Telenor YouTube Packages

Telenor YouTube Packages

Telenor YouTube Packages are for those users who use Telenor sim and have YouTube channels or want to watch or use YouTube only. Telenor provides the best YouTube packages at low prices. And Telenor does not offer a YouTube package only. It also provides Facebook and WhatsApp packages separately in its Telenor social offer. Let’s explore Telenor YouTube packages. 

Telenor Daily YouTube Packages

Telenor Daily YouTube Packages

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Telenor Daily YouTube packages are mainly for those users who want to watch YouTube videos only. This offer is not for those users who want to upload videos on their channels. The reason is their low resources. 

You get 500 MBs in PKR 8 for a day. And in 500 MBs data, you watch videos only. If you upload a video, your resources will be finished, and you need to subscribe to the package again. So, avoid this problem; don’t upload videos to your channel after subscribing to this offer. 

If you want packages for watching and uploading videos to your channel, go with weekly or monthly Telenor YouTube packages. This offer is best for you if you only watch videos. You will be able to use unlimited YouTube without downloading any videos. 

If your Wi-Fi package ends and you need to use urgent YouTube, subscribe to this package for a day. Dial *60# for the subscription of the Telenor Daily YouTube package.

Telenor Weekly YouTube Packages

Telenor Weekly YouTube Packages

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In the Telenor Weekly Package, you can use proper YouTube. You can do everything you can not do in the Telenor YouTube package. You can upload unlimited videos on your YouTube channel. 

You only get 5000 MBs of internet for watching, uploading, or downloading on YouTube for PKR 80. It is the cheapest Telenor Weekly YouTube package that provides heavy resources at a low price. 

Even after a subscription to the Telenor Weekly YouTube package, you can download ten videos of more than 500 MBs in size. After subscription, you can learn any skills on YouTube. Yes, you can earn money in dollars after paying PKR 80 for this offer. How? Let me describe you briefly!

First, subscribe to this offer. Then, open YouTube and search for any digital skills. And with talent, learn freelancing. When you learn complete skills on YouTube, start freelancing, and your earnings start in dollars. 

I don’t think you will immediately start earning within a week after learning skills on YouTube. But, if you continuously practice and are consistent in your field. You should start earning very quickly. And the validity of this Weekly Telenor YouTube offer is only a week. 

And you don’t learn a skill in a week. So, if the weekly YouTube package provided by Telenor completes your learning requirements, subscribe to it repeatedly. Until you can subscribe, complete the Telenor Internet Package. You can also enjoy TikTok and snack videos on this offer with YouTube.

Telenor Monthly YouTube Packages

Telenor Monthly YouTube Packages

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So, I am providing you with two Telenor Monthly YouTube offers. But both offers have different resources and prices. The first monthly Telenor YouTube package gives you the same resources as the weekly YouTube offer. 

But the price and validity are changed. You get 5 GB of Data for a month in PKR 255. Dial *345*78# for the subscription to the Monthly Telenor YouTube offer. 

The second Telenor Monthly YouTube 10 GB code is *345*72#. You get 10,000 MBs for using YouTube for a whole month. 

Let me tell you which Telenor Monthly offer is beneficial for you. The first Telenor Monthly YouTube offer is better than the 10 GB package. 

The only difference between these two offer is their resources. If you have heavy YouTube users, use the 10 GB Data offer. Otherwise, 5GB of Data is enough for you. I use this 5 GB YouTube offer monthly and find no issue with this offer. Therefore, subscribe to the first offer in the table. 

Terms And Conditions Of Telenor YouTube Packages

  • All Telenor YouTube packages are only for prepaid users. 
  • Telenor permits you to subscribe to these YouTube offers multiple times. 
  • Telenor removes call setup charges from this YouTube package. 
  • The prices of these offers depend on your area and location. 
  • The cost of the Telenor YouTube package includes taxes. So you don’t have to pay more tax at the subscription time. 

Telenor Weekly and Monthly YouTube packages are best for YouTubers.

No, only Telenor prepaid users can subscribe to these offers.

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