Zong International Roaming Packages

Zong International Roaming Bundles

Zong introduces Zong International Roaming offers for their international users. If you are living abroad and use Zong Sim, then these offers are for you. Below, you get all zong data roaming bundles for different countries. Let’s take a look at these offers.

Zong Saudi Arabia Call & International Roaming Bundles

Zong Saudi Arabia Data International Roaming Bundles

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Valuable Saudi Arabia IR Offers Among Them

In the above table, we have 5 offers in which one of four offers gives 3 months validity and one contains half an hour validity.

If you are looking for an urgent Zong Internet offer and you are in Saudi Arabia, then subscribe to the Discounted Saudi Arabia offer mentioned at the start of the table. You get 1 GB of data for 35 minutes at a price of RS 999 plus tax.

However, I don’t recommend you to subscribe to it. Instead, go with a second offer on the table. Named as Voice plus data basic bundle. You will subscribe to it at a price of PKR 1499 and get 70 calling minutes with 1 GB of Data.

My next suggestion for you is to use the KSA Data Super Plus bundle, which is the 3rd in the table. It’s my last suggestion. Because the below 3rd offer in a table all are expensive and provide us fewer resources according to its charges. 

Let’s see the 3rd offer. In this, after activation you get 140 calling minutes with 1000 MBs internet in Rs 2499. Let’s explore more Zong International roaming offers.

Saudi Arabia IR Calling Bundles

Zong Saudi Arabia IR Calling Bundles

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It’s a Saudi Arabia International Roaming Calling offer by Zong. You get 3 offers on the table. So, choose the offer according to the calling minutes you need. If you want to talk for 70 minutes on call, then go with a small usage offer. 

If you want to talk for more than 70 minutes, then go with a medium IR offer, which provides you with 140 calling minutes. The prices of these offers increase gradually with calling minutes. 

Zong China International Roaming Bundles

Explore All China 15 Days, Monthly and other data roaming bundles below.

Zong China IR Bundles

China 15 Days IR Packages

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If you are in China, using Zong sim, and want only calling minutes, then never go with the second Chinese power package. Instead, go with the first China travel offer. You get 150 calling minutes and 150 SMS in it at a price of RS 1000. 

Only with China international roaming offer if you want data with calling minutes and SMS. You must have a good budget before the subscription. Because, it costs you 3199 PKR for just increasing the 2 GB Data in the offer.

China International Roaming Monthly Packages

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It is another Zong China International Roaming offer in which you get 300 calling minutes at a price of just 2000 PKR.

China Other International Data Roaming Packages

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We get 2 offers in China for data roaming bundles. Basic and supreme. Basic provides you with 1 GB of Data in 1199 for a week. However, supreme provides you with 2 GB of Data in 2199 for half a month. It means the prices are doubled with resources in the second offer. But, the validity also increases.

Türkiye International Roaming Bundles

Türkiye International Roaming Bundle

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The best offer in the above Turkey International roaming offers for Zong people is the 15 Days Türkiye Zong data offer, in which you get 2 GB Data for PKR 2499 RS. It is good from the data perspective. I mean, if you want data only from Turkey, then it’s best for you. 

However, if you also want to call minutes with data, then subscribe to the first offer in which you get 30 calling minutes with 1000 MBs of Zong internet for PKR 2232 Plus Tax. 

Iran International Roaming Bundles

Zong Iran International Roaming Offers

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Iran Zong users will be able to subscribe to these both offers which are provided in a table. If you want one month, the Zong International roaming calling bundle Iran Ziyarat offer provides you 60 minutes in RS 1000 plus tax for a month. 

However, for more than a month, the only available offer for Iranian people is the Zong Iran business offer, in which you get 200 calling minutes for 2 months for RS 3000.

Zong UAE International Roaming Bundles

In UAE International Data Roaming Bundles by Zong. I provide you Zong UAE Packages all in one bundle and other data roaming packages.

UAE International Roaming Bundles

UAE International Roaming All In One Bundles

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Valuable UAE IR All In One Bundles Among Them

You have 2 different choices if you are from the UAE and want the international roaming bundles for calls only. The best offer in it is the UAE Zong business offer. You need a recharge of RS 2000 plus tax and get 250 calling minutes and SMS. 

On the other hand, zong introduces only one all-in-one offer for UAE people. In this, you get 2 GB of Data with 250 minutes, and SMS at PKR 2999 equals 3000.

