Jazz Facebook Packages

Jazz Facebook Packages

We know you want Jazz Facebook packages because you only want to use Facebook or WhatsApp. These packages are included in Jazz social packages. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, and most people use it. So, let me give you the free Facebook offer first. 

If you don’t have money to subscribe to any bundle and want to enjoy Jazz’s free Facebook offer for some days. You don’t need to subscribe to any Jazz package. Just put your Jazz sim on your mobile and then open Facebook. Go to data mode and enjoy free Facebook. 

Note: After going to Data Mood, you must enjoy only free basic Facebook. You can not see any photos and other things in data mood. Let’s explore paid Jazz Facebook Packages. 

Jazz Daily Facebook Packages

Jazz Daily Facebook Packages

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Daily Jazz Facebook Packages Which Are Best For You

Names of best Jazz Daily Facebook Packages

The first Jazz package I recommend you subscribe to if it fulfills your needs is Jazz’s other Facebook package. The reason behind the recommendation of this package is that I give you four Facebook packages in the above table of daily packages. 

I see which package provides you with valuable resources at a low price in all these four packages. So, Jazz’s other Facebook package provides 1.5 GB of Data for Facebook and WhatsApp for only PKR 20 per day. Therefore, I recommend this package to you. 

Go with something other than Jazz daily YouTube and social package, the second package on the table. The reason is the price of this package is also high, and you get 5 GB of Data for a social pack, which is too much for a day. Therefore, save your money by subscribing to that package, which is valuable. 

If you’re using Easypaisa, I have another best offer for you, which I have yet to give in the above tables. Jazz Daily’s off-peak offer is best if you want to subscribe to your package through Easypaisa. 

I have yet to tell you about this package in the above table because we have discussed only the Jazz Facebook Package in the above table. And, when you subscribe to this Daily off-peak offer, you can use all data. 

It is right if I say this package is the best among the offers I have given above. This offer provides you with 1.5 GB of Data for all usage in PKR 18, but you can only use this package for part of the day. This package is from 6 am-6 pm. 

Jazz Weekly Facebook Packages

Jazz Weekly Facebook Packages

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Best Jazz Weekly Facebook Packages Name And Details

Names Of Best jazz Weekly Facebook packages

In the above two packages, it is better to go with the first offer in a table named the Weekly Jazz Facebook package. If you have to go with the second one, you will not be able to enjoy resources for a whole week because the second package provides you with only 25 MBs, which is not enough.

Jazz weekly Facebook package, which I recommend, provides you with 5 GB of Data, which is enough for usage for a week. Its price is also fair If we look according to a week. So, subscribe to this if you want the best weekly Facebook package.  *660# is the activation code of this offer. 

Jazz Monthly Facebook Packages

Jazz Monthly Facebook Packages

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Best Jazz Weekly Facebook Packages Name And Details

Names of Best Jazz Monthly Packages

The Monthly Facebook and WhatsApp packages are the best offers in the Monthly Jazz Facebook package. You can get 5 GB of Data for a month. 

I have done WhatsApp marketing and use unlimited WhatsApp, but still, my resources remain. So, without any worries, go with this package. You can activate this package only for PKR 99. Dial *661# for activation. 

There is another good offer for Multan users only. Understand this like Jazz gifted you this offer. You can enjoy 4 GB of Data just in PKR 41 RS for a month. So, the users who want Jazz Facebook packages for the month must subscribe to this offer if they live in Multan. 

If your budget is good, go with the first package in the table because this offer provides you with 7 GB of Data. And you can’t enjoy Facebook only in this package. You can also use WhatsApp and Imo with Facebook.

So this is the trio package. You have enjoyed all the best social platforms in this. You need a recharge of PKR 150 before subscribing to the package. Dial this Code *661# for a subscription. Dial *499# for the subscription. 


Above, you get all Facebook offers from Jazz. Let me tell you one of the best offers in the above packages. You get 5 GB of Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, and YouTube for a week in just PKR 89.

Multan people get 4 GB of Data for Facebook and other social applications at just PKR 41. However, it would help if you explored more of the Jazz Facebook offers above according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *499*2# and check all the information about this offer. If you want to avoid checking through the code, see the details I provide you above. 

Dial *660*4# and unsubscribe to the package. 

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