use the device. So, subscribe to the package after seeing all the terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order it on the Ufone official website or get it through your nearest Ufone franchise.

According to my experience, a maximum of 12 users are able to connect at one time on a single Ufone Blaze device. Even when 12 users are connected to your device, you are still able to use a smooth internet.

Dial *3045# and check all the details of resources.

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