UAE And Oman International Roaming Offers

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It is a special offer by Zong and also a fair-priced offer for both UAE and Oman Zong users. You get 2 GB of Data in just PKR 2000. If you are from Pakistan and have gone to UAE or Oman for a few days and are thinking, why do I tell you it’s a fair-priced offer?

The simple answer for you is that don’t compare this offer according to the other simple Zong Packages. Because it’s an international roaming offer, compare it with other offers like this. You easily understand why I say this offer is fairly priced.

UAE Other Data Roaming Bundles

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In the UAE, other data International roaming offers; if you go with the UAE mega Data package, then it’s best. Because of this you get 4 GB Data in PKR 1999 for 15 days. However, the first offer, which I don’t like, contains 2 GB only for a week. 

But if you like it, then you also go with it. The users who have less budget go with it. You can easily activate it in just PKR 999.

Zong United Kingdom International Roaming Packages

Zong Uk International Roaming Bundles

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Zong provides 2 international roaming offers for UK people. In the first UK hybrid Bundle for prepaid users, you get 1 GB of data with 60 calling minutes and SMS in 2232 PKR plus tax. 

The second offer, named the UK Data Roaming Bundle, provides you with 3 GB of Data at a price of PKR 3638 for a month.

Zong International Roaming Postpaid Offers

Below are the Zong International roaming offers for postpaid users of Zong. I have provided you with a different continental. And every continent contains different countries in it.

Zong Pospaid International Roaming Bundles

Europe Continental Postpaid International Roaming Offer

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It is the offer for European countries in which the cities mentioned in the table are all included. And you get 2 GB Data with 60 calling minutes at a price of PKR 5000 Plus tax. Subscribe to it only if you are a postpaid Zong sim user.

Asia Continental Postpaid International Roaming Offer

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The second offer in the postpaid International roaming bundle by Zong is for Asian countries. All Asian countries mentioned in the table are included in it. If you are from this country, then activate it if you want. 

Zong postpaid International roaming offers are higher than prepaid. It starts and ends at 5000 PKR. This Means Zong introduces an RS 5k fixed price for every continental. The same scenes at this Asia continental IR offer. You get 1 GB of Data and 60 calling minutes in RS 5000.

Do you think that Pakistan is not included in the Asian continental offer by Zong? It is not included because if you are from Pakistan, you don’t need to go with IR offers. You need to subscribe to the simple Zong Call Packages or other offers at a fair price.

American Continental Postpaid International Roaming Offer

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In the American Zong IR bundle, as you know, all American countries are included. Actually, it’s not many countries. Let me tell you the names of these countries here. I also mentioned it in a table. You get this offer if you are from the USA and Canada, in which Zong offers you 1000 MBs of internet and 60 calling minutes and SMS.

Zong Saudi Arabia International Roaming Postpaid Offer

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At the start of this blog, the Saudi Arabia Zong IR bundles I provide are for prepaid users. Now, this is for postpaid. In this, you get 1500 MBs of internet with 30 Zong calling minutes and SMS in RS 3000 for a month.

Zong International 30 Minutes, SMS, And 1 GB Data Roaming Offer

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If you are from Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and Australia, then Zong introduced this Zong international offer for you. In this, Zong offers you 1 GB of Data with 30 calling minutes and SMS in RS 3000.

Zong Qatar International Roaming Postpaid Package

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Zong introduced this Zong postpaid bundle for Qatar people at a very low price. If you are reading this blog from the start you clearly see the difference between the prices of other countries or Qatar. 

So, if you are living in Qatar, don’t miss it because you get 10 GB of Data with 60 calling minutes and SMS for just PKR 3000.

Zong China International Roaming Postpaid Package

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Zong China IR postpaid offers are also good which provides you 3 GB Data and 60 minutes and SMS in PKR 3000. For postpaid users who live in China and use Zong sim, it’s a suggested offer from my side.

Hong Kong And China International Roaming Offers

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Hong And China IR offers are the last Zong International Roaming offers for postpaid users. You get all the resources in it. 

Zong offers you 300 MBs of Data and 30 calling minutes in it at RS 3000 for a month. If you need just data, then don’t go with it because you won’t be able to survive with just 300 MBs of Data. However, for other uses, you may look into this.


Explore all the Zong IR Packages above and then subscribe to them carefully. If you are using a prepaid sim, then look at the prepaid packages. If you are using a postpaid sim, then go with these offers. 

Zong IR Bundles for all countries like Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and many more countries are given above. You need to look at it and activate the good offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is working fine.

You can subscribe to it through the Zong app or its website.

We have various packages. You can select the offer according to your country. I will also provide you with some suggestions below on every table. So, exploring which is best, read my suggestion. 

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