Zong Data SIM Packages

Zong Data SIM Packages

Zong Data SIM packages are the best internet speed packages for data SIM users. It provides you with more Internet speed than prepaid. Because Data SIM is made for Internet use only, it provides good Internet speed.

As we know, Zong has the best internet speed. But if we want better, we need to buy and use Zong Data SIM. Data SIM is also known as Zong Internet SIM. So, it’s different terms for calling it as different names. Remember, Data SIM packages are different from Zong Internet Packages.

Zong Daily Data SIM Packages

Zong Daily Data SIM Packages

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Names Of Best Zong Daily Data SIM Packages Among Them

We have two Zong Data SIM packages with different resources and users’ needs. If I suggest the best daily data SIM offer for you, I go with the Daily max data offer. 

It provides us with 500 MBs for all data usage in a day. You also got an extra 500 MBs for a bonus after activating the Max data SIM offer in PKR 49. If you use heavy data daily, this is not for you because you have just 500 MBs.

However, it’s for those who want to use the internet lightly for a day and do not want to download another thing like it. It’s more fair to use social Apps like WhatsApp, etc. You get more internet speed compared to Zong WhatsApp Packages in these data SIM offers. Dial *5# for the subscription of data SIM max offer. 

If you want more data resources, go with the GNO offer in PKR 23. You have 2.5 GB, accessible from 1 am to 9 am. So, why do I not suggest this Zong Data SIM package to you even though it also provides us with great resources? 

The Zong Daily GNO offer has a time restriction and limit. So, that’s why I don’t recommend it. Otherwise, subscribe to it if you want to use data at the given time. Daily GNO Data SIM offer subscription code is *6464#.

Zong Weekly Data SIM Packages

Zong Weekly Data SIM Packages

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Most Valuable Zong Weekly Data SIM Packages Among Them

There are 3 Weekly Zong Data SIM Packages. The best Zong weekly data SIM package is a super weekly offer on data SIM. You got 4 GB of Data in PKR 100. Dial *6464# for activation.

Do you need more resources than it is for a week without any time restriction? Go with a super weekly plus offer, especially for data SIM. You have 8 GB of Data for all internet usage. 

And 8GB of Data is enough for a week If you have yet to download too much. You need a recharge of PKR 340 required for the subscription. However, the price is PKR 330, and the subscription code is *6666#. 

The last Zong weekly data SIM offer is recommended for those users who need unlimited data for a specific time.  You got 100 GB of Data in PKR 110 from 1 am to 9 am. After a Zong mega data SIM subscription, you can do whatever you want. 

Yes, You have to do unlimited downloading and watch unlimited Netflix or naats. But remember, subscribe to it according to your usage time and requirements. Don’t subscribe to it just after seeing its resources.

Zong Monthly Data SIM Packages

Zong Monthly Data SIM Packages

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Names Of Zong Best Monthly Data SIM Packages Among Them

names of Zong best monthly data sim packages

We have a lot of Monthly Zong Data SIM packages. I provide you with all monthly packages, low price to high price. Let me recommend the best Zong Internet SIM monthly packages according to your needs. 

The first offer in monthly validity is the Zong Internet SIM Monthly 10 GB Package. You got 10 GB of Data in PKR 800 for a month. 10 GB monthly offer subscription code is *6464#. 

Listen! If this offer completes your needs and you are the one who wants Monthly Zong Data SIM offers, don’t worry about other packages. Just subscribe to it and enjoy. If you explore more, you get confused. 

However, if you want to look better than it, then definitely look at more. But, In this budget, the only offer that is best for you is the 10 GB offer. You need more budget for exploring more Zong internet SIM packages. 

The next offer is another low-budgeted offer. Zong Monthly Data SIM 12 GB Offer is the name of it. You got 12 GB of Data in just PKR 750. The subscription code is the same as the above offer *6464#. 

Now, do you need clarification as to why the subscription codes of these offers are the same? Let me clear up your confusion. When you dial the subscription code, all offers are open. So, choose the name of the offer which you want to activate. 

See the name I gave you on the table and look into the list. You easily got it. Then click on that and look for their resources, as given in the table. 

Let me give the Zong Data SIM packages for the high-budgeted users. I recommend 2 packages If you have a good budget. The name of this Zong Internet SIM offer is 50 GB and 75 GB Zong Data SIM Offers. 

As we know from its name, the 50 GB offer provides use 50 GB, and 75 GB contains 75,000 MBs of Internet. However, there are big differences in the price of both Zong Data SIM packages. 

The price of the 50 GB Zong Data SIM package is KR 2000. And if you want to subscribe to the 75 GB Zong Data SIM offer, then you need a recharge of PKR 3520 in your Zong Data SIM. The activation code of both offers is *6666#. 

So, above are a few suggestions or recommendations for choosing the Monthly Zong Data SIM packages. I hope you like my suggestions and also the way of my recommendations. 

One more point to notice is that we don’t understand this offer not included in Zong Social Packages. As we know, every package has its terms and conditions. Let’s explore the terms of these Zong Internet SIM offers. 

Terms And Conditions Of Zong Data SIM Packages

  • Suppose you get out of resources in your activated bundle and still use data. Then, PKR 1 per MB is deducted from your SIM If you have recharge in it. Otherwise, your Internet works stop. So be careful about it. 
  • 19.5% tax applies on your recharge as FED.
  • Zong does not auto-subscribe to your data SIM packages. 


Zong data sim packages are similar to its Zong device packages. Because data sim is mainly used in devices. However, the main difference between devices and data sims is that you can also use data sims on mobile. And if you are a single user using these offers, you will be allowed to use them from my side. However, the device is better to use with multiple users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *102# and check all the status. It cost 10 paisa PKR.

If you do not have a budget, go with the 12 GB monthly data SIM Zong offers.

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