Telenor TikTok Packages

Telenor TikTok Packages

I know Telenor users are pleased after the launching of Telenor TikTok Packages. Their happiness is due to the low-priced Telenor TikTok packages rather than Internet packages. I hope TikTokers who use Telenor sim likes these packages very much.

Telenor Daily TikTok Packages

Telenor Daily TikTok Packages

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Daily Telenor TikTok Packages Which Are Best For You

Telenor Daily TikTok Packages Which Are Best For You

We have to Telenor Daily TikTok package. The best daily TikTok offer introduced by Telenor is the 400 MB TikTok offer. You get 400 MBs for a day for using TikTok only. If you make unlimited TikTok and upload it, these resources are remaining. So, don’t worry or need clarification about whether resources are enough. 

The way of subscription of this offer is different from other packages. Dial the code and activate the offer when subscribing to other Telenor social packages

But in this offer, you need to open your message App. Write an SMS “ENT” and send it to 345. Within a few seconds, you receive a notification in which your resources limit and activation date are written. 

You need to recharge RS 15 in your SIM before sending an SMS. If you want to refrain from subscribing to this offer through SMS, then the other subscription method is to use Telenor’s official Website or App. 

You can easily subscribe to this offer without sending an SMS by it’s application. Just open the App and search for the name of this offer. After finding this offer, enter your number and activate the offer. 

The second Telenor Daily TikTok offer allows you to enjoy 1500 Mbs for 15 rupees. This offer is also more valuable for you than the first. So, Dial *10# to activate this package. 

Telenor Weekly TikTok Packages

Telenor Weekly TikTok Packages

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Names Of Best Telenor Weekly TikTok Packages

Telenor Weekly TikTok Packages Which Are Best For You

We have two weekly TikTok packages, the same as Daily. However, Telenor weekly TikTok packages’ resources and prices differ from daily. I like both offers, therefore I don’t recommend one offer. But, I tell you how to choose TikTok’s offer if both are as good as it places. 

So, let’s talk about the first weekly TikTok offer. In this package, you got 5 GB of Data for TikTok only in PKR 86. So, I prefer this package to the second one, If it meets your requirements. 

Do you know? 5GB of Data for the week is enough for usage, and you can upload unlimited TikToks. And you also earn money after activating this Telenor weekly TikTok offer through TikTok. How? 

You earn that just if your followers are in thousands or millions. You make through posting brand ADS. And brands will pay you a handsome amount for promoting their products. So, With only PKR 86, you have too many opportunities. Its subscription code is *220#. 

The second Weekly Telenor TikTok Package is for those users who need more internet for TikTok. In this weekly TikTok offer, you get 8GB of Data. But if you have more resources than a first weekly package, their price will also increase. You got these resources in PKR 220. Yes, I prefer the first offer because of their costs and resources.

The difference between the first and second package resources is only 3GB, but the price of the second offer is high. If you need more resources, you subscribe to the first offer multiple times to get double resources. 

But subscription to the second offer only because of more resources is not good either. Telenor 8GB Weekly TikTok offer code is *336#. 

Telenor Monthly TikTok Packages

Telenor Monthly TikTok Packages

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Are you looking for a cheap Monthly Telenor TikTok Package? Do you need more budget to subscribe to the Telenor package? Don’t worry. The package I provide you in the above table has a fair and low-priced offer. 

Because you can activate monthly TikTok offers only in PKR 60. Yes, see any Monthly paid offer by any Telecom network; you don’t get any TikTok offer, which provides you 3 GB Data in only 60 RS. 

3000 MBs for TikTok monthly is enough if you use TikTok sparingly. Heavy means not using TikTok for 24 hours. Use it 5 hours a day. Suppose you use it following my time. I hope your resources will expire after a month. 

Terms And Condition Of Telenor TikTok Packages

  • You can subscribe to this Telenor TikTok Packages in any 2g, 3g, or 4g area. 
  • Dial *123# to check any Telenor TikTok Package’s remaining resources or subscription code.
  • This package will auto-unsubscribe after its expiration date.
  • There are no other call setup charges of Telenor TikTok offers
  • Some Telenor TikTok Packages are available for a limited time. So, Telenor can change it at any time.


Subscribe to the best Telenor TikTok offer from the given above. I have already provided you with a suggestion of which offer is best because many people have the same question about which offer is best for us. That’s why you got the answer to it above. However, if you still have any questions, just leave a comment.

Write an SMS “UNSUB ENT” and send it to 345. 

Dial *123# to check the status code and other information. 

Dial *999# for more information on these TikTok bundles. 

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