Zong Device Packages

Zong Device Packages

I understand that you want to use the internet on your Zong device. But you don’t know the best Zong device packages. So, let me tell you all the Zong internet device packages based on Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months, and One-year validations. These Device packages are for all Zong Social Packages and Internet offer users.

Monthly Zong Device Package 30 GB ( For Device )

Zong Monthly Device Package 30 GB

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It is the first and most popular Zong device package. In this offer, you get 30 GB of Data for a month in PKR 1500. You can use it anywhere after keeping your zong device in your pocket. 

With the help of Zong 30 GB Data, you will be able to do many things. You can easily share it with your friends via wifi and be able to use all social media platforms. There is no restriction in this offer for social apps. 

So, you are also able to earn some money through it. If you are a freelancer searching for some of the best offers, It’s best if your requirements are standard. Suppose you have a YouTube channel. Then, you can easily upload your videos and find new content after subscribing to them. 

Same as other freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. When you get 30 GB of data through this package, you can access all these online earning platforms, so if 30 GB of Data is enough for you as per your requirements, subscribe to this offer through the Jazz App or load. 

60 GB Zong Monthly Device Package

Zong 60 Gb Monthly Device Package

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Zong provides you with 60 GB of Data in this monthly device offer. You can subscribe to this offer in many ways, like through your balance on your sim or by installing the Jazz World App. 

This Zong monthly device package is best for those users who need more than 50 GB of data per month. For example, Some users have a YouTube account and want to post a lot of heavy videos on their channels, and it takes a lot of time on the Internet. 

So, if you have a requirement I can describe above, subscribe to it. 

Zong Monthly 150 GB Device Package

Zong Internet Device Package 150 GB

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You get a 150 GB data device package in this offer for a month. As you see, the resources of this offer are too much for an average user. And its price is also PKR 2500. So, before subscribing to this offer, you need to see your requirements first. 

Suppose you are a user who has used some social Apps like YouTube, FB, Chrome, and others. Then, I suggest you don’t go with this offer. The reason is simple: save both your data and money. 

Because, according to your usage above, packages 30 GB or 60 GB are enough for you. However, If you play big online games like Pubg for a whole day or upload videos on YouTube that are more than 2 GB or 3GB, then go with this Zong Device Package.

Weekly Zong MBB 76 GB Package

76 GB Zong Monthly Device Package

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Suppose you want a heavy Zong Internet Package for the device only for a week. If your budget is too much, then go with it. Otherwise, it’s a clear no from my side for subscription. 

Listen. I have provided you with my honest reviews and recommendations. So, subscribe to this offer and get 76 GB of Data for a week. Can you use all 76 GB of Data within 7 Days? 

Most of the readers from your answer are not sure. However, someone from you may also say yes that they can consume it. If you can finish all 76 GB, then go with it. 

Otherwise, skip it because, above and below, you have a lot of Zong Device packages that provide you data for a month at a fair price less than this one. I hope you understand why I don’t suggest this offer. Simply put, price and resources are the only reasons for not choosing it. 

Zong Monthly 200 GB Package

Zong 200 GB Monthly Device Package

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This Zong Device package offers you 200 GB of Data for a month. You can also use these offer resources on mobile. With 200 GB of Internet, you get 2000 Zong to Zong Calling minutes and 150 off-net calling minutes with 1500 SMS. 

So, after seeing the resources of this offer, we also called it a complete Zong All In One Packages. If your requirements are according to these resources, activate this if your needs are less than those.

If you know that, according to your requirements, these resources are too much, then go with the above-less package and save your money.

Zong 3 Month Device Offer 65 GB

Zong 3 Months Device Package 65 GB

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Now, I know that some users don’t like to subscribe to weekly or monthly packages. And therefore, they want a more extended validity offer. That’s why, according to the needs of those users, Zong also introduced its 3-Month Device package.

You get 65 GB of Data for three months in this offer for PKR 5750. For heavy data users, 65 GB of internet is not enough. So, first see the resources of this offer, then decide on a subscription. However, if you are not concerned with resources and want to subscribe to just 3 months of Zong Packages, go with it as you like.

Zong 6 Month Device Package 105 GB

Zong 6 Months Device Packages 105 GB

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6-month Zong device packages are for those few users who want to subscribe to a half-year package. These users don’t want to pay again and again. That’s why Zong provides them with a 6 monthly validity offer. 

Zong provides 105 GB Data for 6 Months in PKR 12500. And it’s not too much according to validity. So, it’s not for heavy data users.

Zong 12 Month 105 GB Device Package

Zong 12 Months Device Package

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It’s the last Zong Device package. I think a minimal number of users would like to subscribe to this offer because it’s a one-year offer by Zong for their devices only. And the price of it is also for high-budgeted zong users, which is PKR 23000. 

So, you got 105 GB of internet for a year. Now, it’s up to you to use it in a year or consume it before the year. So, if you are one of those few users who want to subscribe to the one-year package, it’s for you only.

Terms And Conditions Of Device Packages

  • You can use this Zong internet device package on multiple mobile phones.
  • You can use it only on Zong or other telecom internet devices only.
  • You can subscribe to it through your debit or credit card. And through the Jazz official App


I hope you explore all the device packages by Zong above. Now, you need to know that these packages are only for some. If you are a single user and want to subscribe to this offer, then it’s not for you.

Because this offer is for multiple users and contains a lot of resources. So, please look at more Zong internet packages if you are a single user. It saves both your budget and time. However, these offers are a beast for multiple users.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to recharge it through the Load and Jazz App. However, it’s better to go to the nearest Zong Franchise and subscribe to it.

Mostly, It’s up to you and your requirements. However, If you don’t know which offer suits your needs, subscribe to the Zong Monthly 60 GB package. It’s enough for you.

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