Ufone Social Packages

Ufone Social Packages

Ufone social packages are the best for those users who don’t need data for Chrome and others like these platforms. They only want to use Social media, which are included in Social packs. Most users only use WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO and TikTok. 

The platforms that are included in the social package are YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO. But in Ufone social packages, all these platforms are not included in one package. Ufone makes these social packages according to different users’ requirements.

Ufone divided these social packs into different bundles or offers. Some packages include all these social packs, but you have to pay more for a subscription than simple social packages. Let’s see Ufone social packages, and then you will understand better.

Ufone Daily Social Packages

Ufone Daily Social Packages

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Names Of Best Ufone Daily Social Packages

I provide you with all the cheap packages in Ufone Daily Social packages. All these packages are within the budget of normal Ufone users. Regarding the best package, I recommend you subscribe to the Daily Special Ufone social package for PKR 10 per day. 

It is the package for those people who don’t want any extra MBs for other Internet and use social platforms only. You can get 500 MBs for social pack usage. The good thing is that this also provides 50 GB of extra data, but it’s not enough for a day. 

So, don’t subscribe to this package for the sake of the greed of other Data MBs. If you want additional data MBs, I separately provided Ufone Internet packages, including all the best. 

If you are a steamer and want a short stream within a day, go with the Daily stream offer. You have enjoyed 500 MBs for streaming. After subscription, you should easily stream on social media platforms daily. 

One more good news for WhatsApp users. You only have 500 MBs + 40 MBs extra for WhatsApp in PKR 5. And for a day, 500 MBs is enough for usage. Dial *3465# for activation. 

If you are looking for the cheapest social package and your small requirements, go with a social-like bucket package. You can get 100 MBs for all social packs in PKR 5. 

Ufone Weekly Social Packages

Ufone Weekly Social Packages

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Ufone Weekly Social Packages Which Are Best For You

The Ufone weekly social lite offer is recommended if you want a weekly social pack. Because you can get 2 GB of Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for only PKR 86, you can also enjoy 250 MBs of extra data. *7811# is the activation code of this offer. 

If 2 GB of Data for the social pack is not enough for you, then go with the Weekly Internet and Social package. In this, you have enjoyed data for all things. You can get 6 GB of Data, which is 3 GB for a limited time. This data is from midnight to morning. Means 1 am to 8 am. You can use the remaining 3 GB of Data at any time. The recharge required for activation is PKR 190, and the actual price is PKR 175.

Ufone Monthly Social Packages

Ufone Monthly Social Packages

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Monthly Ufone Social Packages Which Are Beneficial For You

The user who need both resources for Social and other network. The best offer is the Monthly Ufone heavy social package. In this Ufone heavy social package, you can get 5 GB Data, 3 GB Data for all other internet, and 2 GB for social pack in PKR 390. *803 is the subscription code of Ufone’s Monthly heavy social offer. 

Now, if you want more data and agree to afford the price package, go with the super social package at PKR 1560. This offer contains 8000 M Bs data for all internet and 2 GB for WhatsApp. 

The other good Ufone Social package is a monthly lite social offer. In this offer, you will enjoy 3 GB of Data for all social packs for a month. These are very fair resources for people who have normal internet usage. Because we are exploring this package, 3 Gb of Data for the Ufone social pack is enough for a month. 

Terms And Conditions Of Ufone Social Package

  • The prices of these Ufone Social Offers are with taxes.
  • If you are a Ufone prepaid user, then you will be able to subscribe to this offer.
  • After the expiration of your offer, if you use any data, it will cost you.
  • Multiple subscriptions of social offers by Ufone are allowed.


As you know, Ufone specially introduces this offer for those users who want to use something other than Ufone Internet Packages and wish only to use some social offers. Explore all the social offers using the ufone above and choose a good one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ufone monthly social package subscription code is *5858#. 

You can subscribe to these buckets by dialing *3#. 

No, only prepaid user will be able to subscribe Ufone buckets offers. 

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