Telenor Facebook Packages

Telenor Facebook Packages

Do you don’t want to do Telenor Internet Packages? And want only Telenor Facebook packages. I understand why you need Facebook packages introduced by Telenor. Accordingly, I think you want this because Telenor Facebook packages have lower priced packages than whole data. 

Telenor Daily Facebook Packages

Telenor Daily Facebook Packages

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As I told you above, the main reason for choosing the Telenor Facebook package is their low price. So, you can subscribe to the Telenor Daily Facebook package for only PKR 1.20, including tax. 

You get 50 MBs of Data at such a low price of RS 1. And you can easily use Facebook by using these MBs for a day. If you are going to subscribe to this Telenor Daily Facebook package, remember don’t download any Facebook videos; use it online. 

Because if you download videos, your resources will be ended before a day. So, if you want to watch videos or post anything on Facebook, then subscribe to this. Otherwise, if you wish to download videos, then look for another Telenor Facebook package which provides you with better resources. 

Mostly, the daily Facebook package wants those users who wish to enjoy Facebook for the day. And for those who use WIFI, their PTCL subscription ended. Now, they want to use Facebook until PTCL re-subscribe their package again.  These Facebook packages are also included in Telenor social packages.

Telenor Weekly Facebook Packages

Telenor Weekly Facebook Packages

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I provide the best two Weekly Telenor Facebook packages for you. Both packages are valuable for you according to your different requirements. The first Telenor weekly Facebook offer is for all users. 

This weekly offer provides you with 8GB of Data with 1 GB of free data for Facebook for a week at PKR 185. You can easily download, watch and post unlimited videos after activation of this offer. 

Yes, you can do all these things because of their resources. With 8GB of Data, you can enjoy unlimited Facebook because these data are too much for using Facebook only. And not only 8GB, you get more than 1 GB of Data. Dial *336#  for the subscription to Weekly Telenor Facebook packages. 

Now, let’s talk about the second weekly package. It is the cheapest Telenor Facebook offer. But, the main fact about this offer is that you can not use this offer every time. There is a time restriction on this offer. 

So, you can access this offer only from 1 am to 9 am. You get 50 GB of Data only in PKR 50 only. If you are working after midnight, then musty subscribe to this offer and enjoy 50 GB of Data. 

But don’t subscribe to this offer if you awake at 7 am because you have only 3 hours remaining to use Facebook after 7 am. So, it is better to go with this offer if you are working at midnight. Telenor weekly 20 GB subscription code is *19#. 

Telenor Monthly Facebook Packages

Telenor Monthly Facebook Packages

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Above is the best Monthly Facebook package introduced by Telenor. The reason for calling this offer the best is its low price. You get 3 GB of Data for a month in only PKR 45. Now, you ask me If 3 GB of Data per month is enough for usage. 

The answer is definitely yes. The resources of this offer are enough for a month. But you need to download a low-size video with the help of this package. Don’t download videos on FB if the video size is more than 200 MB. 

When you activate the Monthly Telenor Facebook package, you promote your business for a month. Yes, If you want to promote your business through Facebook, and your main reason for the subscription of this offer is to grow your business, then this is the perfect offer. 

You need to make a business Facebook account and write the name of your business in your profile name. Then, post properly with good content and description. After one month, you will see how your business is growing through Facebook if your post is valuable. Dial *911# for activation. 

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor Facebook Packages

  • The price of Telenor’s weekly Facebook offer is not given with tax. You need to pay RS 185 with tax. Don’t worry about taxes. Maximum PKR 4 to 5 RS can be deducted as a tax into your load.
  • After subscribing to Telenor Facebook Packages, you can use these offers at any place in Pakistan.
  • Telenor Facebook offers are not subscribed automatically. So, when your Facebook offer expires, subscribe to it again. 


As we know, the recent news is that Ptcl bought the Telenor franchise. But Telenor still provides as valuable Facebook offers as others. Users wish for more improvement in the Telenor network after Ptcl buy it. However, look at all the Facebook offers above by Telenor and then subscribe to the offer that meets your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telenor Monthly Facebook Package is the best package in both things according to price and resources. 

No, this offer is only accessible between 12 am to 9 am. 

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