Zong Instagram Packages

Zong Instagram Packages

Zong Instagram packages are the best choice for those Zong users who want to use Instagram with the best Zong 4g speed. You also get Instagram usage in Zong Social Packages.

But here, you have Zong packages for Instagram based only on daily, weekly, and monthly validations. The price Instagram offers is significantly less than Zong Internet Packages. Let’s see how it will be beneficial for us.

Zong Daily Instagram Packages

Zong Daily Instagram Packages

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In this Zong Daily Instagram packages, you get 1500 MBs daily. You can access or use these MBs from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. Is this data enough for a day or not for using Instagram only?

Let me share my experience with this offer so far with you. I subscribe to this offer when I need Instagram for a day urgently or after the expiration of my Wifi month. I recharged my Zong sim and then subscribed to the Daily Time Offer by Zong for just PKR 25.

Now, I use this offer at a given time. I saw many reels, published posts, and other activities on Instagram. I explored all the features of Instagram. But still, after doing all these activities. 

Some MBs are remaining for usage. So, that’s why I provide you with this offer in daily validation. If you want to use Instagram for a day only, close your eyes and subscribe to this offer by dialling *47#. 

Zong 3 Days Instagram Packages

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Suppose you want any Instagram Package for 3 days only. Then it’s the best offer for you. You got 2 GB of Data in PKR 84. Mostly, those users who subscribe to 3-day and 3-day offers don’t have the budget to subscribe to other suggestions. Or those who want to enjoy Instagram for limited days. 

So, for three days, 2 GB of Data is enough. After activation of this offer, you will be able to explore all the new features of Instagram. You also post on your profile. With the subscription of this package, you also find new content for your posts if you are a proper Instagramer. 

Do you like these offers now and want to check Zong Facebook Packages? So, I must explore all the other social apps I offer on different blogs.

Zong Weekly Instagram Packages

Zong Weekly Instagram Packages

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Names Of Most Valuable Weekly Zong Instagram Packages

Listen! Before suggesting one of the best Weekly Zong Instagram packages. The offers that are given in Zong Monthly Instagram packages are both valuable. I am providing you with two monthly offers by Zong, and both contain different resources with different prices. 

Now, I recommend it to you If you have a reasonable budget and want good resources for a month. Then, go with the Zong Weekly Instagram package, mentioned first in a table. 

You get 4 GB of Data in RS 195 for a week. The second Instagram offer by Zong is in a table containing 25 GB of data for PKR 385. Why don’t I suggest a second offer?

The only reason for not suggesting it is their prices and over-resources. You use unlimited Instagram, but you don’t use a complete 25 GB of data by just using Instagram. And after expiration, your lot of GBs are wasted. 

But, when you subscribe to the first offer and get 4000 MBs of internet. It’s fair for a week. Even if you use Instagram for more than 5 hours a day, 4Gb is enough because Instagram doesn’t consume much data. 

So, save your money and data. I hope you understand Why I recommend the first monthly Zong Instagram Package in a table. You can easily subscribe to this offer through the Zong official app.

Zong Monthly Instagram Packages

Zong Monthly Instagram Packages

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Best Zong Monthly Instagram Packages Name

The best monthly Zong Instagram Packages by Zong is second or last in the table.  In this offer, you get PKR 12 GB Data for just PKR 290 for a month by dialing *6000#. You also understand why the first offer in a table is not good after I recommend the second offer. 

It’s not valuable because of its price and resources. In the first Monthly Zong Instagram Package, you just got 5 GB in PKR 299. So, it is better to subscribe to the offer which I recommend to you. 

However, It’s not compulsory to choose my suggested offer. It’s up to you, your choice, and your budget. I suggest you get the best offer from me. And believe me, the 12 GB of Data is enough for using Insta only. That’s why relax and activate it if you want to subscribe to the Monthly Zong Instagram package. 

Terms And Conditions Of Zong Instagram Packages

  • After a subscription to Instagram packages by Zong, you can only use Instagram or some other social apps.
  • Don’t use Instagram after the expiration of the package. Otherwise, Zong will charge you separately for overusing.
  • Suppose you don’t want to subscribe to the offer through recharge. Then you have many other options like the Zong website, application or Easypaisa.


Above, you get all Instagram packages based on daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly with my suggestions or recommendations. So, while choosing the offer, see my suggested packages and your budgets. If both are good, then go with it. And explore the Zong packages first before activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For unsubscription, write an SMS “UNSUB DTO” and send it to 6464. After doing that, your package will expire.

There are many ways, but the best way is to subscribe through a subscription code or an App.

Dial *6000# and unsubscribe it.

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