Telenor Instagram Packages

Telenor Instagram packages

As we know, Instagram lovers and users are everywhere. Most of them want Telenor Instagram packages because they are using a Telenor SIM. So, to whom it may concern, Telenor provides you Instagram offers in all validities, the same as Telenor Internet Packages.

Telenor Daily Facebook Packages

Telenor Daily Instagram Packages

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In the Telenor Daily Instagram package, you get 1.5 GB of Data for a day for only PKR 15 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Actually, if you are a user who needs data for a day for a given time, then subscribe to this daily Instagram offer.

You will be able to use Instagram from early morning to 6 p.m. It means you had this data for 12 hours. But in these 12 hours, you can do a lot of things. For example, on Instagram, you will be able to post unlimited reels, your pictures, or other things. You will also be able to talk to your customers. 

It’s another benefit of this Telenor Instagram Package. I know it is a time restriction, but you can easily use this offer in your office to talk to your customers on Instagram or promote your business profile. Dial *10# for activation of the daily Telenor Instagram offer.

3 Days Telenor Instagram Package

Telenor 3-Days Instagram Packages

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The Telenor 3-Day Instagram offer is only for those people who work at night. Why do I tell you this? I told it after seeing the time restriction of this offer. Actually, you have 1 GB of Data in it. 

And you access 500 MBs out of 1000 from 12 Am to 8 Am. It means midnight to early morning. That’s why I ask that the user who awakes at night completely enjoys this offer. 

However, If you want Telenor Instagram Package for 3 days and you don’t have too much usage. And you agree to use 500 MBs for 3 days. Then, It’s your choice to subscribe to it by dialing *32#. Also, explore Telenor’s 3-day Internet packages.

Telenor Weekly Instagram Package

Telenor Weekly Instagram Packages

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This weekly Telenor Instagram package is best for business people. It is also very valuable for social media marketers. How? If you do social media marketing through Instagram, then you also know the importance of this offer.

You got 5 GB of data for a week. You can access this offer from 6 Am to 6 p.m. every day of the week. If you promote your business through Instagram and your target audience is Pakistan, then you get a lot of benefits from it. 

Because, in Pakistan, most people post and promote business at these times, which is given in the Telenor Instagram package. Now, when you activate this offer and start posting on Instagram, you get too much engagement on Instagram. Because, at this time, your audience is active. 

That’s why I tell you that business people must look at this offer. However, It’s also beneficial for other Instagram and Telenor Sim users, except for those who need Instagram offers at night. If you are one of them, then please look at the above offers. 

Telenor Monthly Instagram Package

Telenor Monthly Instagram Packages

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We have 2 Telenor Instagram packages in monthly validations. Both are best at their place. But, the Exclusive 10 GB Instagram best offer is the most valuable offer in Telenor Instagram packages.

Because Of this, you got 10 GB of data without any time restriction for a month. Yes, you are able to post unlimited for a month without managing your time. You also earn money from it by doing marketing through Instagram. 

Many people know about this monthly Telenor Instagram package. But I found it for you. Because I tried to provide the best offer to my readers, let’s enjoy and subscribe to this offer through the Telenor website or download the My Telenor App. 

Because Telenor does not provide the activation code for this offer, that’s why you need to subscribe through Telenor. Now, if you want to use all social Apps, go with Telenor Social packages.

However, we have another Telenor Monthly Instagram offer which provides us data for all social Apps. You got 8 GB of Data and 4G Data from 1 am to 7 am for a month in PKr 370. The price of this offer is somewhat high, but the user who needs to use all social Apps goes with it. 

Otherwise, I have also provided you with the best monthly Telenor Instagram offer above for just RS 95. Let’s explore the terms and conditions of Telenor, which is provided for these Instagram offers. 

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor Instagram Offer

  • After activating all these packages, you are able to use Instagram.
  • The package that has a limited time for 4G data means that you use 4G speed for a specific time on this offer. So, be careful while choosing the Telenor Instagram offer.
  • Telenor prepaid users are eligible for all these packages.
  • The validation of all the packages is given in the table. So, make sure that you don’t use any offer over expiration days. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot.


Please explore all Instagram packages by Telenor above in which I provide you daily, three days, weekly and monthly offers. First, you get an offer in table form in which subscriptions and other things are mentioned. Then, you will see its complete details in a paragraph below. So, benefit from these offers if you need Instagram only and subscribe to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best offer is an exclusive 10-GB monthly Telenor offer. 

Yes, you will be able to use 4G data for a limited time from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. This is the only offer by Telenor that has a 4G limit. 

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